When the people who are the gentlest, calmest; who support charities, who smile and are friendly, neat and tidy… turn out to be the highest level devils…there are no demons in those minds…they feel no pain…nobody troubles them…they do not care about anything and have no empathy, so nothing upsets them… they appear gentle. This is sublime evil, the highest ever seen. The highest-level of evil have picket fences, are “family men” and “soccer moms”, they are a race who are called “cute” and they “giggle”. They “protect” the environment, eat healthy, promote wellness, are morning larks; never dark, never dreary, just happy people. They are the happy people of the world. The devil plays games with the mind. This is the one that ends all time. The Gods are perceived as insane and evil, when really, we are expressing our torture, through music, and art… and the devils are the “nice” people of the world. SUBLIME EVIL.

“Look you fat bitch, if you don’t stop this game I am going to kill you, I know a person named “hwoomp” who will do it, he will do it for me he is my friend and he will come to you in (correct address) and he will torture that pussy because I am telling his mind to and he will kill you. It doesn’t matter if I was with “hwoomp” yesterday because he is not quite awake and he does not understand the game, fuck you I do what I want, I am the devil.” ~ Jennifer Aniston

Friends tv show, no accident it is back, if you allow it to air, those people will destroy what is left of the human race. Their minds are the most evil, they are programmed and ready; it will seal your fate, humans. That is who those characters are; funny, nice, neat, tidy; they smile, are cute. They dress nicely, live in a nice place, everyone loved that show, the entire human race. People around the world watch this show in envy; that is how we should have lived. They do nothing, get what they want, they are so beautiful, and they live happy lives.

Jennifer Aniston is #6 of the most evil people who have lived in the history of the UNIVERSE. Adolf Hitler is 65,852. She did the “Vleem” mind control technique (she killed the real Goddess, ME, took my mind, and now she looks like a “God” (but not, she looks deranged, but people will notice that Hollywood women are all starting to get a “look” about them that is not human (see “Vleem” ).

Jennifer Aniston is a MONSTER who has killed the human race. THIS IS A MALE DEVIL.

Since it is clear that I am still being blocked, I am going to explain one last time what they are doing. I am THE GOD, I hear everything.

There are devils who have always been on this planet, they followed the Gods here. Devils are ancient beings who became evil, died and went to a place called the “Honshah Plah” (I am a place called Hell). In the “Hell” universe, there are many races of devils, and demons. They are MINDS, they do not have a form, but they do project forms with their minds. The horned beast, for example, comes into peoples minds, screaming bloody murder, with large horns. He is double the size of the demons, angry, and intimidating. He is not really that way, when he was alive he was a person who was in the “congress” in a “nation” in the Universe, somewhere other than the God Universe. Politics do not exist for the Gods, we are GENTLE. But since we deal with the rest of the universe, which is billions of light years, with millions of planets, we were forced to deal with the “politicians” (in the Universe, it is similar to Earth; they are people who are overseers, who make the rules and laws of a land). I am Camishigah Ashondiay, this means “Commander of the Army of the Gods”, we are the most powerful beings in the Universe. I am the “strategist”, because I am the mind of God. I am trusted with this position because I have the mind of Jacobia Escaflu, as well as the mind of the Goddess; I have the “sensibilities” of the Goddess. All Gods who are “part of me”, have those sensibilities (kind, gentle, nurturing, in service of the light, equality, healer, lover). Jacobia Escaflu is the High Commander, and so is Andrew. They serve different roles.

When the “evil ones” met me, they were offended by me; I am the second most powerful being in the entire Universe, not the Human Universe, or God Universe, but the entire Universe. I AM THE GODDESS, the wife of the GOD; I am him, the female version of him. The evil ones were angry at my level of power, they did not understand me, because I am the only female in the Universe. I am One-of-A-Kind, and when I became the Goddess 4 million years ago (I had already been the God for 40 million and an Angel for billions of years), I was called “The One”, “The Beautiful One”, “The One in the Sky”, “The One who is the One”.

