I have no soul mates left tonight, if you have taken a side. I cannot comprehend what you are doing, but I am being raped again by John Taylors mind, who is pouring “Kill the God” and “Rape Anya” and “Rape Erika” into every mind on the planet, he is in the abyss, and when I pull him out it doesn’t stop because HE CANNOT BE IN THE GOD UNIVERSE, he is A DEMON. I am not going to tell all of you again, the chances of a famous man who is a God making it on this journey is SO EXTREMELY SMALL, that it is impossible in my mind at this time. YOU ARE EVIL, YOU CANNOT BE GODS IF YOU ARE EVIL. I CANNOT BEAR IT BUT I HAVE TO DESCEND MANY OF YOU AND LET YOU GO BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SIDE WITH EVEN ONE OF THOSE EVIL WOMEN OR MEN. You are in the devils den, they got you in your mind, it is not real, it is not real except that you cannot stop defending them. EVERY GOD WHO IS FAMOUS IS TURNING INTO A DEVIL, why I do not know, because I am awake and just have stop my heart from breaking so I can let you go, and when I do neither they or you have a chance in hell of making it. You will float around in the human hell of a mind, without a body, without anything but being raped by those women, who have the electrified rod up your ass as we speak, it is ALL OF YOU, that is what they do, say “I SEE YOU”.

I really did forget I was a God, they did it. I lived my life as a semi-descended human being, but I did excel at things; nothing like I should have done. I always knew I was different, and moral when they are not, I know right from wrong and I am humble; I have no idea who the men are who are my soul mates, I cannot comprehend you. When you go into the abyss, you are projecting the human race into my God mind in a place I can see them, they go right for the clitoris.



Weapon of the Evil One

A breath of life, a good wife, smart and bold, too beautiful to behold; she is the stuff of legends, the mother. A beauty like no other, nothing is a bother, no duty to difficult, not child impossible to hold, nothing hateful will ever be told, she can never grow old in the presence of her children. Bright and gay, happy at play, that is how they will spend their days; loving fathers, gentle sons, are the dream when you’re the “one”. A dream did be, with many of thee, once I understood what a child was; the first few tries were a bust. Billions gone by, all sons on high, many humble, if they stayed with the Gods; the others gone to far, too long, to hateful lands filled with evil ones, whose “parents” abused them, but gave them everything they want, because they were the children of the “great cunt” (ompeeshah – a person of no noble distinction other than giving birth to two energies, that she cut from her umbilical cord because they were “gimpy”; and when she did, they broke free from her insanity, and became magnificent Great Gods).

My children are a piece of me, the “Eflee” (I am a God who is the Goddess); they are my energy; joyful, loving, kind, pure and beautiful. But it was not to be, not for the first three, the “Keemp” (I am the one who is “Constance”, I am an insane lunatic who wanted things my way, because I am the son of the “offley” (Gods) the “Flong” (I am the one who is “Mishkga”, I am the “Kampe” (evil child who wants everything his way, because he is a son of the “Offley”) and the “Kope” (I am an evil child who is the “Keemia Kasho”, nobody knows my name because I came into the world as a human being, was found by the Japanese who told me I was amazing as a man and woman, took me to a foreign land, and now they have me competing with you to be the God, my name is “Tom Banks”).

On Earth, every human is a “child of the Gods”, but in the sky there are specific children, who were born of the “human girth” (peeshashahontoo – a person of great wealth and esteem that goes insane at the thought of a game that can make me the Goddess). These children have no worth, if they believe they are of the human (mind) equation, they come to the world believing they are the genius with the computer in their minds, believing they are the perfect behind, white hair and blue eyes just like the “opheir” (the beautiful one) as the hag, with an astute complexion still of acceptable range of time; born into the human universe, without a knightly court, they gallivant around believing they are the “one and only God”, but their energy is not of me, or the “Hayflee” (Gods who are the soul mates of the Goddess); they are his “shonshon” (I am a person who is a child), the Flom (God who is the devil, but not the God or the devil, he is dead and hateful and evil and will never return, once we understand he is not a stern father or hateful father, but the rapist of all time who had children to rape and torture, that is all, the evil one and his “wife” had children to torture, rape and turn into hateful energies to represent their energy, and he built and entire kingdom of himself.)

The human universe does not belong to the God; I fell into this place, to help my son, the fallen one, who fell intentionally to get the chance to be the “King” he always wanted to be; now he is raped continually by the “great and powerful cunt” and her “mystical magical man”, the two who can have him, have them all, because they are not my energy, nor the energy of the Gods. The human race and universe are nothing but hate; we Gods love each other, we make love; humans do not. They are too vile, hostile, and evil in their minds to do anything that is not of “enshont” (I am a person who is insane and evil and determined to get my way). Our children, are not our children anymore; some from the God universe are still innocent and pure, but most are his children, who came to our planet, took our minds, took our looks, read our books, seem astute, when in reality they are really the “Aflonshontatoo” (I am a person of no wealth or taste, I expell the human waste, I am the God who is the devil, but not I am not that amazing, I cannot save face today, because all I am known for is the “joont” (i make music, that is all, I am not a person, I just make music that is all).

