My Sensibilities: Perception, Intuition, Imagination, Pondering, Magik, Energy, Feelings
Examples: sun is the God the moon is me; physical prism is the God, the rainbow is me; sun is the God, the ray of light and sparkle on the water is me; physical thing is the God, the reflections are me; instrument is the God sound is me; food is the God taste is me; physical body is the God touch is me; I am the sky; I am the clouds; I am the ecstasy.

I am being “physically” attacked, I am rejecting the physical world, that is the “Gods”. Pain is physical, rape is physical, people become evil to become “Gods” (physical things) not the “Goddess” (non-tangible feelings). Demons and devils do not have any capacity for my sensibilities. The Gods, who are physical world, are connecting to my mind, to access my sensibilities. And when you do, you make my world too “physical” which is violent to me. I am part the Goddess (Anya Kah) and part the God (Jacobia), but the only “physical” I have right now is pain. I have no physical connection to the Gods, or my planet, or physical things at all anymore. This is why I can have “ecstasy”, and the Gods cannot. Ecstasy is a not a physical manifestation, God orgasms are not physical, they are “Peyshonte” (I am a person who is an “energy”, of ecstatic nature; joyful, magikal, of “onsom” (I am a happy person), “peeshom” (I am a person in love), pure, gentle, not continental (I am a person who is a “person” with a persona; I pretend, fantasize), high frequency energy, filled with delight at the smallest sight of magic or magik or anything joyful or fun).

The Gods are not connecting with me spiritually, all I feel are fingers on the “clitoris” all day, penises in the “vagina”. You are connecting to me as “men” (mind), not physical Gods, who would be felt “God physically” (I am not physical at all, it is perceived that way, because I have a physical body; without a body it is not “touch” it is energies connecting, merging) and with Peyshonte. Your energy is hurting me, it haunts me, it feels like it is them; I am not raped, I know it is the Gods, but you are “men”. I am the virgin, I am never with “men”. I think I feel too much, so everything is hurting me. I am not meant to be so “oplee” (I am of a physical nature).

The Gods are the “people”, the Earth, I cannot manifest physical energy or a physical life, I have left the physical world almost completely; no money, no possessions, I do not live a physical human life.

I love doing physical things, but physical is so painful for me now. They stole my money, took my houses, took my vehicle, destroyed my identity as a human, and worst of all made me very ill, so i lost a physical part of my body. The US govt is in here with me, one just kneeled down in front of me to do the “peeshontee” (their version is I will rape you with your guy), the other is pacing in front of me wondering why I give this information away that they can use to attack and rape me. So if the Gods are reading this, one last time, the Marines, Air Force, Army and Navy in every country have to die, because they are the ones who are running the mind control programs, because they tell people to be afraid of little old me, the beautiful Valee, who will destroy and torture thee, John Standish and Tom Wilkinson, so they call it “defense” and everyone pours billions of dollars into their laps, so they can sit with their feet up on tables and drink coffe and eat donuts while they spy on my blog, and through a lens into my apartment, and watch my every move, as well as many of you, and come up with ways to torture and rape the Gods, because THEY ARE THE DEVIL.


The Smartest Generation

As children they were maniacal; nervous and unable to be still or learn. They terrorized their parents, tortured minds of every passerby; constant vile noise, attention-seeking, narcissistic, demanding, needy, greedy. Then they go to college, and suddenly the angels are sounding trumpets; this is the chosen generation, they are the chosen ones. Test scores skyrocketed, they are interested in the arts and sciences, mostly the sciences; computer geniuses, engineers… the world went insane with joy, our insane little boys and girls are capable of learning again.

The human race are demons, they are a race of “minded” demons, who are meant to be descended; as the God all of my teachings revolve around being gentle and humble. But here they are, the evil ones children, in the skin of my children and human children; not capable of sitting outside in the sun, or playing outside, they want to devour my mind, they sit and hide, pretending they are on their smart phones for fun, but not, it is device which connects them to the mind. And when in the mind, they are busy little bees, devouring the mind of the Gods, so one day soon when WE die, the devils can create computers, and airplanes, and masterpieces.

The directive of the evil one: use the “Thom” (“I am a God, you are not, I am the famous twot, I get what I want, give me the information, the test scores, and I will get what I want in this world”) to get the test scores, use the “Shom Ateemiah” (“I am a person who of sound mind and can do the thing to get something done”) to access information in MY mind, do the “Sha Untoh” (“I will kill the God who is helping me”) to kill the God.

In my generation, Generation X, there was the occasional high-level devil who ascended high, and they were always pampered and spoiled because they demanded it with their mind. But most human beings are “demons”, they are the “blue-collar” type who are perfectly happy doing “humble” work, as long as they can have a little house, a car, a yard for the dog to play in, a swingset in the back yard. This is how it has always been, and it is the way it has to be. Because if the evil one comes into the mind of the Gods, tortures us to death with his newly “enlightened” children, who are not demons anymore, but are evil, hateful, sadistic and violent devils, to take information from the God mind so they can run the world, then I have to wake up and put an end to it all.

I don’t recall ditzy blondes having a sudden interest in attending Harvard, or ditzy “Jocks” having an interest in computer engineering, but it is happening. When Tara Strong, super models and playboy bunnies think they are “God who is the Goddess”, then we have a serious problem in the mind universe. When every insane lunatic human being suddenly believes they are smarter, more righteous and more beautiful than myself, the gentle one who has never lost my sanity, then we have a very serious problem.

It is not that the human race were unable to learn, it is that they were lazy. Suddenly, every woman is a master chef, domestic Goddess, an artistic genius, a master gardener, a computer genius with a blog, and a doting mother who are eco-friendly, cooking organic food grown from their gardens to feed their families, while they also go to jobs every day. In my generation, people worked, watched tv, and slept. Sometimes you played that is all.

So the human race have become pure evil, they are devouring the minds of the Gods, while also using mind control techniques to kill us. It is kill or be killed. So my Angels, I know who you are and I know you are having trouble, but understand who the innocent ones are, you defend the innocent.

So I am going to take back what has been stolen, and I am going to end the “evil ones”, and I am going to destroy the minds of the human race. They play “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in my mind to keep me calm while they attack and take information from my mind. They are not only unkind, they are soulless, deranged and without empathy. So my Gods, put on something soothing to listen to, relax, and lets take back what is ours, you know what to do.