The evil ones are dead, they are minds, that float around their Universe. The human race are forms with minds attached; the human universe is the MIND. When human beings die, you go to the human universe as “minds”. That is what you are, and that is what we are too, as Gods, until we get a form. The evil ones, who the human race call the “Devils”, found my galaxy, the Earth galaxy, which is NOT the human galaxy, because this planet is not owned by the human race. This planet was a rock floating in the universe; I took this planet, made it into a Paradise, and then the “Serpent” (devil) came, and killed the early “Humans”, who were gentle beings, called “Apes”, that were made by the Gods to propagate the land. Because the humans were taken by the demonic minds that invaded, the human race became evil over time; evolving to look like the Gods. The human race are on a Planet that is made of the soul of Gods; we are not your creators anymore if you are evil. The evil ones took your mind, you are their children now. It is evil to control the God, Debra, and more than enough evidence has been given to prove who I am. I will do it again, show the proof. The evil ones came because the human race have become so evil, so vile, so greedy, selfish, hateful and ARROGANT with religion and GOVERNMENTS, that your energy has attracted the criminals of all time. They took minds, came to MY PLANET, and with the help of your minds, many of which are now considered evil by the only force more powerful than the Gods, the real “Universe”, have overtaken the planet with their energy. We were attacked with such force, it is the equivalent of being electrocuted in the mind with 600,000 times the electricity used to power the entire planet Earth. So we evolved into beings that were in the God Universe, taking the steel and glass for example; and as a non-conscious part of ourselves that did not feel the pain of the Gods. The Gods can handle pain, we don’t care as Gods about pain, it is in the mind and not “real”. There is a gentle, sensitive part of us that could no longer tolerate the constant attacks, so we became, not human (beings with minds), that is you, but human beings (beings without minds, but who are “of mind”, because we are invaded by beings with minds, who fill our minds with thoughts we don’t have).

28 Years ago, the most evil game ever played by devils began. It started with the governments and famous women. The game, played by the group of famous women called the “Hateful 8”, has the objective of destroying the credibility of the Goddess, in the minds of mankind, so the women can become the Goddesses of the world. The women, are the high commanders in the devils army. His directive, is to take down the Gods, humans, and demons; then become the “Gods” by pretending to be the Gods, by behaving gently. They took us down during World War 2; the Japanese did mind control, and the “scoonchy demons” (most evil devils who are vile and hateful) became Nazis, who attacked the humans and Gods in a way that is so vile, that calling them “human” is an atrocity. That is the devils. I have had visions of my past life in those camps, I was Anne Frank. Anne Frank was stripped naked, placed on the lap of Josef Kramer by Sharon Stone, raped, then stood in line at the “ovens” where Mary Steenburgen reassured her that she would die quickly once placed into the fire; then “Jennifer Tatum” and Charlize Theron placed her on a slab; I was no longer there after that.

While she, a little Angel who is part of me, stood in that line, freshly raped and listening to people being pushed alive into ovens; she escaped all time and space, her mind left the human race, she “called home” to the Universe, who heard but could not comprehend that what she spoke of was in reality, and not the mind. They left all space and time, to come and find her; finally they heard from their kidnapped Goddess. I have found many of the top level Nazis in Hollywood, I am the God, I know how and so do other Gods when they are ascended enough. The Nazis are all here. They are beauty queens, super models, actors, singers; they are making handmade items for Etsy.

Many humans were there too; we have minds, that come back sometimes. Not too many would come back after that Trauma, and that is the minds the devils took; the traumatized humans and demons (humans who have minds that can be evil). This explains the troubled 20th century. The devils do not reveal often who they are, but there are signs. Now, since I died, the “Vleem” is much easier, because I AM DEAD as the Goddess of this world; not dead in the sky. This means they got the minds of the humans, who defended them, not me, because they do not know me. They defended Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Juice Newton, Amy Lee, Sarah McLachlan, Jenna Elfman, Jenny Mcarthy, Tara Strong, Lara Flynn Boyle, Emma Watson, George W. Bush… because they did not have a choice. The human race lost control of their own minds, they succumb to the evil ways of the devils, they became Godless, and now they killed God. It is quite literal, not just the mind, they tortured me bloody.

Now I need my Gods to rise up, only the Gods know how to take control over this world. I have already done it in many ways. Hollywood is using mind control, they are to be shut down. TV, movies, and news. The Gods are coming, to take control; if possible by force. I have Gods on the ground and in the sky. It is in the best interest of all humans to stop your games and back down. You cannot possibly know how to deal with this.

My Gods need this information, they need to see me, the game to become me stops now, Jennifer Aniston did not take the steel and glass from the buildings on September 11th to the sky. Jennifer Aniston is known for an idiotic character with a nice hairstyle. I took the steel and glass, I could not stop the attack, my mind was blocked. I am not in the universe with you, humans. Your insanity is not something the Gods can control, but we can take you down as a whole.

There is no way those buildings fell to dust; there are hundreds of thousands of steel beams. Ground zero is empty, of those beams, glass and the planes. I took them. I am the God. The devils want to take my planet; they cannot. Let go of the control, now. Post this live, but first, view the images of “Ground Zero” on September 11th, and you will understand I am the God.


