My name is “Myrrh”

“Myrrh” (Ompleeshenko Asoneaesahah Capleetakoo – I am a person in the sky who is on high, who is the “fleekanoh” (God who is the King of “Honshom” (Southern France), I had a good chance to fix something and forgot, so I went to the street corner and told the God “Shom” I was sorry, and he came to me and gave me forgiveness, and asked me to help him go to the forest to gather wood, and when I did I found the “plomshomptooteeneah ashobleah Asoneekatoo” (a person who is the “Evil One”) and he was gathering some, and I asked him to leave and go to the place from which he came, and to end the game, and when he left I found a gift from the “Kashomtee”, a beautiful little spec of dirt, I thought it was, it was the “fleem” (a person called the “Flompsoh Tapleekeeah” – a gift for the King who was to come to the Earth, his name was “Honshontotaplee” (the Highest Level – of the God named the “Flonsoe Neekiah Katoh” or “Jesus Christ”). So I gathered the little specs and played with them and burned them and the scent was that of the King of Kings, the “Gahomshom Tatooneah”, The God in the Sky called Jacobia. This is how I met the God, on Earth.


The Father of Jesus Christ is dead

He could not breath, he could not speak, he could not stop the “fleek” (evil ones on top of their game) from taking his son, his wife in a cage, filled with rage, he sat alone on a stone and read from a page that he wrote with his son; it is not the bible, that is not the one. It was a poem his son wrote, about his mother, about how he loved her but could not understand, why did she not till the land, why did she not bake a pie, why did she die?

The Gods are gentle and “oflonshee” (I am a person who is so gentle I cannot see or comprehend evil), but innocence is the first casualty of war against the evil ones, a war they continue to wage against the Gods of the ages, and it has lasted for ages, and it will end as soon as we stop being women and men.

As the Goddess I have had visions, many, many times. As the virgin I was a human woman, with an ascended soul, a God who was not the God at that time, it was my destiny to rise as the God named the “Christ”, it is my “mind” (soul) that he used, because I am the one that the “Jew” (“eeshonflahasonetapleeasah” – a person in the sky, who is not on high, he fell to Hell, and now he cries and cries and cries because he lost tonight, because when the “Heenshah Taplee” fell, I did not cry or yell, I cannot tell a lie, I am relieved that it is finally over, I can let go of Joseph once and for all, because he falls in a different way than the rest of us, he falls into a coma in his mind, because he cannot remember how to be the “vlign” (the one in the sky who is the God on high, the Camishiga Ashondiay Apriest (the highest level Commander of the Army of the Gods, the “Ashontaplee Asah” the “Onsaflah” named Ahmet Ahmet). Instead he is “nice” and “sweet”. There is no way to comprehend how the God, who is the High Commander is able to fall for a woman who is the highest level of the evil one who tortured his real wife to death, but he did. So tonight I am letting go of the man, the one who is Joseph, the one who is now called Andrew, because the God cannot be a man who is sensitive, or sad, or becomes a doormat to every pathetic woman who comes along who is insanely mad, who requests he attacks his own soul mate in the head, and rape her dead.

This is what the “Konch Atonch Atonch” (the one in the sky who fell, he looked this way when he lost his reign as the God of his land, his daughter the “Sookanah Aseebleah Asoanee” (the one who is the “Shontaha Asee” (her name is Sharon Stone, but not it is the “Aflonch” (other one), Anne Hathaway) looks like. He is part of her today.

I am the God, my soul mate is the God, and I have to say goodbye to the man, Andrew tonight. It is Christmas day, and of course it is today that we part, because the devil who is Anne Hathaway, has had months to play with his mind, while she rapes him and tortures him and insists she is the one, even though her name is Onflonshahsah Asee (the one in the sky, who is not in the sky, who is a guy, who is the devil, who is the aplee (evil one’s daughter), who is a “scoonchy” (evil, ugly and vile) demon, the one who uses the mind of his real soul mate to say “please” and “thank you”, because if she tried to do it on her own she could not without writhing in pain, her smile is not real, it is plastered there, it is fake, no smile can one so evil make. Look more closely at Anne Hathaway, she is the “heenflonch” (the one who is the “Compch Hasee” (the Jackyll Tatee – the evil one with a permanent smile like the “Joker”, but she is not funny, she is the “jokester” the one who plays a trick on your mind, pretending to be nice when she is the highest level psychopath that has ever walked the Earth. Tonight I am giving birth to 18 children of “Ashontaplee Asoh Anee” (a person who is Andrew, the one who is “hot”, no woman can resist him, he is too gay, too chill, too tame, too lame in his mind, they treat him as a child because he is so mild, then he cannot defend himself; he is the God who has fallen tonight, so say goodbye, to the father of Jesus Christ, who uses his “mind” rather than his “soul” to find his twin soul). One of the children, who are coming back to the Earth, rising again, is the “Konshaha Asobleah Asah” (I am the person who is the “Jesus Christ”), this time not as a man, but as a God, and he will not be nice.

You will think me petty, you will think me mean, but look again at Anne Hathaway, she is the evil queen, she is the “pleen” (the one who thinks she is Jesus Christ, she is an obvious psychopath, she is the anti-Christ.) Anne’s other name, which they hide, is “Oflonshahtatee” (the one in the sky, who is not the sky, but is the “famous” sky, who is on high as the “Konch Asoobliah Asontatee Vleah” (Anne is the one called the “Annaleese” (“Anna Lisa” – the reviled one, the angry one, the strong one, the one so powerful at downing the men who are Gods, that she is now the most powerful devil in the land, she has done the “flonch” so many times that they think it is the other one, the really gentle one who is me). Why do you think the “annaleese” sounds so sweet?