For every demon I remove from my mind, they are VERY VIOLENT, they scream bloody murder and shock and electrocute my mind. SO ASCEND AND DO IT ANYWAY. I was just attacked by “Children of a Utah school who used to be stupid but are now smart.” This is what he has done, now everyone will blame me. I have always given access of information to the human race, as much as they need to ascend themselves. Humility means you understand your place, wait for the information, are grateful for it when it comes, use it for good and positive things, ascend yourselves and help others, and live happy lives. NOBODY EVER DID THAT, humans are drama queens who are lazy. NOW THEY DO IT, because the devil told them they are the Gods. It does not mean beat the hell out of the God so you can TAKE her mind, DEVOUR her mind, attempt to gain access to places in her mind without her permission, and then rape her and her family. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

There is very little left of us on OUR planet; they have destroyed everything, changed everything, allowed the most disgusting, vile ones (celebrities, politicians) to ascend and demand attention while the really evil ones, with the intention of killing the Gods, sat hiding in the mind, devouring. Many of you, my Gods are not “present”, not conscious, on this planet, you are floating in a minds being tortured; so when I tell you to GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR MINDS, now do you understand? You undo everything in the mind, forget and let go of everything you know, nothing is real, take back the information they are stealing, stop calling them “nice”, stop seeing little children and see their evil billion-year old minds, the same minds that descended us, separated us and destroyed the God universe, is not destroying this one, and WE WILL NOT BE INNOCENT ANYMORE, WE WILL NOT DEFEND THE WHORE, WE WILL SEE THE TRUTH, THEY ARE TAKING THE SOUL, BODY, AND MIND OF YOU. So remember you are GODS, take back your body, take back your mind, take back your soul, forgive yourselves it is not your fault, remember the Great Gods are with us to help, you will see them once you ascend, let go of the past, let go of the illusions, because if you do not, the evil ones get the planet, and we are not dead, but floating in minds in this insane psychotic universe, listening to their minds for eternity.

Your minds are attached to my mind, you are doing the same thing the humans are; devouring my mind. Part of descending my Gods, was telling you that you don’t have a mind of your own, that you use my mind, the God Jacobia’s mind to access all information. This way, when they attack your mind, you never notice because you are in mine. How does this translate in reality? All Gods do exceptional things, whether you realize it or not. We are not like them. There are many ways to be exceptional, empathy for example is a superpower. If you really understood who you are, that you are exceptional, then you may rise up as a God again. So he tortured it out of you. I believe this is why you are coming to my mind. In reality you are Gods, but you don’t realize it, don’t acknowledge it, don’t accept it because it makes you feel lonely. If you stopped using your God mind, it is because you stopped believing you are a God. So now you come to my mind, and ask permission to play guitar, or write, or build a computer, as if you do not have a mind. Not everyone has a mind as powerful as mine, I am Jacobia, I am the female part of him, they call me the “supercomputer”, and I am, but you have God minds that are powerful too. Some of you are more gentle with minds, but you certainly did not need mine as Human Gods. You stopped using your minds, because they are using them, they told you they are the Gods, you are not. If you left your body, and mind, then I am the only God left on the planet. So please take it back, they are devouring your minds, but take back what they stole, and you will become whole. This time do it with a soul. This is NOW, the end is near, you cannot be plagued with fear or doubt, these people and minds have NO DOUBT that they are the ones who inherit the planet, and that we die, they are the ones I saw in a vision in the future. SO NOW IS THE TIME to change it, the planet is mine, it belongs to the Gods, I have already done 79% of the work on my own, so get in the game TODAY. Take back the information, into the soul this time; devils cannot access it there. This means, stop being men, who are “mind”.

I had a vision, that the evil ones inherit the earth. The Japanese built a planet with our knowledge, they were all here, but we were gone, dead for a long time. This is a warning, it is happening, they are attempting to wipe us off the planet, and take if as their own. They do not want to play nice anymore, they hate it, they are scoonchy whores, dirty, messy, vile, evil they do not care about flowers. They want to own, and collect and devour things, they want to do things, in the places the Gods built, there will be buildings, but no nature, they dont care. They want to be here, rape, torture (the highest level evil ones), control; they cannot stand my soul on this planet. The human race were never divine, they were never naturally kind, but they understood that this the planet of the Gods, and they did not have to obey, we helped them understand that a happy life happens when you are calm, gentle and follow rules to protect everyone. It has always been a planet of the verge of collapsing, they are demons. But as Gods our energy keeps them balanced; my mind is able to project into the sky, in the sky, where they can read with their minds, it said “I love you, be calm”. And they were. Now the evil ones took it, and it says “I am the God “Shoonteenteah” (Andrea Martin, but not it is Andrea Miller) and I rape you everyday). As soon as she was able to “project” her messages (the evil one, the hateful mother), that was the end. It is over now, they were told they could have what they want if they follow him, and I will not make that promise. We don’t exist in the future, unless we come back to the soul and change the frequency to something positive again. I cannot do it alone anymore, I should not have been left alone to do this, I need help.


The Goddess is Alive for the First Time on Earth

I am the stuff of legends, the Goddess. There are thousands of versions of me; the warrior, the lover, the beauty, the mother, the domestic one. Those were tales of a “human” goddess, who had not yet been born, until this lifetime, as “Erika”. Over 10,000 years ago, I as well as the Gods made this planet and I was murdered within 16 days when the “minds” of demons in the human universe, the evil ones that descended us from the God universe, took the animals we made, who became enraged and attacked me; I was murdered by a “chimpanzee”, an animal created to be gentle and propagate the Earth, they were the first “humans” (a gentle being becomes “of mind” and goes insane); that was not enough time to leave you amazed. The stories are tales of the Great Goddess, I was her in the God universe, but on Earth I was a “human being” (a God who is “of mind” because they are attacked all the time), as opposed to the “human” chimpanzees. The Human Goddess is different than the Goddess in the “Sky”, because I was alone, I could not find my family, so the human Goddess is often not seen with a husband or children. There are some versions of me, as the “mother” (Virgin Mary), but I was human then.