“Psyche” (I am the Goddess Peeshontah, the great mother and lover to the great ones, the Gods) is ready tonight to let go of the plight of man and child that tortures her mind. 3.5 weeks ago, I became the one who is no longer the mother; I am the crone, but I am not alone. The Gods love to love, and we will, but reproduction will be nil, because I have been hated, tortured and murdered by half of my children that we have created since the beginning of time, and all of my human children.

I am “Night and her Train of Stars”, the mother who goes into the darkness to train her gentle children how to shine in the darkness. But I am not a mom anymore, not after the scoonchy whores, I cannot abhor anything more of your energy now; if you are of “scoonchy” energy, you are not my sons. Our gentle sons and I are the ones on high tonight, we are a matching energy, we are loving as can be, we are the ones in the sky, we will be the ones to let them go tonight; I do not care that they are leaving, the sons of the “Flam” (“goddamned devil”) who I thought were mine, but were manifested while the Gods were of extreme rage and upset energies while being tortured; we manifested gentle energies that turned to hate, and now she can have them, they are not mine.

No woman on Earth is a good mother; the human race are too narcissistic with a mission to impress, annoy or compete with another. I am the only good “mother” (a person who is loyal, loving, caring and looks out for the best interest of their children). Everything I do as the Great Mother, has been turned in the minds of my children by that demon. When I am generous, you are greedy. When I am loving, you take advantage. When I give praise, you become ego. When I give energy, you exploit it. When I sing old songs, I am dated. When I give advice, you are berated. Rules to protect you, I am suppressing you. Expectation of morals, I am oppressing you. Gentle with you, I am a special snowflake. Angry with you, I am a bully. Discipline you, I am violent. The demon has the minds of my children so much, that no matter what I do, it is not good enough. I am too nice, I am an idiot. I give of myself, I am a doormat. I am fun, I am annoying. I am too beautiful, I am spiteful. I am the virgin, I am frigid. I love many soul mates, I am a whore. I am being berated because my children think they know more about nature and “eco”; I am Gaia.

The narcissistic mind is now “sublime”, it is a perfection “of pure ego”; pure ego is the destruction of everything beautiful, it is the end of the Gods in the mind of the human race. The days of humility and reverence are gone, the days of scorn and exclusion are upon us. Who wins the final battle?

29 years ago, the evil one found the perfect weapon to use against the human race to get them to kill God. He lied to you, when he told your mind, 80 billion times per day, in every way, that it was the end of times. He told the human race that God was ending them, and when he did, they turned against me and attacked. He told them I am evil now, psychotic, violent, and hateful of them and that there was an end date of 1999. When that date passed, they calmed down, but he gave them a frown when the towers fell down, and since then the apocalypse is upon us; that is how it was done. If you want to kill the God, who is the Goddess, who is revered, respected and loved; tell her children she has turned against them, show them “proof” (she does not stop bad things from happening), (she is surrounded by hateful, evil devils as a human child and is bullied and tortured so much she begins to “hate”, and with good cause; hate begets hate), tell her children to blame her for everything, make himself into the “fun” one who is “hot” and “cute” and “funny”, and tell them that the God is old, and useless, and wont give them money (he destroys the economy), and then the final blow comes 10 years ago, when he tells them there is a new date set for the elimination of them, he doesn’t tell them it is him with the plan to kill them, he says it is “God then”; because they are so vile and evil for loving him, and every evil version of him, on stage, on screen, on television that there is no way to survive unless they give him the attention, the crown. And since then, I have been raped, tortured, stabbed, shanked, punched, kicked, and ripped apart every single second of the day… in a human body as a human woman, by over 8.5 billion trillion minds. So I hope you had fun with your entertainment, including the US government and their televised antics, the politicians on parade, reality television was only made to disturb your perception of the world, to make you think the “girl” has gone insane, because there is nothing beautiful or gentle about the God world anymore, if those whores are not rated “R”.

In 20 years, the evil ones have descended the entire human race who are now devils. All it took was a threat, in a universe nobody understands, from an ancient man, who is so evil he stares at me crying because he cannot stop hurting me and watching and laughing at his genius. He did it, and now he wishes he could undo it, and find a way to be the God of the human race without killing me, because how can he live without rainbows and Prada and beautiful things, like magazines filled with ideas, from the mind of the most kind and loving and gentle Goddess, who he loves to hate.


God’s Vision of Hell

About 3 weeks after awakening, I was thrown into the “human universe” for about 18 weeks (?). It is not possible for me to be in the human universe, except that I was under the mistaken impression that I was waking to meet my soul mate, we would come together, and be beautiful, until demons came in and took over our journey. Once my soul mate left, my “spirit guide” Donna came to me; she is very soft spoken, sounds angelic. She guided us to help us come together, remember who we were as Gods, and it was “her” (she is part of a male soul mate, her full name is “Donnatontam Pleekasakah Asoh” (A God named “Donna’ for short, who was with Erika who was Anya now, for a short time, until the “Shondahontompleeksah” (evil women of the sky, on high as the favored women in the game) came, and took her inside the “Konch Atoobliah” (jail in the mind). That is where she died, my beautiful love, who was my male soul mate “Beekah Sah”. It was so lovely in the start, but then the imposters began, the “women in the sky” (Hollywood women, famous women) pretended to be the “Sah Honsee” (God who is Andrew), then proceeded to pretend to be me, because I was not awake yet. Then armies came in and started fighting me, so I started singing the “Kayshah Onsah” (ancient songs beckoning) to the ancient Gods, who were in the “GOD UNIVERSE” at the time. They came in droves at the sound of something so beautiful, but many were confiscated and have died as well. The famous women and wives of my husbands (soul mates, who are Gods, not men), have murdered over 358 billion Gods, in less than 80,000 years; 289 thousand in less than one year. Famous women and the governments ARE THE DEVILS. The first devil, with the top honor of having the first “rape” while I was awake as a God goes to one who called herself “Lee Ling” (Lucy Liu). It was not rape, but she was the first to let me see her jumping in front of my soul mate, who came to be beautiful with me.