This is the “Sook Aneebliah Asahashotaplee Konay” (the one in the sky who fell, he did not do well at making people laugh, so he had a gaffe with one on high, thought he was the guy, found out he lost his reign, fell into agony and pain, and then fell to his death, because he could not be the one to catch the attention of the chosen one, the Goddess, who is me, Erika. His “raflunct” (vile and disgusting in a way that is demented and deranged) laugh can be heard from thousands of light years away. He is not laughing tonight, once again he could not get it right, I cannot be sad at the loss of a man.

This is the “Komplonch Asonch Asoovleay Asoanee Kasah” (a person in the sky, not on high, who is too famous, she has access to every single God on high, in the not real sky, and tonight too many of you have lost your minds and your souls.)
This is the look of the “Koonch Attebleah Asoh Anee” (a person who is a “pashontee” (evil one) who looks like a gremlin but has a permanent smile, because he thinks he “wins” because he tortures everyone so much they cannot have a life). He lives in the “honshonsah” (place that is Hell), thousands of light years away, but his mind, his energy is here today, within the minds of over 82,000 woman and men. Anne is one of them.

‘Twas the Devil who Owned Christmas

‘Twas Christmas in the past, when all through the world
Not a devil was stirring, they were all neat and tidy, hair neatly curled;
They wake up in the morn, to bed early at night
In hopes to be the people of the light

The children of the devils are fucked up in the head
But in reality they are the ones who seem calm and “Offley” (a genius)
Their hair is always neat, the latest in trend
Their clothing top end

When out in society they are the head “Honchos”
They use their minds to berate and taunt you
But they smile and look sweet and pretty, and visions of their blue eyes will haunt you
Because they killed the “Feeanshaontee” (Goddess Venus), and took her beauty

The fake moon goddesses at the crystal store
Buying houseplants and magical items galore,
To fool you into believing they are the gentle ones,
Who are the real Goddesses, when really they are whores,

With a college degree, and as the “hatapleeh” (at the top of their game),
They gather in covens to succumb Anya’s flames.
More rapid than eagles they play the scoonchy game,
Then they whistled, and shouted, and yelled at the dame;

“Now, Erika! now, Anya! now, Vala and Ashontaplee!
On, David! on John! on, Mark and Val we do the “scoonchy atee”!
To the top of the sky! to the top of the sky!
We cash away! cash away! cash away at the mall”

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
With their minds ready to pounce, they scoop up the guys,
They might be the funny one, talented one, the “Valee” (Goddess on High)
They pretend to be innocent, the Virgin Mary

And then, in a twinkling, they entrance with their eyes
And tell you they are the ancient “Hompleonshah” (ancient Goddess).
As I the Goddess spend my days saving, and inspiring, and healing
Down the evil ones took me with a bound

They are dressed all in designer, from head to foot,
With mansions, and diamonds and Manolo Blahnik
Spoiled princesses so merry and bright
Settle down with my family every night

Their eyes how they twinkle! their dimples how merrry!
Their cheeks are like roses, small, thin and very,
Capable of doing what the real Goddess cannot do,
Mind control on the “Ponshoo” (Gods who are the human men tonight)

They get together at least one day a week,
To drink tea, eat cake and plan the “hompshee” (attack)
Nobody every notices a thing,
Because they pretend they can paint, draw and sing

The dark ones appear with black hair as witches from hell,
They might be geeks who have elf ears and haunted bookshelves,
Pretending to be the ancient “Beench” (hero who kills the demons),
As long as they are brooding, and can wear a tight skirt,
Spout others poetry, and write and seem smart

As long as they can look you in the eyes,
And have gaps between their thighs;
Or they can have a broad face and a little round belly,
So they can be the God who laughed like a bowlful of jelly.

They wear a power suit, they seem astute,
they get high-end jobs, they are the head “honch”;
They are seductive and good at getting you in bed,
Its all a trick in the head, then they can win “the men”;

She speaks not a word, not in reality or your mind,
She simply does not have the energy or time,
The real Goddess is not neat or tidy, she is “aveknor” (a person who is so upset and angry she shakes the earth with such force she creates tidal waves).

The real God is in your world, you do not see me, I do not act up,
I am quiet and humble and slowly speak, people fall asleep around me,
I am not hyper, but calm in realty, but my energy is “fooonchonsah” (upset at the highest level) as can be,
My hair needs a cutting, my nails I bite off, dark circles encompass the space around my eyes, my uterus is gone.

The gap in my thighs is filled in with solidified oil,
My skin is demonized.
I cannot power walk on a treadmill, I died and I cannot walk at all,
As Jesus Christ, I cannot spend Christmas at a mall!

“Scoonchy Ho, Ho, Ho”
Her name is Offleeonchonchonsoh, she is an ancient demon, a devil now, a “scoonchy ho” (evil one who gets “the men”), she is the “one in the sky”, who is always shopping and shopping and shopping, you think she is nice, you think she is pretty, she is blonde and little and seems kinda sweet, but with this evil one you cannot compete, she is the evil one).

The Goddess is Rising: Return of the King

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” William Blake

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