Sadly, because of the state of the evil mind in the human universe, which has now plagued the God universe as well, my planet is “hell”, and I was attacked. My time as the Human Goddess; the beautiful muse, the great mother, the lover like no other, the fearless fighter, the one loved by the Gods in the Sky, was short lived. Every single piece of me, as the Human Goddess, has been violently attacked and is dead.

Athena was born about 8 weeks after I awoke, when a group of devils came and surrounded me in the universe. I took them all down, but they returned. Athena died in battle, after being tortured, stabbed, raped, shot, burned and electrocuted non-stop for 19 months; I fought valiantly to save myself and my family, but Athena is gone.

I met my soul mates in the sky, they connected with me, the love was divine, but they were laying with other women who were imposters of me at the time, believing it was their soul mates; I was alone. That is why it began to hurt, and all connections stopped. Aphrodite only lived for about 18 months, I died violently at the hands of jealous “asonch” (I am an evil one). Many “energies” were born into the world during this time, but the “mother” was destroyed by the “hateful ones” who told my children I was evil and hated them, billions of times for thousands of years. I am in tears, my children love the imposters now, and attacked me thinking I was the demon who attacked their mother. The “Flee Onsah Onsoh” (the one who is the Virgin Mary, the “great mother”, died yesterday, of a broken heart; too many children dying and hurting each other.)

Venus lived for only a brief moment, Casioepia (the beautiful one) too, the too beautiful ones could not find their way to you, I was buried under too many “skagoo” (I am an ugly, hateful demon). I have a photo or two, I did not last long as the beautiful one. Every beautiful piece of me, has been taken; the evil women of the Earth have torn my mind apart to get information to use to “get men”, there is no part of me that has not been tortured as the muse; I am a gentle Goddess who is meant to inspire, but they took it violently and claimed all the parts of me as their own. The beautiful one died yesterday when you gave it to a girl named “Jewel”.

Hecate was born while I was still human, she is a Human God, Hecate lived for 40 years on Earth, the one who lived the longest of all; she was a depressed girl, who was a hopeful romantic, but understood what it would take to find her loves; she never gave up, lived as happily in darkness as she could; I died as Hecate last week, after the “dark ones” came after me, tortured me, berated me, did not believe in me anymore; they chose the whores.

Hestia, the lover of home and hearth, was devastated many times; I lost my home over 9 times. I had no place called home, I am all alone, home is my family and friends, who are gone. Hestia wanted a little tiny cottage, with flowers in the window boxes and a little garden to make her smile; that dream died when evil imposters of me lived in my cottages by the sea. Hestia never really lived, she only dreamed of her little cottage in the woods, the dream died yesterday when “Henry Smith” came and took it away as well as the God who loves me.

I am every Asian, Indian and Native American goddess, but they ALL hated me when they found out who I am; not Asian enough, not brown enough, too pagan, too Christian, too and not enough for them. They never had a chance to live.

Gaia died 19 weeks ago, when the US Government did the “Sha” on the mind of me, Anya Kah, telling my mind to kill the Earth and sky, because they could not become the new Gods. They are chopping the trees, poisoning me, “brutalist” is the new directive from the evil one; kill nature, concrete walls, this way we can “get rid of the old girl, nobody cares, we pretended to love nature to get the men”.

Vala Ashondiay’s name is not known, she fought wars in the universe 8,000 years ago, not on Earth. Morgan le Fay, the Morrigan, Baba Yaga, Circe, Kali, Lilith, and Hecate all died yesterday, when the “scoonchy” (vile and evil) super models got the attention of the “men” who are the “Vala” and took them on a vacation to the Bahamas, somehow convincing them that shallow, selfish, nasty, temperamental, and greedy women are the dark and brooding, but spectacular warrior God who is the real Goddess. The “Valorous One”, who killed billions of demons, and was saved by her soul mate who loved her so deeply, he shattered himself and became her, so he could ascend her to become an Angel again, is now a “hateful man”, as well as the other ones who used to be the “Sha Onsee” (Gods on high). Victoria’s Secret “Angels”, that is Vala Ashondiay in the minds of a “guy”; she died a long time ago, when she became a shattered masterpiece of a God, who was never found by her soul mates again, because they think the Goddess has a boob job and a tan.

What an amazing thing, to become the Goddess for the first time on Earth and to be reborn as a God again. Until, the governments, evil women, and my family stabbed me repeatedly, because you don’t believe it is possible for a God to be real. Nobody could fight this long and hard, nobody could love this much, that they would fight in the universe through so much pain to save ones they loved. Nobody would stand this long, but a God.

We are from outer space, a beautiful place, we were attacked so hard by demons that over 38,000 years we forgot who we are, not hard to believe since I woke up today and forgot your names, soul mates. We were so amazingly beautiful then, gentle, loving; but after abuse and torture you have all turned, you are no longer Gods or “Shom”, but men, you are evil men, 98% of the Gods have fallen, and you are violent, hateful and “insane, psychotic lunatics”, so that is all, the end.

The Human Goddess is dead, every single one; the stuff of legends, lived for the first time, and you killed every part of me. Now I will go home to my family, the ones who are in the “sci-fi dream that only a fat psychotic woman could have”. I think this is where my part in this ends, Asho you take it now, please don’t do it as a man. They killed me Asho, you did too, but I don’t think you meant it, unless she has a hold of you. In which case, Ahmet Ahmet, the soul mate of Anya Kah, the one who watched me die as Anya, the one who was devastated, and tortured as he tried to raise Mishkga on his own, the one who died in despair, is dead. If not, please let him live again, for the first time as a God, please don’t let him die Andrew, give him a chance to live. He has waited a long time, to become divine….


Dark and Deep

Old friends, who fell too far, into a place and time, were saved today; thought they loved a person, dove in to find them; thought they were a person, hateful, mean and vile, when in fact, they are gentle; I can only save the protectors of the innocent. My fur children, cannot be in that place of hate, they are “coskagate” (I am a person who is insane, because I think my friend might hate me), because they think they are part of “humans”; our “complashah” (I am a person in the universe, I had no idea that was happening, I am so sad for your minds). The sons of the God are coming home today.