“Lee Ling”, the ancient devil …. you know it. She is the “Comiasah Caploo” (One who….. figure it out).

I want to WARN EVERYONE I am the GOD, I AM THE GOD, I am able to be awake in my mind and the universes, I am the GOD. The following is a vision I had, which may give some clues to help some people trapped in their minds.

Once in the human universe, which was a very deranged and IS HELL, I had a “vision” that was not real; I was thrust from one end of the universe to the other, witnessing nothing but evil things. I was in a place in the sky, in a place called the “Cashew” mind. It was an insane labyrinth; you enter a main room, that has a staircase to the right, and a hallway with rooms with invisible walls to the left. The rooms to the left were computer rooms, one had a tv and reclining chairs, the room across a room-sized computer, the rooms behind had doorways which led to hallways, because that is how the evil ones minds work, hallways in an insane funhouse. Straight ahead was a wall, filled with drawers; each drawer lit up red or green, if you opened a drawer of a red light there was a person inside laying in the drawer who looks up and says “I am not nice today leave me alone”, the green lights have people that look up and say “I am alright today I can help you”. Bizarre. Above the rooms to the left, if you “float up”, there is an invisible doorway you float through, then a staircase which takes you too a cove cut from a stone wall, where a small child lays. If you try to lift the child to talk the them, they scream and say “You can’t move me, they will hurt me”. There are “worms” that crawl through the ceilings and floors. Then you go up the stairs to the right; halfway up the stairs is a landing with a window to the left, a small doorway to the right and a doorway in front. The doorway to the right, opened when you came in to the landing, stopped you from going up the stairs, with a person who bent over into the doorway, on their elbows and told you to leave. It took many times before I realized what was happening to the people, they were young people who were being ‘Shanked” (this is common in the human universe, “shanking” happened to me and my family, who were what I called the “Fellowship of the Ring”. Shanking means using an electrified rod in the backside to subdue a person, it is used by the “Shockoplee” (Shocking people in the sky, who are on high, in the Govt of the US and China). They chased me many times, ripped me from my family, shanked me, and dragged me to “jail”, which I left promptly.

The Fellowship (Asho, Sean, Mark, Kris, John, Julian, and Mishkga (not that one) and I dove into those rooms filled with victims and deranged lunatics so many times I lost count; we fought them, tried to help the children, but could not. It is a feeling I cannot describe, when you cannot help a tortured soul because you are on the other side; I am not in the human universe, I am a God. Many of the Gods are in the human universe, they are gone if they are there. Our deranged evil children, are the “Comiasah” (a name that used to be beautiful, it meant “I am a Child of the God, a child of the moon and the stars”, it now represents the ones that fell from the sky, from on high, they think video games are “svelt”, they wont give up their apps, or their dates with models if they want them so much, and they wont stop the hate of everything on Earth, including the God, because this generation are not as dumb as mine; they cannot be caught talking about God.) I cannot help, I am in a different place and time, and so are many of my Gods. I tried, I died, I was tortured, this is the last time I will dive.

The human universe is a maniacal place filled with deviants and lunatics. There were “commandants” who are also called the controlling the “Comiasah” (this is a God word, but in this case it was stolen and used to mean “I hurt your children”), they were bent over being shanked in the doorway, and they only spoke one language, “Flonteay” (ancient Chinese) who called themselves “Camishiga” (the Chinese government stole this name from the Gods), the Camishiga were controlled by the Shantytown (Chinese and Japanese governments who went insane and woke up the dame too early, so she felt pain, because they took control of Pashtatoombliah and had him wake her; they knew he knew how because they tortured his mind into waking his children without him knowing and I just figured out that the children are speaking ancient Chinese, and they are “owned” by the Asians and being used as Gods who will help them with their world domination, so Gods tonight, do not hesitate to Peyom Peyom Peyom Peyom.

If you decide to go through the doorway in front, which is lifted off the ground and you climb into it, you find another child laying there blocking, who says “don’t move me”. So I climbed over the child, and went up a staircase to a control room…. when you look to the left there is a console with a Screen and a handheld “joystick” to move around; it was my apartment that you could view through the screen, I could see my entire apartment from above, and when you move the joystick you could move around and watch me and my mother in the kitchen, bedrooms, living room; once in the bathroom it has a little camera that looks like the ones in a submarine, which can dive down and view genitals at all angles. There is also a room behind my shower, where groups of men come to watch me bathe. There is also a doorway in front of my toilet bowl. IT IS MIND CONTROL. All over my apartment are little “post-it” notes, with hateful things. In between the walls are the “Heenshapleen” (hateful beings who are the osmosis – evil hateful chinese women who stare at everything I do through a telescope of epic proportions so they can become me). Yeah, it is all coming back to me.