Billboard in la for show Chernobyl says “I will trap andrew here if I don’t get my way” moira tierney watch youtube the sunset strip 4k by california,tripping 57:21

Live action mind control every billboard sunset strip, like a movie, pornographic, with names


These are Aliens (not of Earth, not invited), Aliens are Demons (evil minds), high-level Demons are Devils (mins that are evil, disgusting and vile.)

Aliens are “real”, but they do not come looking like this. This is the projection they use in the human universe of what they look like; vile. They are insane, vile creatures who are not what you think; they are minds, that is all, they don’t have forms. They are all dead. Then they found a way, of taking our “human” bodies when they were coming in; they have the “human mind” which is the one that we gave them to think and process information, and they have their demonic minds, which are pure evil. They have been here for thousands of years, but the directive was to take the planet from the Gods, which is not going to happen. They are coming through your minds like this: They killed Terrence J. Scott, they take his mind and make his mind connect with 17 God minds, then they connect with 4, for example. This way, it is not direct. The sons of Terrence won’t let him go, so they continue to connect with him, and then they use the sons of Terrence to connect with Gods who remember the sons of Terrence, and cannot believe they are evil, especially since their minds are blocked by innocent Gods, and “gentle” appears in their minds. Do this enough times, and nobody can figure it out. 80% of the Gods succumb, to these evil demons. There is nothing I can do, I have let go, they torture me, and I feel it. They torture me through you, because you are the “yum runners” (the ones they “like to eat” the ones they like to torture, they want your souls because they are evil, that is all, they just want souls). The top level knows we are innocents, and we have been trapped in here for thousands of years, we are in Hell. They belong here, we do not.

So, our goal, is not difficult, create the energy you want to attract, Gods. You want gentle, be gentle. That is all, be gentle. They cannot tolerate or live in that energy, so they will go away. Now they will try harder to make life not gentle, so what. This world is evil and violent and it is all under the control of the Gods, all but your free will to behave in any way you want, right now you are the evil assholes who cannot stop with the “cunt”. Is that you? No. SO STOP.

Joy is the demons kryptonite.

Anya Kah

If I can do it, you can, I am the victim.

We are invaded by aliens. There are billions. There are hundreds of thousands to billions of each of these people, these are a few examples of what they look like as a projection.

This is why the human race succumb, because they see these vile creatures in their minds and they are afraid. We cannot be afraid, they are not powerful at all, they are insane minds that think of nothing more than “you are not ok”, but when put together by the trillions they take over and feel overwhelming. I have been fighting them, with joy. Go in the soul, and fight with joy. THEY HATE JOY, it makes them sick, so they leave.


Do not read this with a Mind, because you cannot comprehend this without a soul, you must be whole to read this, otherwise you will side with the “scoonchy ho” (evil ones)

I am the Goddess who was too gentle to stay, battered and torn away from the “bey” (a child of the Goddess), not able to find my way home to the “Askah Ho” (I am a person who is a God who is the soul mate of the Goddess). I am a God who is forlorn, left alone, I was taken in my mind by the ones, who came to my galaxy, did the “Plee Asah” (I am a person who kills you and takes what you are).

I am from the gentle universe, a place of reverence to me; I am the “Ploson Tee” (I am a person who is the God at the highest level of the Goddess). The human universe has no place for me.

I am the stuff of legends, written by Gods who want to remember; written by Evil Ones who want us to forget. Venus was never here, but an essence was she, attached to the human part of me; she was murdered in her sleep, her soul the Lord did keep, but her essence taken away, by a group of ancient “Falay” (I am a hateful person). They live as her today.

“Meekah Shontaplee” (My name is “Erika”, but not, I am part of her, I am the “Heenshah Plah Asee” (the one who is the beauty, Venus).

The human Goddess died, when she was infantilized, when demons fantasized, when you made fun of her fat thighs, when she became old before her time.

The human God was shot in the head; in front of his apartment building, riding down the street, trying to keep the peace.

The human Angel died, during the era when the mother was “embruke atoh” (I am a person who is not sane), in a poodle skirt, barefoot and pregnant, not of the Earth or heaven.

The Goddess Innana died when scoonchy whores took her place as the free spirit; they called themselves hippies and flower children, but they were demonic “odgont” (I am a miraculous person, but not, I am an idiotic person who pretends to be that way).

