Future Ideas for the Gods

Future ideas for the Gods:
We will are Gods, we will not live with the Human race any longer, so we are thinking about new societies.

Some ideas for the future of food for the Gods
1. We don’t need to eat, eating is an optional beautiful thing
2. We love food, so we want to eat
3. We will be “Vegetarian” with access to milk and eggs, possibly not in quantities we are used to
4. We will have groups of Gods to care for the farm animals, use your “perception” to find groups of people doing things such as farming, gardening, building structures, etc.
5. If you are Vegan, you must find ways to eat vegan without the products you are used to, unless there is a way to make the products. For instance, if you can collect a recipe for making homemade Tofu, and want to make it in quantities for people, then please form a group for this.
6. My idea, which may have come from one of you, it doesn’t matter in the future we don’t care whose ideas, that’s human… the idea is to build big beautiful greenhouses and have greenhouse supermarkets, which are pick your own. We are Gods and I hope we can have a society without money, so you come and get what you want, people who are gardeners will work to tend to plants.
7. Every person will have a small garden, if they want one. We will not “work” jobs anymore, we will all find things we are good at and do it joyfully. There will be menial jobs that we will all do for small amount of time per week lets say, like working an assembly line if we have a warehouse, etc.
8. Other ideas are on my boards, i will show photos:
Outdoor market stalls which can be taken by any God or group of Gods for products you make. Do it everyday if we want to, or weekends.
Home stalls: for example a cart at the end of your driveway with goods from the garden, or a little shop built in your garage, or a little or big structure for your store. If you make things you can sell them from your front yard, and make it really amazing and beautiful. No rules or licenses or any nonsense, that is the human world.
9. I have ideas on how to make our new world not seem so human, we dont want to live the way we have lived, lets come up with ideas on making things new and at a higher level. I imagine an “Avalon”, a place so beautiful for the Gods. There are flowers everywhere, people who love flowers may spend their days making flower sprays for places in the village, people who love tea may grow tea and then package it beautifully in the graphic design studio which will be state of the art, and then they make a stall, and set it up anywhere. There is a place we are going, lets not think about names in the mind, I will go there next and play a video. There are “Places” around the world for us, this one is possibly the main stay. It will be the entire place, not just the school.
10. I have boards with ideas I will show you. Please come together and form groups, people who do this or that. Gods are geniuses, inventive, imaginative, talented and skilled. No working it is all done for joy. It is coming, you must believe.

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The Goddess Efluuncha’s Indoor Garden

On a journey of the soul, an ascension of the Goddess, a long and weary process, I travel far and deep into the abyss to let it go. A collective spiritual ascention is happening for the star children, and being out in the physical reality is painful. So I created this magikal space in my home. These plants are me, they are my family, I am them, they are me.

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Yule: Celebrating the Return of the Sun and the Winter Solstice

Yule, or the winter solstice, takes place on the longest and darkest night of the year. This festival celebrates the birth of the sun, warmth and the return of the growing season. Each day after Yule the sunlight continually grows a little brighter and stronger. In Pagan tradition, the goddess gives birth to the Sun God, or the Oak King, and with the birth of the solstice sun, the light is reborn. Yule takes place on December 21st, or the winter solstice, of every year.

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Warm and cozy season of Yule began at Whole Foods!

It’s definitely in the air . . . the season of Yule! The air is crisp and chilly. And shopping at Whole Foods for Thanksgiving veggies today brought the start of the season to life. As is the tradition in my Scandinavian family, we cook all holiday meals with lots of root vegetables, including rutabaga, parsnip, sweet potatoes, and squash. Luckily, Whole Foods had them in abundance (and for the first time ever I found an organic rutabaga)! In this visit we also saw the introduction to the up and coming season, with live green garlands, wreaths brimming with pine cones, Christmas trees bundled and lined up along the storefront.

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