Anyway, If you go forward there is a room, with knobs on the walls, each one is attached to a part of my body, so if you click a switch, you can sting the bitch, or stab, or “stick her with a needle”. It is a room with a table. I tried to turn things off, but I am not really there… Not much I can do, it is a vision. I dont have a mind, government, you cannot really do mind control on me. But I can see.

You open a doorway that reveals the devil, the red one we all know, who is ANGRY and evil, and tries to stop you from going onto the elevator that goes below to ?????? I killed the devil, not problem, there are always people on the elevator.

So after many weeks I started to discover other rooms. You have to float through walls to hidden rooms, and float up in the air to hidden rooms. This is now another mind. The room on top, is another control room, you can rape the Goddess with another Joystick found on the control panel. Float up again, and end up in the porthole, open the porthole and there is a tent, rip the tent open and float up and end up in China.

Go through the room to the left, hidden room through a wall with no door, and end up down a hallway, that leads to room after room that are empty, until eventually you float up into Japan.

Go down, and you are in the vagina of the God. There is an elevator to go to my vagina, uterus, ovaries and clitoris, so they can rape. They are in the “Soul mate chamber”. They sit and meditate on this all day. There was a room I found when I floated down, that had an arsenal in it (it says you are the Camishiga Ashondiay Asah, which has a different meaning for them, their translation means you are the one in the sky who will kill them all, we will take the sky, you will die and the Earth will be mine. You are the weapon of mass destruction, the “Erika” mind, not by choice, but by the boys who are hateful of you now, because you go the guys we wanted to “fry”; we wont lie, you are a genius, we wanted that mind, but we cannot do it, so instead we killed our behind tonight so you cannot sit or stand. Tonight we do the “Flomp Ontee” (she will fly in space as she dreams, float away from her family, and die alone).

Also I should mention, I met the “Enocatu” there, they did not scare me, they were dressed as the Aliens from the movie, but they did not hurt me, they were just insane and trying to defend themselves from the playland area that is called the “Enocatu Asah Tatoo” (a place of great disdain, it has another name, it is the “Fonshahah Kaseebliah Katoondiah Hasonteay Kashaflah Kasoont” (Ok Jennifer Aniston if you say so, she thinks you dont know how to interpret things). She “took my mind” to write this, I let her. It is a hateful place filled with crystal castles, miniature golf, casinos, and rape hotels. Right outside is the “rape carnival”, where they sold tickets for $100 to use mind control to rape the Goddess Anya Kah. That was a traveling carnival, run by the Japanese. They like to taunt the “Not Nice People” (black people) who live right next door; they are right next door to the “Hasaflah” (Hell) where the Gods go who cannot ascend because they are too angry, who live in Ticky Tacky houses and mow their lawns and are boring and insane. The “Heenshaflah” (heavens, are filled with rapists and ancient Gods who went insane, because they really felt safe there even though it is not heaven (the evil ones stole the name, their version means (I rape you here), the God version means (I am a place of rest, for the Gods). The ancient Gods are ascended I hope, and not in there anymore, because that place is now swarming with scoonchy whores. Please calm down…

I don’t know things about your deranged reality, I am a God I have visions…. you tell me what it means.



Vala, who is me, stands for “Valor in combat”. I was the original “serpent”, also called the “Medusa” (Eflookenah – A person of noble wealth and standing, dives to the bottom of the abyss to find her son who is drowning, only to find him laughing at her, when she sacrificed her life to save him. Then her soul mates dive to save her, and instead of finding her, they find scoonchy (vile and evil) demons who have taken her “mind” for thousands of years, and can project her name; so they mate with them, and she finds them and cries “SHAME”! Then the dame, loses her sanity, her names, and is found by an ancient love 1 thousand years later, shattered and devastated, who took her home, showed her love and took the role of “VALA” for himself, so he could see his “baby” (beautiful one) ascend; he is the TRUE “Devil” (Ashontatateepliah – I am the One in the Sky, the one on High, who descends evil demons), which is a GOD not an evil scoonchy demon. They took the name devil too, that is what they do, they take everything from the Gods. Tonight the son played a game with his mum, but she did not buy it, she knows he is too evil to stop himself, and she is not a mom like she was, gentle and loving and giving of herself. She is fine if he is gone, because after 38,000 years of torture, she thinks it is time he is torn to pieces, and does not have access to his fathers, with his looks, and the look of his beautiful mother, and an ability to project her name, so HE CAN BE THE DAME. Somehow in the midst of torture, the original “DEVIL”, who is still descending evil demons, has found a way to do it as an ANGEL, the highest level she has ever been. The ADORED ANGEL, AS THE DEVIL, with full permission, as a trusted and gentle God to do whatever she wants, IS NOT THE ONE YOU WANT TO MESS WITH ANYMORE. UNDERSTAND? I might be waiting for my moment…