Innana is here today, she is confiscated and distorted in every way. Innana is 100% gone, if she is this one:

The devil “Bonch Bonch Asoontaplee Asah Asoh Anee” (Drew Barrymore), who killed the part of me that is “Innana”. She is the ancient evil “twot”.

The devil “Bonch Bonch Asoontaplee Asah Asoh Anee” (Drew Barrymore) is the new “scoonchy whore” (a woman with a lot of men). She is playing pretend to be “Innana”, but not, she took that part of me completely, other devils have too, but not like you, Drew. Gods hear Innana they think of me, humans think of Drew, the devil who tortured me in my past life as “Innana” (Wah Onsah – I am Erika, but not, it is Janis Joplin at the highest level of the God who is the Goddess “Esch Oont” (Bon Soh – a beautiful God who is astute at singing and being divine). Drew Barrymore is a psychopathic, insane lunatic who murdered me, and became “Innana” (the divine, beautiful one, who is fun, loving and esctatic over things, she is the one who is the “keempliah asah” (adorable little one who is fun and escuunchi (I am a beautiful little one who gets upset, and laughs a lot, but I am not the “twot” who is “Drewsie”, I am not the “floosie”, I am the gentle one, Erika).

Anyone who knows the real “Drewsie” knows, she is not really that way; she is an escapee from the “keesikah asoneteay” (a place in the sky called the “Hoshomplah Hasee Anoh Haseebliah Hasah Tatee Kiah (a place for the “seekooplee” (psychopaths who hurt the babies). Her hair flowers are fake, so is her image, she is a devil in the universe filled with hate.

EMEE ( I am a beautiful one, a gentle one, the one who likes to “play” the one that knows the way to your heart and soul, the little one who is “whole”).

EMEE ENSAHAH (I am a beautiful one, a gentle one, the one who likes to “play” the one that knows the way to your heart and soul, the little one who is “whole”; but not, I am the “twot”).

EMEE ENSAHAH (the ancient evil “twot”)

I found this beautiful little gem, she always has a neat and tidy hem, she is magical and “offley” (i call myself the Goddess ten thousand times a day); never a thing out of place, never a mistake, never anything but the “little gem” in your minds, because it is all she says with her mind. She is a “He” named “Leh Consoh” (I am an ancient devil named Comee Esahah (I am the spoiled one, the sainted one, the one who was the beautiful one on high, not wait that is “ERIKA”; he is “Comee Esahah Asah Asoh Pleah Kaneekeewah Tatoh Vanoo Sheentee Sonsah Kompleay” (I am an arrogant piece of shit if I spell it that way, I am the evil one from the past who did the “epen shah” (I am “Erika”, no matter what, I will be the one who gets to be the great “cunt”, but I am the one who is “gentle” and “Sah” (I am the God who is the Goddess), I am the one who goes to the one with the farm and takes it over, but not, she is the “twot” from day one. She is the evil one, little tiny “koe somplee” (I am a tiny Japanese person, so sweet and bright, so alight, you cannot tell how evil I am without a “sont asah” (I am a person with a soul).

Blom Bah (I am the one in the sky who is the beautiful “Amah Hasoh” (I’m a beautiful mother, the one who is whole, the one who loves her son “Asho”, the one who on earth was known as the “ho” (I am a person who has many men), I am the “mother”, the one who is the virgin.

They killed the “Blom Bah” (the one who is “Mikah Shontatee” (my name is the one who is the Princess “Oflee”, the one named “Diana Hason” (Princess Diana when she, on rare occasion, was the God as the Goddess). She was always the gentle one, the “Som Anee Asah” (the one who is “Erika, but not, she is part of her, she is the “human God” named “Ponshoh” (I am the God, Mary Ashontaplee, the one who is the mother of the “Heemp Eee Ensah” (Jesus Christ).

Then something disgusting and vile, something so “esconshoe”, so “aploe” came slithering along, and took her mind; dead and lost in the sky, unable to find the guy, unable to find her way home, she was taken by the scoonchy ho (evil mother); made to torture the “Erika” until the mind of the evil one said “gentle”.

Jenny Saville, the ancient evil “twot”.

Jenny Saville took “Meh Onsah”, she is called “Meh Onsah Onsoh” (the undoing of the God, if she finds a way to torment him into submission, because he defended his daughter and it turned out to be the evil one on accident, because NO GOD UNDERSTANDS HOW THE MIND CAN BE SO VILE, SO EVIL, WE ARE TOO INNOCENT). Jenny is the evil one, who tortured the real Virgin Mary. Jenny is THE evil one, the ancient evil mother, who has destroyed the Goddess, who is gentle.