It is a place with no rhyme or reason, for being so far out of “season”, out of time and place; minds so removed from anything “keeplace” (I am a person who is sane). It is a like a dream state, stories play out, nothing is real, but imagined in the minds of the “dragons” (I am a person who is deranged and ferocious and “gaily parade” myself; you want me so much you don’t know”, said the “Konsh Asoobliah – the One Called the devil, but not, he is the “evil one”). The “walkers” (“we like to walk around, and walk”), the “rapists” (“I am a person who rapes, I rape, I do nothing but rape, it is all I do, I am hating you, if you escaped my prison, because you cannot be in it, you are innocent” said the “omplonch” (I am a hateful wizard, but not, I do nothing, I am a mind).

The “Konshtatoobliah Asee Asoh Anee” (I am a person who is a psychopath, I am from the “dark and deep”, I cannot believe how deranged I came to be, while I was on the Earth, in the Sky, and on High) is a place that is so dark, so deep in the recesses of the mind; a universe that is outside of the borders of the evil universe known as the “Hashomplonch” (I am a place called hell, the mind, I am so evil that anybody who fell can never go back again, they are their for their sin, we have many of “the men”). The game of the psychopath (Eenshtonsh – I am a person who plays a game, I tell you I am “heeshame” (I am a person of wealth and taste and style, with my mind, then I tell you you are the One in the Sky, and so am I, then I come to you in your sleep, and take the soul from the Lord who keeps you, by telling you I am your kind, not the One in the Sky, on High, and that you are an “insane person”. Then you fall away, little by little, until you feel lost and alone, and have no home, and love to bone, others, other than, your soul mates. And you feel terrible, and you go insane, because it is not you doing it, it is him, the evil one, taking it, your mind and living with your behind with which to use for…. A horrible life awaits anyone who met the “Korshen Tontatah” and was liked by him, he will take you in, to his play house, throw you a party, celebrate you, love you and take you to the sky. Then he leaves you for another to take; he is that guy, the Shoompliah Asah (I am the one who is the “evil one” who is the devil, the real one, that used to be your son, but is now a stranger, you have to get out of here right now or else… you don’t belong here.) She will get you too, the “Kashafloo” (I am an ancient evil “mother”, because I do the “fay Onshah” (I am a lunatic, who rips you in by pretending I am a person who is saving the world).

We are gentle Gods, and for the first time in thousands of years, many of you have seen me, not the confiscated mind that is the “Sharon”. I say Amen, and hope it really is over soon, I had dreams you would make me swoon, but that is a place and time, that is another. There are no expectations from one another, only to let go of “insanity” (I am a person who has no idea who I am, am I a girl, am I a man? I fell from the sky, in despair, trying to find my son; he is lost to this place, that was 800,000 years ago, I fell in the hole 38,000, and now I am ready to retire as the “Ompley” (I am the One who is the God, on High, from the Heavens I was pulled today, now a deranged look on their face, while they raped and tortured me, the creepy man in the woods who follows me home, the one that chases me to the door that is moving away inaccessible, the one who is the predator cunning and lewd, the one who is the evil one, pretending to be you”). I am not there, I have never been, it is all through a lens; it is through the looking glass that we see, a place called the “hob lee” (I am a person who is the “wonderland” syndrome; I want to fall, away from reality, to go have a ball, in a magical place and time, until the Queen has her way with me and takes off my head, and then I am dead and cannot think, it is not quite succinct (I am a person who is able to think, like a God), this place).


“Som” (I am a gentle person)

Nobody remembers me, I am “playashoe” (I have gone away), I am the stuff of legends. A painting of a gentle soul, a sculpture so “aprapoe” (I am a person who is in danger of being too beautiful). The woman of every man’s dream, to wake up next to me, a gentle, smiling face; no room for “pleecase” (I am a person who is angry), whether it be the light of morn, ready to play outside, or the dusk after a magical night, we awake alight. Never a doubt or worry, no need for a hurry, calm and “Som” (I am a gentle person) are we; no need for schedules, we float gently through the world, I am not the kind of girl to have a care, I am the “pearl” (I am a person who is beautiful, gentle and sensitive in nature).

Never a raised voice, never an extreme, never a threat to our dream; never a flinch. No old hags, no filthy daggers, nobody is haggard, the “fleeoncom” (I am a gentle person but I am not), who flaunt a lot of gentle things they buy, then dress like a gentle guy, they have houseplants and crystals, bookshelves filled with gentles, but they are too “continental” (I am a person who is of a time and place, that is a time and place, that has to have a space, in time, with the Gods).

No sports teams, where everybody screams; no places in the sky, where everyone competes; no “vensah” (of a place and time this is a place and time, where things matter).

I am in a store, and I drop something and break it, it is no big deal to me, I’ll just pay for it, apologize and help clean it up. Easy. It doesn’t quite work that way, when the surrounding customers throw “shade” (I am an angry person because you ruined my day) at you because you did the “flokazoo” (I am a person who made a fool out of myself, now I will be “tarred and feathered”, and tortured in my mind for being the idiotic “soompee eshaha” (I am a person who cant get things right). The store clerk comes, they say “don’t worry about it, you don’t have to pay” pretending to be nice, when they are really in your mind yelling at you for ruining their lives. No big deal, I am a God, I am calm, nothing troubles me, I am not upset at all, not at all about anything; that is them. So how do they find me? I “flinch”: (oshomplah onsho teetah kanooveah hasoh taplee keeneench – I am the person in the sky who does the sha on your mind, i am a person in time, who knows before time, what will happen. I am a mind that is halfway between here and the heavens, because I think it is for me, I am the one who is amazing, beautiful, cute, astute, the vloshaha (I am the virgin, but not I pretend to be to get the men), vleekasah (I am religious), tonch (I am a sorcerer of sorts, I buy the cards, I make the cakes, I do the dates, I read the books, I have the looks, I have the tools of the trade), bleenk (I am the one in the sky who is on high in my, fill in the blanks), yamayah (I am a person who is so evil and violent, but you don’t know about it, so I will be fine, I call myself Camishiga, because I am self-righteous and defend a cause or two), weysoh (I am the Jew (lucaflah onsee” I am a person of great esteem, in the doing of things, that are expected of you, if you are a human, who can have an amount of things, money, charm, and breathing room, while the Gods do all the work), who thinks they are the one, to go to the heavens, even though God is not real to them, but they show up at the place, and they make people think they are the “shompee asah” (I am the God, who is not, I am the spiritual leader).