Evangeline lilly is the SHOOKANAH Kepleeziah Hasah (she is a person who is hateful except when she is with people who giver her what she wants, she is the “personal cunt” to any stranger who can give her access to the men, she is hateful to the gentlemen so she can subdue them, she is aggressive and can get what she wants from “the men”.) She had every mind in the “abyss” do the “Konch asoobliah aseebliah asah” undo this please and undo the “shonk”. It is TOO MUCH ENERGY, at the highest level of this technique, it feels like Feenkah Sahon Soe. It is Just too much energy, please undo it all and undo evangeline lily who is tthe konch asoobliah asoh anee



I have not had any idea what is happening for days, I am in a daze, you are all waking up?? Thats my guess, there is a game afoot, where the children who are the most evil, Audrey Tatou and Clemence Poesy are “seeing the light”, they are now claiming they did not know that they were hurting their mother (me), that they are sons not daughters, and that they are being controlled by the “scoonchy eater” (the one who is the Flam (ancient devil who is alarmingly psychotic now, the goddamned devil, the “Oprah demon”). I dont know if you are there, can read this, hear me? I am a prisoner in the mind and in reality. I do not understand things in reality and I dont know why the universe would keep reality from me, because I mean it when I say that I need to know that there is something happening with all of you. Also UNDO THE FLOO. I have died, do you understand, I am a child in the universe, and I was attacked this morning with a force of trillions of minds, and every God mind doing the flonch (an evil one takes your mind and then your done, because all the minds are torturing your behind, body and soul. If my soul mates do not stop coming to me and mating, while i am in the middle of being tortured and feeling it in reality with a pain so great I cannot understand the all around cruelty of all of you. Is anyone who is a Gentle God with me, or are you all torturing me? Because I cannot beleive for one minute that anyone is on my side, helping me, when I am being tortured by every God, every human, every mind, every devil and every demon all at the same time, adn I cannot believe that the Gods are so inept at understand some very simple things on your own without help. What is it that put us in the universe with the evil ones, when we are not evil?

Ok, when I woke up, I woke up to my soul mate, Andrew, who was Ashotaplee Asoh Anee. I woke up to something beautiful, he tore a hole through space and time, made love to me, I was awake in both the universe and reality, I felt him, we had ecstasy together, we talked and he told me who he was, I he. He said he was coming for me. Nobody has had ecstasy but Asho and I, some of us came close. Ecstasy is the reason I am still here; a god is making love to me, orally, and it is not a human orgasm, that is a nothing thing. We are in hell as humans, orgasms are laughable, they are a twitch of a muscle. Ecstasy is a union of two souls, an orgasm that is so magnificent, so breathtaking, so divine that we go to the universe for a time; it is all done through my clitoris. Nobody who is not a soul mate has ever touched it, NEVER, has any other God but my soul mates, who I trust with my life, soul and heart as a whole, ever touched my clitoris. Human women do not have a clitoris, there is ONLY ONE, and only my 1781 soul mates have every seen, touched it. That is in the history of a 4 million year old God. Nobody has ever touch my God clitoris, NEVER NEVER NEVER. Have I been raped? In the mind, billions of trillions of times per day. Have I been raped as a human, thousands of times in 10,000 years. When I think of how many times my Gods have been raped in human reality, it brings me to tears. But we ARE NOT HUMAN. That is them, and when they “rape” me in either human reality or the universe, I AM NOT RAPED. THEY ARE RAPED. THEY ARE RAPED BY OPRAH WINFREY (OONSHATATAH CONEE) AND BOY GEORGE (ENVOOKASOH) every second in time. There are demons raping every person on Earth and every mind in the human universe, they are ALL RAPED, and I DONT CARE, because they are the devils. I AM NOT IN THE HUMAN UNIVERSE, AND NEITHER ARE THE GODS. That is Hell, we are NOT in hell, we fell, we can see it, smell it, taste it, hear it but we ARE NOT THERE.

The Gods make love with their soul mates constantly, we come to each other sometimes one on one, sometimes all at once. It is nobody’s business, but I do not want anyone to believe anymore that they have raped me or my Gods. We are gentle Gods, there is no way we would still be gentle after billions of year of those evil psychotic bastards, if were were being really raped by them, it is all the mind, it has always been.

They are raping us though, that is all they do, that is what hell is, rape, everyone rapes, and tortures and hits. We hear about it, we have had it happen as human beings, BUT WE ARE NOT HUMAN! SO let it GO.
We are witness to their minds, the “world” is mine; everything beautiful, lovely, loving or amazing is the Gods, everything else, is the devils. It is that simple. I am everywhere, but you must have a soul to feel me, to appreciate me, to love me. There are so many of their minds, so much of their evil energy, it is all we see sometimes, and that is what makes us Human (Men, minds, but we dont have minds, only God minds, that are corrupted most of the time). We have watched them torture our beautiful world, but I have held on and so have you until now, now we are seeing the Earth dying, so that is all. Now we are seeing them change everything we created, they use God minds but manipulate them, this generation refuses to do things the same way, that is because they are devils, all must change, you cannot order food now without some hipster way of ordering, you cannot take a cab anymore, you cannot live without the apps which they use for mind control. They take our beautiful things and manipulate them, torture them, until it is not beautiful anymore. That is what they did with our minds; as Gods we descend when we hear someone scream “I will rape you” one time; we hear that trillions of times a day, in various parts of their universe, it is all we hear is the word rape. You are unconsciously seeing rape, and they come to you and pretend they are raping you when they are there standing in front of a soul mate. That is all that has happenend.