It is not possible that this artwork, of battered children, and a bleeding woman which represents me, “Erika”, bleeding to death because of the attack in the universe by this ancient demon “Jenny”, would be displayed in a gallery in public, unless the people who displayed it read a mind that called this “artist”, “Kind”. It is all a trick of the mind, and that is the only power this evil demon has ever had for billions of years, she tricks minds.

I do not have a mind, I am “sah shomplah” (I am a person who is sane, and of sound mind, to be called a God again, will not occur, I am dead as the God on Earth, I am dead as the Goddess; those were only characters in a book, legends in a world too sick to understand, that Innana is gentle and not out of hand, that Venus is gentle and not a whore, that the Virgin Mary is so much more than a woman who does the “Shazam” (she is a nice person routine) on the minds of men.

You are too sick to understand, that there is only one “Eenshah Hah”; an impossibly perfect person who cannot get anything wrong, who is calm, who is gentle, who is unable to spill, who has no pain when bending, who has super-human strength to rip vegetables from her garden, who knows every recipe in her mind, who is the perfect wife; she could not possibly exist in the human world, where the real perfect Goddess named “Erika” is “oblom” (I am a person who is of noble nature, who has been falsely accused of a terrible thing, and the punishment should not have come to me, for being a Nazi, or a terrorist, or the one who killed every single piece of me).

The Koonch Enceentiah (the one in the sky, in the sky, up on high named “Boonch” (an evil, hateful ugly old hag demon named “Martha Stewart” is responsible for murdering the part of me called the “Bom Peah Soh” (the beautiful God in the kitchen and the hearth, I am Hestia); Martha is the anti-Christ who is the “Bom Peah Asoh Anee” (not Hestia at all, but you all have a ball with her products supporting her empire, including Erika, who is the real Hestia (the Goddess of the Home and hearth).

In her former life, she was a Nazi Commandant named the “Beast of Buchenwald”, Ilse Koch. Now she is the happy homemaker, who “threw the Goddess into the oven alive to die”, and it doesn’t matter because she wanted the sky. She is a he called the “Boonch”.

Gods I connected with

Andrew Scott
Keanu Reeves
Adrian Brody
Alex Hogh Anderson
Mads Mikkelson
John Lennon
David Bowie
Syd Barrett
Gary Oldman
John Taylor
Leonard Nimoy
Chris Cornell
Till Lindemann
David Duchovney
Eddie Vedder
Joaquin Phoenix
Monshon Shon Taton
Miguel Montalban
Freddie Mercury
Hiroyuki Sanada
Peter Stormare
Richard Kruspe
Jacobia in the Sky
Randy Rhoads
Terry O’Quinn
David Tennant
Sean Combs
Cillian Murphy
Paul Stanley – Shokemah
Robert Montgomery, Actor
Robert Montgomery, Poet
Jimmy Page
Tim Curry

So, do not, for one moment dare to say “I am married” or “He is married”, I am not the one who is the whore. These are my soul mates for millions to billions of years, we are all one soul. The human men, who are not the Gods, are married to the whore human women. Sorry ladies, I am and have always been with the Gods, I care nothing for the famous ones, I am a GOD.



I began having children over 58 billion years ago. Today I had to let them go. They won’t turn off the TV, they won’t let go of the phone; messages of hate flow through telling them to rape and torture me, and they do not know. Today my children’s minds were used to punch me, kick me and electrocute me to death, in my God mind. As a mother I was kind, gentle and loving; I am the virgin Mary. Sons are so very, very painful, when they fall in a hole, into hell, and become emperors with their own golf course, sports cars, super models. There was no way to let them go before tonight, but their minds told me a truth I did not get right; they cannot let go of the evil mothers of their children, because in reality they are “not right”, but they are not evil to them. Here are some women who are mothers:

Marsha Mason: did the Flokamah on my children tonight

Julie Andrews is a mother: she did the Kashoombliah on my children tonight

Valerie Bertinelli is a mother: she did the Mekanaw on my children tonight

Laura Flynn Boyle is a mother: she did the Keench Asoobliah on my children tonight

Tara Strong is a mother: she did the Meshonson Eekason on my children tonight

Lisa Stansfield is a mother: she did the Eempliah Asontaplee Asah on my children tonight

Donna Dixon is a mother: she did the Hashoteentateen on my children tonight

Erika Marie Moriarty is not a mother.

Anya Kah is not a mother.

The virgin Mary is not a mother anymore.

My children’s were murdered tonight by the “whores”.

