the goddess

I am the God Anya Kah, I am the Ruler in the “Sky” (Election Night 2020)

I wrote this on election night, 2020; Joe Biden 264, Donald Trump 214. Either way a God wins tonight. Mind control killed Donald Trump, his mind was taken by the “Conshtatoobliah Asee” (the one in the sky who thinks she is me, she is the ancient mother, who is not a mother, but a psychopath who gave birth to nothing more than negative energy, with the exception of the “Enflee” (God at the highest level, the one in the universe, called “Henseenseflah” (He is the One in the Sky named Jonteekaplah “Jacobia Escaflu Esontiay Honsah Toplee” (the one who is me, now, we are one, he and I). I was my own God, until they did the “Koncheetatah” mind control technique. This means “I will get ya, I will take ya, I will have your world, I will kill you, you are a girl and I am not, I am the ancient God “Sonflee” (The Koshamah – the evil one, the devil).

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the goddess

Power of Three is me

I am the one in the sky, I am the one on high. I am the number three, the power of three is me, I am the God, the Goddess and the Angel. I am the powerful one, the “Flaunteay”, the “messed up one”, because everyone tries to copy me. I am the muse, but you abuse my wisdom, and so I choose to let you go. The power of three is me, “Escuunci Katah”, The God at the highest level, and I am seen in these three beautiful flowers who have power in numbers. The “Tokatee”- “The people in the sky”, who are the Gods, have the power, not thee.