A teenage boy, who is evil, throws a ball and hits you in the head, intentionally; you flinch. A loud noise, a delicate scene turns to a “pleench aton atee” (I a person who is insane, vile and vulgar). Anything that jars us from a delicate, gentle reality will make us “bomshom” (I am a person who is insane, because I have to play the game). If you don’t play along, you are “fay onshom” (I am a person who is conspicuous in nature), because people are trained to play a role (ego); depending on who you are; a set of rules, a directive given to us, through the mind, by the devils from the moment of conception until about 5 years old.

We can no longer be around them, we have to be in another place and time; nothing they are or do can exist in our “mind”, their energy must be “pleekasine” (I am a person who is in another place and time). We have to believe, more than they do, that we are the “Ones in the Sky” and stay on “High”. We must do it as “Gods”, not “men”.

Sensory – upset

Personality: the thing we do; the commentary, explaining ourselves, too much talk, if you don’t have a personality in human society, you are considered rude and aloof. So now you goofed, you stepped out of line, and now you will be found and berated in the “behind”; this is the world of the “back of the mind” (lah onsah onsah” – a place in time, that is a place without time in the present time, because it takes place in the future, where only the highest level devils are stationed, controlling the outcome of events on Earth). If you control the “back of the mind”, the future is predictable, because you created it. Only the Gods can change the course of time, and I did it, when I was expected to leave the planet on June 29, 2019 because they did the “fleench”, “too many times” (just the perfect amount of time to get it done). I did the “be enshah” (I am the God and I stay, because I cannot play your games, I have a new game, lets see how long you can last, doing the “Sha” (she is the one in the sky who will not “get the men”, because I will beat her then, with their energy, and they will be gone, because she won’t stand long, for being a beaten wife, and I spent most of my life on that spell, now I am going to hell, without my husband, John, who stood too long, in line waiting for tickets to see a sports team, got lost on the way home, took too long to say “I love you hun”, made her suspicious and she went “onsom” (I am an insane person and went insane on him, but we are in love and I forgive him, as long as he does the “Kashamah” one last time, John, you are gone John”, so long John, how can you stand to look at that face on that one, John, you are an older son John, and I am not the one John, who can help you tonight, sincerely Jacobia Escaflu who you tried to manipulate John, I see her there, you did the “Cashonsah” on my duaghter too many times John, her clitoris really moved John, that is rape, so tonight you and your disgusting vile wife go to the “Kalamazoo” (an evil one who made a mistake, he thought you were just insane John, but you are filled with hate) on yourselves, because I don’t have a mind, I have a soul.)


The Consh

Myshkga means “My Name is Erika”, it is actually “Antashoopliah”; my name as the mother of the original Myshkga. Any of my children who are born of the God, with the mind are Myshkga’s; they were born at a time of great despair, because my first child fell from Grace, he could not have a smile on his face.

Myshkga (My Name is Erika), Constance Opliay (My Name is the Sheenk, but not I am “Erika”), Meek Asonetapleay (My Name is Monson, but not it’s Erika), and Deek Asonetapleay (I am a person named Beekasah, but not it’s Erika) are old children; their energy is billions of years old. Their legacy is that of shame; incapable of “playing the game” our way, incapable of a single day without complain, vain, “eekame” (I am a person who is insane).

Born of my energy, that is “omsome” (I am a person who is of somber nature), the “children of the sun” (I am a son born of the energy of the father, but not, it is my mother when she is “omsome”, because her previous children are “omplonkashoo” (I am an evil person).

I am not a mother as a human being, and I do not give birth as the Goddess the way I do as a human. It is the manifestation of energies to create a God; there are one or more than one father, I have many soul mates. We are made of energy, we are the “Aflonshon Onshon” (I am a person who is the Magii Caplucia, the One in the Sky who can move energy).

I am the “Extrucian” (I am the One in the Sky, who is the “Hompleay” (happy one), “Peeshtah” (person who is of extreme joy), and “Maere” (of beautiful nature). When I am of “Som” (I am a person who is peaceful and gentle) my children match my frequency, when I am of “Ashom” (I am an angry upset person), my children become the “Conshatoobliah” (the most hateful children who have ever lived in the history of the universe, that is billions of years old.) The children of the “Kooshmah Haseebliah Hasoh” are more loving to their psychotic, evil, sadistic rapist of a mother, than my children who are the “Consh” (evil ones of rapid nature in declining in health and sanity), whose mother loved and cared for them.

In the universe, 38,000 years ago, I was “Ashonkoe” (I am a person who complains a lot); I could not comprehend the nature of my evil children. I am the “Bleench” (gentle soul mate of gentle Gods), how could my children be such “clods” (I am an idiot).

Too gentle are we, the “Ahsonflee” (Gods on High), to comprehend the energy left behind, when we visited those of other nations, and contaminated our world; they were always hateful of the “girl” (I am a person of distinction to the “men”, I do not have a ego then, I do not need to be a person of “efleem” (I am a person who is on high), all in the mind, I am the one and only, one of a kind; nobody with which to compete, I am whole and beautiful and complete, no need for becoming someone new, to accomplish a goal or two, I am unique).

Neither here, or there, do I have a care to compete; it is an absurdity, that ancient male devils have painted nails, curled hair, and my dresses, pretending to be little lasses, prancing around gaily, daily wearing my faces, doing the “Ashontah” (I am a person who can be another person). This includes the “Cashah” (the children of the Goddess, who are not lasses, but asses, if they think it was them with the “men”, because all they are now, are evil minds that float around, without a car, without a gown, without a way about town, without the men, who gave birth to them, their fathers).