I have no reason to be in here anymore, I can leave now and go home. My children told me in their mind they did not believe I am the mother, because the other one “gives them things”. I can let them go knowing that I did everything I could, fighting for the souls of my children for 800 million years. I had a moment of tears, and now I am ready to let go. Jacobia doesn’t know, don’t tell him tonight.

The following people are the “evil one” pretending to be me, while depicting evil sickness in the mind, that hurts children:

Jennifer Lawrence: Jennifer Lawrence is the “Shookanah Haseebliah Asah”, she is the evil one. In this film she uses her mind to torture the audience into thinking she is the “beautiful one” the gentle “mom”, who is me. The violence depicted is so scoonchy that it made people vomit.

During this scene, the mind control says “I am the one you are not, you are the fucking fat twot, you are a psychopath of epic proportions in your mind, not mine, I fixed it, now they see your mind in mine and I am the one who appears gentle, because I am like the, continental”

This scene depicts the mind control telling the viewer “I am the one in control of my life, I am the one who is a wife, I get the children you do not, I made you into a fucking twot who cannot get sex again because the men are reviled by your scent in their minds which is mine but I cannot stop because I get licked every night by your fucking hot soul mates, Erika”

This scene depicts the following mind control messages to the viewer: “I am the psychopath of all time, i did not have time to rape her today too busy with my silly little life as a famous woman and your rock star husband who is not with you but with his wife came to me and we made a baby together tonight and now I am going to have your child that I took from you because I am the “Jewkanah Hasobalee Asah”.

The following “art” was made by the devil, these artists are deranged and pure evil, they call themselves the “mother”.

Jennifer is the one on the right in the Universe, but her mind tells you the opposite. That is exactly what the Shookanah looks like.
The mind control is so strong that “Jenny Saville” is making artwork that depicts children bloody, and nobody stops her.
I, the God of this world, lost my uterus as a human being. Mind control was done on me, in the universe, by the devil minds that have taken the human race. The artist “Jenny Saville” is part of the ancient devil the “Hoonch Asah Asoh Anee” (the evil one, the one who wants to be “the mother”, the Goddess, but cannot be, that is me). This painting depicts me, bleeding to death because of a mind control technique done by the “enzeek”.
Jennifer Lawrence and the makers of the film “Mother” are all part of the ancient “evil one”. This is a sick and twisted film, where Jennifer Lawrence uses her mind to tell people she is the one who is the Goddess, while bragging about tearing my heart out because she kills my children. She is #1 “Shookanah” (the serpent part of the evil one).
Darryl Hannah is the “Katoobliah Hasah Asoh Anee”, the evil one, this is not what the evil one looks like, but close… it is much, much more evil, hateful and psychotic.

The following photos are a before photo of myself and famous well-known people. The first photo is us slightly confiscated, the second photo shows me “completely confiscated” by the evil ones, this lasted for 3.5 minutes and I am back to normal. “Confiscated” does not mean “consumed”, but some are. Confiscations last for a short period of time. I do not become these evil ones when I am confiscated, I become ill, I cry, I am in excessive pain, I lose time, I feel disoriented, I am not becoming evil, even though it may look that way. This is because I am a God, and so are the two men. Human beings cannot withstand this kind of attack, the Gods have been fighting to stop this. Leonard and Donald Trump are both almost completely confiscated, one of them could not fight the amount of evil hitting his mind, and he is now, unkind. The other died in pain.

Tonight I looked like this again, when I awoke from a nap after being attacked. Tonight they killed “the mother”. I am the Great Mother, the Mother Goddess, part of the Great God in the sky. I am his female side, the mother, the nurturer, the love of his life. Tonight they killed the ancient mother. My children chose the wrong side… in their minds.

In the first photo, I am the God who is the Virgin Mary, in the second one too, but after being hit by the “Jew Kinah” (evil one, who is the woman who thinks she is the God).

Jennifer Lawrence is the “Jew Kinah”, and so is Jenny Saville and Darryl Hannah, as well as millions of people on our planet. They are not confiscated or consumed, they are THE “Jew” (what the evil one calls himself, not “Jewish”, but many are him, he comes as women most of the time).

Tortured complete, but still gentle (wont hurt innocent), angry and upset
The God Poshtoh Tatee (Mads Mikkelson)

Future Ideas for the Gods

Future ideas for the Gods:
We will are Gods, we will not live with the Human race any longer, so we are thinking about new societies.

