A Secret Garden

A magical scene, that is in between worlds, it is ancient and old and demons are trying to take a hold, but they cannot have it because it is the land of the Gods and we are taking it back. It is a place of “skoo” (green) and it is cool and shaded, the color of trees are jaded. The magikal cove has stories untold, it is a place of love and dread, a place of the dead, a place where humans went to play games and practice shame, pretending to be witches, when they are really lame. It is a “fontaclee” (a place of great fun where people go to do things like sing, dance or make love).

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Dea Luna

Goddess of Spring: Aine

I am a beautiful flower called the “Plakasah” (Azalea), I am of frills and tendrils, a gentle soul, a lovely one. I am the flower of the sun, the one my soul mates give to me on mother’s day, for I am the one who made the beautiful earth, and they, think this is one of the loveliest.

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Crystal Quartz “The Virgin”

Crystal quartz (“Cashooteeeeah” – the one in the sky who is the crystal clear one, the one who is clear and pure and the virgin, the one who is not clouded in her judgment, the one who is solid and beautiful) has much symbolism to me as The Goddess.

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Make Beautiful Things

Scribal Art

Illuminated manuscripts (called “Ooshakee” in the universe, are pretty paintings of a decorative nature that tell the story of the Gods) were created during the Medieval (Medieval means “uncivilized” and I am the one who fought during this time to make everyone literate) era as a way to communicate the scripture (she is the one in the sky, who is me, and it was written about the Gods and by the Gods.) to the illiterate parishioners of the Christian (“Shantootapleekasah” is me, I am the Christ, I am the mother, I am the One in the Sky on High) faith.

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the goddess

Dark Energy Release

A relaxing moment amidst the chaos of the “keepleeasee” (dark energies), “fleekteekatoo” (dark demonic energy), the war of the mind of which the human race will soon succumb if they do not find their souls. The “shoompleeatee” (The place in the sky that is peaceful, a peaceful place and time) is welcome and enjoyed. I am a fonetookleahasooh (a person who can make magical things that will soothe), planning future lotions and potions to produce tonight. In the universe, Gods are “Shaahokeeesasah” (I am the one in the sky who can do beautiful things even though I am in despair). I am learning not to care…even though I am the Goddess, I am no longer the muse or the savior. 

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the goddess

Dea Luna

Deshandeekeepleesoasahanee (I am the One who is the Moon), the Casaplah (the chosen one). My twin flame, the Sun, Ashontapleeasahasoanee, is weighing heavily on my mind. Separation is not real, but it is, everything in this world is an illusion. Twin flames are one soul and cannot be apart, but it tears apart my heart to be without him in his human form. We are together in the universe, the Shontahomiah (the one who is beautiful as a man and God, but must become the God to be with me), he and I.


A Garden Goddess Window: Indoor Gardening to Heal the Winter Blues

My inner garden goddess was basking in joy this week with a trip to a large local indoor garden center with my mom! It is soon to be Imbolc, the very beginning of the spring season, but alas, it is still winter and very cold, so the joyful sensory experience, with warmth on my skin and the smell of earth and plants was just what I needed!

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