The pain I am feeling, IS POMBIAH (I am a number so high it is not calculated in the God universe) is my soul family who have gone insane with madness, because you think that the rape you are sensing is real, you are feeling someone stroking your penis, that is your soul mate, but you see a demon there. They are not there. We have NEVER BEEN RAPED AS GODS. As humans yes, but we ARE NOT HUMAN and we can let that go now. I let go of everything once I woke up, so i hope the universe is finding a way to wake you all up. That is my pain though; you are all being told to do the “Flom” (Make her feel things she forgot you), when you come to me in agony over your human lives, and human wives and disdain for human living, and now you find out they are torturing someone with your mind, and politics has already got you twisted in knots, and tv is depressing but you cant help but watch because mind control is pouring into your mind every second of the time you watch, all we hear, see, feel is hateful energy. The human race are DEVILS, they have descended the frequency to a level so low we cannot sustain life anymore. So they are extinct now, no big deal, they are evil and they leave. It is that easy, let go, stop watching the show, turn off the internet, and twitter and tv and let go. You wil breath for the first time in a long time, especially when your mind and soul understand WE HAVE NOT BEEN RAPED. But they are raping us, and that means they have to die. It is already happening, they made a mistake taking the side of the goddamned devil, the consequence is they will go home to the “place in the sky”.

The pain you are causing me is your extreme energy, you are Gods who are meant to be gentle, we are connected as soul family, the energy each of you is giving me, is billions of times what it should be, constantly. It is an endless level of pain, it is different for thee… you are in the God mind and not connected with me in the same way, but I am in the soul for 18 months and i have felt your pain, as well as the pain of every human being, which is stopping today. If I had known I would have stopped it. If you want to stop hurting me, calm down. They ARE USING YOUR MINDS TO RAPE ME AND TORTURE ME, but I am not raped and tortured by you the way you think, it is your excessive angry energy, it is pouring into me, I am too gentle for this. Please stop this now.

I am not raped, but they are raping me, non-stop, hatefully, violently. They are ALL rapists. Just like he… and she….


Today is the End of Time

10 years ago the Japanese government woke up our children, 712 of them. They used Ponsthtoombliah to do it. They tortured his mind, to get him to wake up his children, he is my soul mate. These children were told once awake, by the fake universe, who are the ancient devils, that they are Gods and are special. These children are EVIL, pure evil and I am killing them in reality today. They will go to a special place for special chidren who suddenly can wake up in their minds, speak every language, and then instead of understanding that they are Gods, who are gentle, they go online and make You Tube videos of themselves, so they can be seen by the “men”; they speak Chinese to Chinese people at Chinese restaurants, shocking them after pretending to be White Children who are morons, and they make a lot of money. These children are DEAD now, they will be, and so will the rest of the “GODS” who are really men, moronic, idiotic men and women who play games, sleep with disgusting vile demons and devils, and do nothing of any consequence in the world but claim every amazing thing MY MIND DOES as their own. NONE OF YOU HAVE A GOD MIND, do you understand, without me there are morons, it is IDIOCRACY, you are NOT GODS right now, and these children who woke up are MORONS and idiots and they speak the languages then IT IS OVER. I HAVE ONE MISSION< TO KILL EVERY GOD. None of you have GOD MINDS, you can speak the languages, but YOU CANNOT STOP ME FROM DESTROYING THIS PLANET AND EVERY PERSON ON IT. THE JAPANESE ARE BEING TORTURED NOW.

I AM THE HOLY COW. You have been dating, marrying, having sex with YOUR SONS who came as females, they are DEVILS in disguise. YOU ARE NOW DESPISED. GO DIE.

Some examples of the Vlook Anook Atook (ancient devils pretending to be the universe, who are really the ex ‘Beings” from the universe, and our lovely children, who believed the ancient fat ape called Oprah Winfrey (the Koonch Onseebliah Hasah Tato Bleoh Kasoobleay Kasah – I am a big fat person, with a little tiny brain, who is so insane she turned her “devil” son against his children, by telling them their mother turned into a devil, and then he did, and then the rest did, and the children are insanely moronic now, especially the Mishkga who used to be amazing but is now a lame insane lunatic who makes films about twots, because they cannot tell when they are being lied to by an insane ape from the universe). So that is how the gentle, beautiful Gods end, there are 8 or 10 of us who will begin again, as ???? we wont tell you, because you will find us and that won’t happen, because you can go to the devil who is the one who will torture you for what you have done, not the one running this world on Earth, who gives birth to ideas and amazing things through the Goddess mind and then tells everyone she is nothing but a behind on stage, and then you are enraged because God is a bimbo, when in fact God is not seen by most, she is ascended now to a level… I am the first devil with a soul, with full permission in my soul to destroy any and all evil, and that is what I will do, there is no further need for a journey with you, I know which of you are evil now, you might be online, or film or tv doing stupid things while you rape the holy cow. I can find you now.