Some ideas for the future of food for the Gods
1. We don’t need to eat, eating is an optional beautiful thing
2. We love food, so we want to eat
3. We will be “Vegetarian” with access to milk and eggs, possibly not in quantities we are used to
4. We will have groups of Gods to care for the farm animals, use your “perception” to find groups of people doing things such as farming, gardening, building structures, etc.
5. If you are Vegan, you must find ways to eat vegan without the products you are used to, unless there is a way to make the products. For instance, if you can collect a recipe for making homemade Tofu, and want to make it in quantities for people, then please form a group for this.
6. My idea, which may have come from one of you, it doesn’t matter in the future we don’t care whose ideas, that’s human… the idea is to build big beautiful greenhouses and have greenhouse supermarkets, which are pick your own. We are Gods and I hope we can have a society without money, so you come and get what you want, people who are gardeners will work to tend to plants.
7. Every person will have a small garden, if they want one. We will not “work” jobs anymore, we will all find things we are good at and do it joyfully. There will be menial jobs that we will all do for small amount of time per week lets say, like working an assembly line if we have a warehouse, etc.
8. Other ideas are on my boards, i will show photos:
Outdoor market stalls which can be taken by any God or group of Gods for products you make. Do it everyday if we want to, or weekends.
Home stalls: for example a cart at the end of your driveway with goods from the garden, or a little shop built in your garage, or a little or big structure for your store. If you make things you can sell them from your front yard, and make it really amazing and beautiful. No rules or licenses or any nonsense, that is the human world.
9. I have ideas on how to make our new world not seem so human, we dont want to live the way we have lived, lets come up with ideas on making things new and at a higher level. I imagine an “Avalon”, a place so beautiful for the Gods. There are flowers everywhere, people who love flowers may spend their days making flower sprays for places in the village, people who love tea may grow tea and then package it beautifully in the graphic design studio which will be state of the art, and then they make a stall, and set it up anywhere. There is a place we are going, lets not think about names in the mind, I will go there next and play a video. There are “Places” around the world for us, this one is possibly the main stay. It will be the entire place, not just the school.
10. I have boards with ideas I will show you. Please come together and form groups, people who do this or that. Gods are geniuses, inventive, imaginative, talented and skilled. No working it is all done for joy. It is coming, you must believe.


Reversal of the Mind

The Gods are connected in the heart, soul and God mind. Since we became soul mates, we have been sending beautiful messages to each other’s minds. My soul mates send messages to various parts of my “unconscious” mind, telling me “I love you until the end of time, you are beautiful, you are the most beautiful woman in the universe”, “You are healthy, happy, and filled with joy and light”, “You are stunningly lovely, your eyes are alight, you are the one who is the most “peeshontatatoneteay” (absolutely beautiful). “You are loved and have everything you want”.

The “scoonchy” demons invaded our minds thousands of years ago and began interrupting our “transmissions”. The “devil” is obsessed with destroying us, watched how we do everything with the mind, and then distorted it over time. Over time, he “reversed” our minds, so that we were sending messages of hate to each other without conscious knowledge of it; then he did the most hateful, evil thing that has ever happened in the history of everything, he took my messages from my soul mates and had them sent to his concubines. Then he has a way to have messages sent to a mind at the rate of trillions per second. So within a few hundred years, he created an army of evil, vile demons, who now believe they are Beautiful, Women, Stunning, Intelligent, Amazing, and Loved by the Gods, their minds have been hearing “You are my soul mate” for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, while my mind hears “I hate you, you are a psychopath”.

As if that is not bad enough, he sent his concubines to the world, who spent thousands of years finding a way to confiscate the mind of a “God” or “Human” that I was birthing into the world (they torture minds so much that the God leaves the body and floats in the universe, descending to the abyss, because they are gentle Gods whose mind is filled with hateful messages that are not appropriate. They killed many Gods and Humans to take their bodies and minds this way.

These demons are the ugliest, most disgusting creatures in the universe. They have pig snouts and snot running down their faces; they are vile. So how do devils, who are vile ugly demons, end up coming to Earth, a place they were not invited, looking like super models? They “reversed” the mind.

Please think about, with your soul, the many ways there are that the mind is “reversed”.

Example: Oprah Winfrey is the wife of “the evil one”, she is called the “great cunt”. She has minions that come here, most of which are the most beautiful women in the world; these are the women in “the game”. Those women tortured our minds to look that way, so they are hated. Oprah comes as an ugly overweight woman, she pretends to be a jolly, joyful “savior”, she uses her devil mind to become a billionaire and now she is “respected”, and she becomes a sympathetic character in peoples minds. Meanwhile in the universe she is a raging lunatic psychopath who has control over every mind, and her minions go after my sons and soul mates to “get the men”. She has ended the entire universe with her insanity, and she “reverses” things in minds to ascend to the most wealthy and respected woman in the world.