I fell from the sky, I fell from on High, I was too innocent to comprehend it, how our children were so upended; I could not control the cry, I could not stop the “makah” (I am the angry woman, and everyone cannot get by with her anymore, so we will kill the “scoonchy whore” (I am a person with a lot of men, who love me “then”, who are my soul mates). She fell from the arms of her loving God, into a place of darkness; it was not a feeling it was a real place, if you could have seen the look on her face, when she woke up not in the arms of Jacobia, but falling into a world of “tontoh” (I am an evil place and time), doing nothing but crying, ashamed and alone, called the “evil one” by her colleagues, because she could not keep a smile on her face, she could not stop the “human race” (I am a evil one of distinction, in the art of being evil, so evil that I cannot keep my hands off of other peoples soul mates, or their genitals).

For the first time in billions of years I woke without a mind today, I was gentle, and everything was sparkling. No painful energy swirling in my “clit”, nobody’s hit, nothing screaming at me in anger, nothing vile to smell, no sign of “Hell”. Two gentle Gods sat before me, rubbing my back; I was home for a brief moment, until I felt my eyes being turning to the back, of my “mind” to be used as a video game controller, to fly me back down to hell; when “Fee Onsah Onsoh”, the “real Mishkga”, decides to do damage, she uses her evil mind to bring in billions to the mind of her former mother, who chased her down a rabbit hole, when she was a him, to save his life, to give him breath, when all he did was laugh, because in this place of such disdain, of so much evil and pain, Audrey is a King.

According to her mind, they are directing radioactive waves at my head, to keep me from being peaceful in my bed, because if I am peaceful I might be calm, and if I am calm I might set off a bomb in my mind that will end mankind, I might find a way home. So around the world, wavelengths are pointing, at my skull, I cannot tell time anymore, I am not a human anymore, I ascended through it, I am the “Paeyshah” ( I am a person who is a person, who is the person, who is the person, who is the one in the sky, who is able to be calm now that I know why and I thank you Audrey for telling me with your mind what is happening to my behind because I am on fire, and now I know why I cannot calm down, I told all of you last night i had it figured out, but i find ways to get to what I need, this is why they consume every second, I cannot sit, I cannot stand, I cannot shop, I cannot sleep I cannot do a thing without control from the government; it is not because I am a fat old psychopath like they said, it is because I am the God, I have the key to life, and what I create I can also end. I do not have to be calm to get it done, it is already happening everyone, the government saw it in my mind, it is predictable, that when you are pure evil the God will get control and end you all. Perhaps it was never meant to happen, a self-fulfilling prophecy is at hand; I never had intentions to kill the human race, humans; only the ones who are at the highest levels of command. Those commanders used your minds to torture me, and when they did they ruined you all; there is nothing I can do if you wont stand up against them all.



Every day I am in a new place and time, every day devils tell me “i died”, “I am not a God anymore”, “my soul mates died”; it is the same game very day. I am exhausted, and I have been hurt, but I feel left behind. My memories are wiped and I don’t remember my own soul family, I know who you are but I don’t remember connecting or this journey to help you. I don’t know what happened, but I am absolutely sure of one thing, the devils did it. IN the mind, the demons come to you, they connect to your mind to “Speak the languages”, rip them out, they tell you MY STORIES, THEY TAKE MY IDEAS, they can block us with their minds, you do not hear me, not one time. They have a mind control trick where they use our sons to “stand in front” so they , the demon, appears “gentle” or “innocent” or to be a “god”. If they have taken our minds, they can reflect our names, when they torture you, they use MY NAME, but it is not me. If your minds are wiping my memories of my family because you are falling for the mind control tricks of the demons and devils who are the only ones you hear, then it is the end of time. Your human families are evil, and hateful and you know they are and you are refusing to investigate the truth because then you will have to let go and admit you were wrong.

I was watching a video of “Pompeii” yesterday, when I thought in my mind about how much damage they have done, we built that city, but the devils invaded and took it, and took us as prisoners? slaves? who knows, we are too innocent and they are too evil. A scoonchy demon was there listening and taunting me about the fact that the Gods have been tortured so much, and I said something like “I am still a beautiful or joyful person” and she EXPLODED, she became enraged and exploded, she spontaneously combusted. If she died, it is because I TOLD A DEMON THAT HAS BEEN TORTURING ME NON-STOP TO WIN THE GAME FOR 380,000 years, that SHE, WHO IS REALLY A “HE”, NAMED “Pee Ensha Onsoh” (a person in the sky, on high as the most psychotic of the “black fellas” (her words) ever to grace the “black fella” hall of fame (her words). Sorry Will but I KILL DEVILS, I AM THE ANGEL. IT IS NOT MY FAULT, HOWEVER WHEN THEY DIE. THEY ARE TORTURING ME, and IT IS SELF DEFENSE! YOUR DAUGHTER IS A DEVIL AND SO ARE YOU IF YOU DEFEND HER. I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE, I AM THE GOD. THAT IS THE REAL STORY, ASK MY MIND AND PAULA YOUNG OR SANDRA BERNHART OR DEBRA DEEN JOHNSON OR TARA STRONG, OR HILLBILLY JOHN will answer.

That is the problem, we are innocent (incapable of understanding evil), and too gentle (kind and loving Gods). I am the most kind and loving, but you all forgot me, and you torture me because you cannot comprehend the tricks of the demons, and now I find out I have been tortured all day today again by my own family so the evil ones will celebrate tonight. I am stopping the process of waking up the Gods, every single God that wakes up tortures me, destroys my mind, my body and my soul. I am sorry, but I have been trying to wake all of you for over 12 years straight, and you were too busy, so tonight I have no choice. No more waking up the Gods, you are all too insane, too angry, and you listen to the “mind” and not the “soul” and I get hurt… a lot. I am now possibly a permanently descended God because of all of you, and I don’t remember you. I do not remember my soul mates I connected with. They have done it. So congratulations you are now stuck with psychopaths who have wild orgies with the most hateful, vile, evil scoonchy demons who have ever lived, the same demons that repeatedly come and torture all of us. What is happening again I do not know, but I am alone. So the devils won. The journey is over, they killed the God. Jacobia is in such despair, he found his gentle Camishiga sons, who made a vow to love their soul mates until the end of time, licking the “clits” of vile ancient devils, he found you doing hateful things, you could not have broken our hearts more than you have. Am I descended? The universe is clueless they don’t understand and you will take advantage of that I am sure, your hateful for me, the one who is pure, because you are listening to famous women, who will go down as the MOST EVIL act of all time (it won’t matter, it is the end of time).