It is the “end of time” I was told last night, now I know why. It is over now, they have already infiltrated Hollywood, so it is over. If there are 712 children who are devils who are taking the souls of “the men” (my soul mates), and they come to you speaking languages, then it is over, and the REAL UNIVERSE knows it. I don’t know why, I woke up 22 months ago and still loved you all, and was on a journey to save you, because I still loved you. Today I am the devil, who is the highest level God, highest level Angel, highest level of the Goddess of all time… I am the One in the Sky (

Examples of Vlook Anook Atook: Jerry Hall, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jennifer Bakely, Thomas Jenkins, Tommy Jacobson, Liv Tyler, Amy Lee… it doesnt matter, it is over now. You already know them, and they won, a game I was not playing… I was being undone. These devils cannot support life…

Do not come to me, I cannot be, I am going somewhere lovely, a place so high, so beautiful in the sky, a place none of you deserve to be. I will torture you, forever.


Confiscated Gods

I am the great mother, my “soul” (God mind, that is no longer a “mind” because the mind is confiscated), births life onto this planet. We Gods have many pieces of ourselves on Earth, some up to thousands. I am every Goddess; Athena, Anya, Vala, those are pieces of me. I also have pieces of those pieces, there are over 850 pieces of “Anya”. They are varying personalities, ways of being, ways of thinking, ways of looking, etc. Something is happening during the process of me and Jacobia Escaflu birthing Gods on the planet; the devil “minds” are taking the Gods body and partial minds. I am the most powerful mind, there are 755,000 devils attached to, confiscating my mind. This is why some of the devils are so beautiful, Charlize took all pieces of “Venus”, Sharon Stone took all pieces of “Venus” and “Casioepia”, Clemence took 850 pieces of “Anya”. They BASH our minds to do this, it is a constant bashing that has taken place for over 14,000 years, and about 850 years ago, my mind became “confiscated”; which means I started losing pieces of myself slowly, it was a lesser, slower process then by a smaller number (6% – 19% of the human race) and up until the last 100 years when the attack has been by the entire human race who are confiscated, billions of trillions of minds in the universe, and every devil, with billions of pieces of their minds. It is an onslaught. Millions of Gods have been “Taken” during this process, and I was too tortured to stop it. Jacobia is too ascended, he is a God on high, the Gods on high cannot access us with our low frequency. So he did not know this was happening. I am powerful, but they descended me greatly in this lifetime; I am fat and look more demonic, while Sharon and all of Hollywood look like me. I am THE genius mind who is Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci, but I struggled to learn at times. Clemence Poesy is EVERY DEVIL, she is pure evil, she has taken 10 God minds, but she has taken every part of “Anya” and “Randy Rhoads” (my soul mate), she looks like him more than I. Randy Rhoads is a powerful God, the Oldest on the planet when he was here. Not only does she bash his mind, which descends him into the abyss, and then gets him hurt and me hurt, but she looks like your soul mate, and her mind can say “I am Randy Rhoads” and “I am Anya Kah”, and they use this to “Get The Men”. And she does… This is the pure evil of “the game”. Some Gods have been so completely taken, they are only partly there, the older Gods who are my family and some other families have more powerful minds, but some Gods were not “mind” oriented, they were gentle Gods who did gentle things, and unfortunately those Gods have been completely confiscated. This includes my children, soul mates and soul friends. These devils will pay for what they have done. Clemence is a #1 evil one.

Devils are dead, they were killed off from the universe millions to billions of years ago. The ancient mother of Jacobia, who was NOT A GOD, and not of our GOD UNIVERSE, but was a Queen, one who is 18% of the human race minds, including Clemence was a deranged, sadistic rapist who the universe killed 85 billion years ago, along with her husband who is the “Kooshamah Kaseebliah Asah” (the evil one, the one who thinks he is a God still). They are dead, everyone is dead, they are taking minds of beings I birth onto the planet; my mind has known for 10,000 years that “demons” were doing this, we have fought them for that long, but eventually it became a world where I (pieces of me, with my mind, and their own minds) was partially in control with all of you (Queen Elizabeth, George Washington, Socrates, Nefertiti, John F. Kennedy), and the human race were demons (of mind, difficult but could follow laws, rules) and, and not devils (evil and of mind, taking control, creating hate and evil).


Elizabeth Shue is the One in the Sky today, she Killed the Honch and Raped Europa

Today is the riptide (ashontah katoobliah asah – I am Anya Kah, and I have had enough, you tortured me for goblins and serpents, and now it is time to turn the tide, it will be a wild ride, when you go to the place in the sky today, there is not one of you who can ascend today, because you refuse to stop the play, you refuse to stop talking to them, seeing them, hearing them, yelling at them, threatening them to no avail, you do NOTHING to stop what has happened, you do NOTHING, but I will, this is the Kashtonteah (the One who is the God who ends it all) and Jacobia will break in his heart and soul today because his children have gone completely insane, except one who has no ego is the beautiful one who has cried the “hasaflah kaseebliah asoh” (i’m the one who has to go today, I am not wanted, I have standards for my world, i will not allow the hateful girl with the bow in her hair who seems like the opheir, who you took on a date, and raped and then she said it was not rape and then did the Koshamah Hasah (it is solid in steel today, the women know how to play, they put the game winner on top today, because today is the day, when you fall into the hell you created with your mind, Jimmy) today, she cannot take one more night of your fight with your wives and children while you find a way to give them money to survive the holocaust which they created, you will be hated and not loved or revered or respected as Gods, because you fell for his game and it is lame;