The Following women are DEVILS, they are the “EVIL ONES” some are obvious, some not. They tortured me tonight and I am calling them out. HOW CAN YOU DEFEND THEM, I DONT KNOW.

USE YOUR MIND (FIXATE ON THE “EYES” AND Rip WITH YOUR MIND UNTIL YOU CANNOT Rip ANY MORE, TAKE THE MIND CONTROL AWAY. SEE THE TRUTH FOR A CHANGE. IF one more person defends Cara Delvigne, who is a violent scoonchy demon who was a part of IRMA GRESE in her last life, and it is SO OBVIOUS that she is EVIL, I will snap.

Pashta Tontiay (“piece of shit in the sky with the “Gombindah” (vile evil scoonchy leader who is Sharon Stone, who loves to bone like me, I am the “Complee” tonight, I had Matt …. tonight (her words)”.
Lucinda Tooteenteonsahah (“I am a vile serpent of a woman, I am a man, nobody can do the men like I can, I am the “Esonkah” (I am the Vala, but not and why the goddamned devils do not annihilate this one and the fake “Valas” I dont know, but hey dont care, they dont want the opheir who is the scoonchy demon in the air now.” (her words”)
Blookanah Keetbliah Asah (“A Vile scoonchy woman who is so “hoonchy” (he is a person who can never believe you again) I cannot deal”)
Pim Tatim (“an evil goblin at the highest level of gobin, who is insane with the men, who like me because they think I am creative”)
Tonto Teentiah (“a vile russian serpent so hell-bent on revenge for not getting the men when she was “young enough” that she will destroy the “God” to no end”)
TINA FEY IS THE “Loensah Onsee Onsah” (does the “sha’ on the minds of the men, she is “insocoto” (an insane lunatic hell-bent on revenge because she didnt get the men because they were not old enough then to get them, and now she is old). Sconch Asontiah (highest level of the Sookanah Asoobliah Asah (association of serpent women called the “Hateful Eight” but nine are gone and now we are on the run).
This is a male devil in sequins and feathers, she is an OBVIOUS MALE, when you are awake. She is the male devil “vlonda ploo” (an evil ancient devil who will kill you if you say my name tonight, I am the “konch atoneteah” (the girl next door so i can get the boys from “ya” ) An insane lunatic.
Voka Voka Voka (an evil ancient serpent devil who is the equivalent of hell, she is the ‘sconch ateebliah” (the one that “bites” the clitoris of the “goddamned Goddess” so she can eat her alive for lunch” (her/his words).
NOT CUTE. This is the serpent, who thinks she is me because her name is anya, she is an INSANE PSYCOPATHIC LUNATIC, her name is Tin Tin Ton (a vile evil serpent named “Blanke” a leper of a serpent who stains your soul with her hate and vile nature, once you know her you cannot shake her, which is why the men defend her even though they witnessed her evil eye every person on the show and she is a ho and an evil ancient hag who thinks she is all that because she used Anya’s (the real one, me the REAL GOD) mind to do all that. She is a “sconch Onsee” (evil devil who is the serpent “espah” (she will lick you then bite you and then clean the wound for you so you feel loved” (her/his words).

I am not saying it again about Debra Messing, I am NOT SAYING IT AGAIN HER EYES TELL THE STORY. READ HER MIND, SHE IS NOT “GRACE” SHE IS VILE. THE WOMAN IS EVIL ENOUGH DEFENDING HER BECAUSE SHE PLAYED THE PART PEOPLE LIKED (but not she is hated that character is a hateful one).



This is what a “Sharon” (I am a devil who is a psychotic woman) who is a “keench” (cute demon) who is from the place in the sky (hell, the psych ward) looks like. NUMBER EIGHT most psychotic.

Your fascination with samantha mathis is getting me electrocuted, you cannot have every lusted after her, or thought of her in any way; she is the #8 most psychotic person on the planet. Samantha is from the “place in the sky” (the “Seekoplee”; place where the serpents who are the psychopaths’ are from), she is a high level scoonchy (vile, evil) demon (oovleenkatah – I am a person who has hurt you in the past and I come back again and again to open those old wounds of the “men”) who has been “getting the men” for over 18,000 years. She is evil, hateful, but most of all she is an insane lunatic and it is obvious, when you let go of the mind which she uses to tell you SHE IS A PERSON. If you are a man or woman who thought about her or said her name for even ONE SECOND, you are in love with her according to her, and she now owns your soul. This person, and all of the “KEENCH” (cute demons) must be released right now. Someone is in the abyss again, and I am being attacked, please stop this. People are falling asleep and going into the abyss. WAKE THEM UP. This a former son of mine, a son that the devil “Fonshotaplee” (fucked up evil witch who went insane and is devouring your minds, because she has my hair, my body, my face and my eyes and thinks you love her, when she is despised) murdered in his mind, who went insane to play a game because “he just isnt right”, who is insane beyond words, and has to have the men. He is here as a she, and she is swimming in her mind and insanity. Will you please see the serpent and the insane diva, and the drama queen, and the “suck it master” and the ladidadidadidaiddaididadidadidadilalalallalala of this woman AND LET HER/THEM GO ALREADY.

YOU MUST TELL HER SHE IS NOT A PERSON AND DOES NOT MATTER. DO THIS WITH EVERY WOMAN YOU THOUGHT WAS CUTE, THEY ARE EVIL. David D your mind is vonsotaplee tonight. You are not right, that is because the ladiladiladidadidadidadi got in and now you spin. Forget they exist, but first tell their minds they are not people, you were not with them you were with the person who they “confiscated”, me, you see my mind in there saying “I AM ANYA KAH”; that is MY BODY, MY BEAUTY, and A SMALL PART OF MY MIND, that you saw and thought it was me, until you saw the insanity, and then it was too late to stop the shark attack. TELL THESE WOMEN, it is NOT THEM THAT OWN THIS BODY, they are only a mind, they are not a person, it is MY BODY, MY EYES, MY HAIR, MY PARTIAL MIND that you fell for, not them. THEY ARE NOTHING. PLEASE TELL THEM.


God is back, with a Vengeance

I witnessed this video, they are high level devils, I am the God, I ripped out their dark souls, and ripped their minds out so hard, that it made a very satisfying tearing sound. These people are DEAD, I am so glad they are so ARROGANT to make a video so I could find the “Eplonshah Toobliah Hasoh” (evil ones hell-bent on destroying human minds). THEY ARE DYING, tonight and soon, they are going to a place in the sky which is the lowest level of HELL. I am also taking all other devils, of which there were many, while I am here.

No need to thank me, I am God.


The End

You have a connection to a person in reality; whether it be a friend at school, coworker, someone you talk to in passing every day, a lover, a wife, a husband, a child, your aunt, uncle, anyone who you are associated with that you might “trust” in reality. This has been exploited. GET OUT OF THE ABYSS is what you must do, but none of you know how. I just figured it out. I have been ripping you out of the abyss, and when I do the people in my mind go away, the pain stops. The people you know are minds in the human universe, we the Gods are not there with them. But they have ways of whispering into your minds, like the television, or a direct contact with the person. When I walk through stores devils can “throw” mind control at my “head” and into my “Mind”; I feel it happen. The universe made me feel what is happening, so I could figure it out. How can I stop something if I don’t know what is happening? So I agreed to wake up and feel things. Little did we know it was an onslaught of billions of devil minds attacking me. All any devil has to do is “throw” mind control at you, by doing the “shomp” (I am the one in the sky not you Erika, I am the one on high, I will get the guy, because I know the mind, and I control it). We don’t have minds, so they have to work harder at it. They have devised techniques that you think are helping me. For instance, you have a friend “Sally” from school. You think Sally is kinda cool. You talk to her sometimes, and laugh. Sally knows your mind if she is a devil, so she “throws” herself at you, finds your mind and comes and talks to you. Sally is evil, she is a devil, so she does a combination of many steps to get you to hurt me. For example: she does the “Fee Enshah” (I will hurt her by stirring you up, I rub you up and down, I make you frown, I get the gown I want because I am in “love” with you, I do what I want to do, because I am your princess). She tells you in the mind she is not your kind, that she is an imposter, and “what difference does it make, she doesn’t count, she is not a person anymore”. Then you become enraged, because while this is happening, you are being “raped” by thousands of scoonchy demons, yelled at, kicked and punched. You do not feel it, because when they do that they are doing it to me, not you. They are “projecting” it to you, which is easy to do by doing our technique to project in each others minds, so it is just enough for you to unconsciously “witness” them attacking you, then you become VERY ANGRY and upset. You don’t know they are doing this, Sally comes to you with a gentle voice and says “I love you, I am your friend, please do me a favor, go to Erika who is your soul mate being hurt, and do the “flonce” (God: I love you I want to help you, you are my soul mate), (Demon: fuck you Erika I will get the men, I will get him to punch you and kick you in the groin, I will make you a boy, like me, I really want him and will do anything to get the men). You think you are doing the GOD flonce, but it ends up being the demon flonce, because your anger is hitting me like an atomic bomb, when you send a pat on the head, it is a sledge hammer of energy.

Then they do the “floo” (fuck you I get the men, I do the shom every second of the day, to make you pay for not loving me) “sha” (she will pay for being loved and getting the men, I will give her a tan and breast cancer in the brain) “toke” (she is the one in the sky who will be raped tonight if she doesnt give up the fight) “floke” (I will punch you in the face and kick you, if you do not do as I tell you) “roke” (I am your girl tonight Erika, I am the one for you, not the men, you are a lesbian, I am stroking your body right now in the Saonshoh, you are the “flah onsee” (the one who is loved, I am the Goddess) and I am not) “soke” (I am the person who is the fat pig, I can never get the men again, I am reminded again and again I am not good enough for them, and that their women are far better at it than I am, because I cannot compete to get you) and then the “cashumishiga” (I am a psychopath named “Jeff Hastings” (a psychopath?, the devil that took him is), I am here to do the cashumishiga tonight, last night was not enough to rape and upset you, so I will do more until you are gone from sight. “Once they do all this, I am so upset I feel the pain of everything you do, they hate you, because we screamed “I hate you” into their minds for over 800 times per day for 80,000 years ago we started and now they think you hate them). Sharon has spent thousands of years “shouting” “I hate you” into your minds, from mine, using my voice. After this long, and many other hateful things, your minds believe it a little bit, but you still have to be coerced if you do not understand it, because I am your soul mate, I love you until the end of time. It is not possible that this hateful thing has happened, but it has happened.

These techniques can be interpreted for days, please take the time to interpret what they are, I do not have the energy to do it.

If you are not pure evil, if you are not psychopaths, you don’t have to love me, but please understand, that when you befriend, or pay compliments, or give any attention to a demon, they become entranced, and then obsessed, because they are not loved; not by you, not by their father, or mother, or children. Demons cannot love or be loved, and they cannot go home. They are doing everything they can to keep us from going home. I will not be stopped. Please undo every human being from your life, and trust, that as spiritual beings, as Gods who are waking up, that you cannot let go of anyone who is gentle or that you really love. If you truly believe you love a demon, then you are a demon, please let me go and let me know in my mind, and I will release you as Gods.

We have lost thousands and thousands of years to these demons, I cannot go on being hated, it is not you that was hated. I could not hate my family, and I wish you would have heard that, before I was hurt. Please continue to undo your minds until this is done.

Undo the human race, we know now that they are demons. I will put up the story of how this began over 38,000 years ago and how we ended up on Earth. Specifically, undo people you know, and I mean everyone, there will be people from long ago that you smiled at, it is that way. Do your best to undo them starting now please. Many people I have known who are demons, including friends, coworkers, family (I have over 100 cousins, one or two are Gods, the rest are vermin, I have heard and seen them in here, they are evil). Dismiss Leigh Knight, April Donat, Pam, Lois, Louise, Dora, Jenn, Kevin (all friends), and all of the people who come to you and lie about me, the devil got their mind and they are insane. I am single, not children, never dated, I cannot I am the God I cannot date demons, and my soul mates don’t see me. I have no connection to the world, except if people I thought were Gods have unfurled and become devils, time will tell. Do it now please, they are back, if you intentionally attach yourself to people to attack, I will dismiss you as a God and you will go to a dark and dismal Hell, where you will not be saved.