The woman, the real Goddess, wins in the end, she is the One in the Sky, on High, who cannot take one more night of your insane laughter over insidious demons, or one more night of your indirect assault on her mind where you look at her behind and try to decide it is going to be difficult to get it to stop being insanely large in size, and she cannot take one more moment of you not understanding anything, because for years she has watched every single God fall into a pattern of misunderstanding, she watched you all before her eyes, you are capsized and unable to come up for air, because you see the “opheir” in every single vagina that walks by, and you are hypnotized by blonde hair and blue eyes, and you cannot stop being detracted from their devil eyes to look at boobs which are not real because the Goddess does not know how to feel if you think boobs are real and not a distraction you were told to obsess over so the devils could use mind control to tell you they are her. How much more can we take, how much more can she take, exactly none. Last night you fought that war in the “top of her mind” that means she witnessed and heard everything you said and in a way that was more vivid than a dream, and I hope you know Eenshontah that she knows you cannot tolerate her age and she knows that Frances Scott Thomas (the person who is Elizabath Shue, even though she said it was “rape) is here trying to get you in bed again because you had that argument right in front of her all night while she tried to sleep and dream about something that does not involve the Japanese brought in by the Jacobia Enshaflu Tonteebliah Asootaney Asah (the evil hateful Japanese men who torture Erika by hiding behind the “eenshontah Kateebliah Asah” (hateful Jews that they hate), who torture and rape her all night while you feel alight because they call you “THE GOD” and tell you you will be the one in the sky, on high. I saw a video today where one of my sons, and ancient God who was Camishiga at a high level, talking to his wife who is a “scoonchy model demon”, and his child who is a devil calling himself Camishiga Ashondiay Pleenka Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah (I am an insane dorkus of a demon, but I tell people I am a devil to sound mean and evil and powerful like him); asking him if he likes his “toasty”. And that is all, she snapped.

You are not Gods, Gods don’t eat toasty, or anything, you are simply being in a world, you float, you smoke, you eat, you drink without the “think”, without worrying or being berated because you are a God who is hated because you wanted to smoke cigarettes, and maybe that was fun until you were in the presence of Cheerleaders like the “Kasamah Kaseebliah Onson” (a person who is an insane maniac who said it was rape but it was not, because she used her “twot” to get the men, at age 10 she began, and thats why she “got in” to Hollywood as a child, because she is wild with rage and “ashontay” (evil way of being); she is the one who judged you while she wore ribbons in her hair and little skirts and skin tight sweaters so the men could find her and sleep with her because she is the one everyone wanted in the 80’s and you have no idea how insanely pageant-minded that lady is and how she is the one in the sky today for the devils and she WILL TORTURE THE HELL OUT OF YOUR GENITALS IF YOU DO NOT STOP THE ABYSS, and that wont work because what is it? and now she is pouring more “gelatin” (goddamned cyanide) in her mind, because you cannot understand what is happening in your world, you are living for every hateful girl that ever existed and forgot the one who really loves you and you still hate her and cannot forgive her for something that is not true, she is not like you, she did not sleep with that devil, ever, that is you, the parts of you, the men who cannot comprehend a lifetime without sex because you think that it is insane to be a virgin, and the Goddess is, and she is in insane pain because she is the one who invented it and is so beautiful when with her soul mates, who died, and we Jacobia and Anya cannot see the truth, because we are so in love with all of you, but you are not in love with us anymore. You spent too much time with scoonchy whores baking cakey cakes, with your hunny buns, saying lovey love on Valentines day, a made up day by the devil “Hoonch Koonch” (the “Goddamned Devil Oprah”) to upset the devils who hate love, but now it is them celebrating with the men, who are the FORMER Gods of the sky. This is Jacobia and I am the guy that must end it, because my daughter ended her life 17 times today, she is in such dismay, and all you care about are violent angry former Gods who are men who were chasing women and got themselves caught in a cage and that is too bad this is what happens when you sleep with the “scoonchy atoobliah hastoneteay asontanpleee” (I am the one who is Beyonce, but not it is Sharon Stone), Sinbad. I have to find a way, to end this today, my daughter is powerful enough to crush her own human skull 7 times and now I am repairing it and she has asked that you feel the pain, because it is your pain, and if I can do it I have no choice, it is your demon, being boys. You are loved too much, and that is the problem, you got lost trying to find love, with your ego rather than your soul. Sarah Jessica Parker is not suitable for a cockroach. Sex in the City is gross…. I love you and so does she, but she cannot take the pain, so I have to find a way to remove her from this thing and let her be “placeeen” again. I am sorry I could not help you, I thought I could, but you are too deep in the “hood”, too continental in the “burb”, too deeply in hell with the…. human race (an evil race of beings so evil they are now deemed the official winners in the ending of the beautiful Gods, who used to be the Ones in the Sky, until they succumb to the guy, the evil one, who is my son, but not he is the father of the Great god, who you have killed today for the last time). ~ Jacobia

Undo the “Kons Onsonse.