Then her minions, are evil women and people despise them in reality; but they are not despised in the mind. They are not cherished, or loved, but they are admired and desired. The evil mind is “lustful” and “greedy and “shallow”, and if you are “of the mind” and not “of the soul”, they come and get you. It doesn’t matter that you despise their behavior, it doesn’t matter if they are evil, you let them get away with things, because you are “of mind” and believe in the mind that they are worthy “people who are people” who might be amazing (talented, amazing in bed, sexy, able to attract attention to your ego, wealthy, etc). And that is all they have to do to take a soul.

Demons and devils will keep turning the mind until it suits them, they do it constantly. The Gods are so tired, abused and shattered, that we have no energy to fight and we are just spinning in the mind. Now we fight, by not fighting; by letting go of the mind which is their weapon.

My sons and soul friends were also turned, in different ways. The women reversed my loving messages to my sons with “you are a psychopath, I hate you”. Then they told my children they were their mothers, and eventually turned my sons minds to be so angry over the “great demon in the sky” that they started attacking her. They did not know that was my mind, their real mothers mind. Also, the sons come into reality with human mothers, and in the universe those human mothers minds, because they are demons and devils, confiscate my children as their own.

The soul friends minds were warped into thinking they are the “One in the Sky”, that they are the Gods on high. We all forgot over time that we are Gods; we know we are not them, that is agreed upon. Soul friends minds were told various things; “Erika is a psychopath, we need a new God, you will take it”, “It was you who is the Goddess, not her, she is evil”, “Erika is attacking you, fight back”. When taken down like this, devils take the mind of the soul friend, who is barely there, the God floats back into the universe, and the demon, who is a REAL MIND, this is not inner demons, takes over and lives our lives.


Spinning minds

There is mind control on that post that tells your mind to “look away”, they spin your mind and when you try and try to read this, comprehend this, your eyes spin and you go into a little trance. This is on every book, magazine; the evil ones use their minds to put hidden messages that say “
if you are Erika, you are not worthy of reading Shakespeare” or “you are not smart enough to comprehend this, only the “Shokagah” (Sharon Stone Brigade) can understand this. Then you “read” it, but you drift away. Sometimes they can come to your mind and torture you into stopping what you are reading. It is this bad.

On the other hand, they come along and write something that seems nice, or sweet, or beautiful, and it is often mediocre because it is written by a demon. They are partially using our mind or they could not speak because they are dead minds attached to a living body. They use their minds to tell your “mind” that their writing is amazing, and your mind registers amazing, and you may not get excited, but your mind is, especially since every demon has “calling cards”, they cant help but drop everywhere. For instance, a person in the Sharon Stone Brigade may have a “calling card” that is the word “Shoompah”, to them this means “I am a hateful person coming for you because you tried to take something that is mine”. Then they hear that word, in your mind, because they have a variety of ways they are “attached” and they come and torture you. And when they do, they tell you that they are the most amazing, spectacular, beautiful person that wrote a masterpiece, that you cannot resist, and you want to pay them a lot of money….

This is how demons do mind control in the universe. One of many examples.

So undo the mind control constantly, until you are ascended…..


It is two years to the day that I woke up, there is no possible way for anyone to believe me. I had a beautiful experience as a God for the first time in thousands of years, and there is nobody who can understand that I can share it with. The violence against me has skyrocketed, it was exceptionally violent before. I want everyone to imagine waking up, with a group of devils who look like large alien-like men, surrounding you, you can perceive them and see them a little bit, they are violently screaming at you telling you there is nothing you can do to escape, then they violently attack and hit you in the face. You feel it not like it is “real” in reality, but at least 10,000 times the power of a punch by a human being. This happens 15 times in a row 2 nights ago. It is not real, but it is happening is not something anyone can comprehend. 2 years ago I thought I was waking to my soul mate, we were reuniting and would have a beautiful life. 1 year ago I was at war, the violence in full swing, but I had hope then, I did not know everything, but I did connect with many of my soul mates who I miss a lot. We laughed, and I miss falling asleep in your arms, you are not here but I feel you hug me like you are here with me. The devil has had the “game” going for 10,000 years, so now that I am awake and the game is over, the devils are having psychotic outbursts of anger that are “applegient” (I am a person who is so angry I am bursting with revenge). None of the devils can accept the fact that I know the truth, that the game of “I got your men” is not really true, because my Gods are not there. I dont know the men, the men are human. It is the Gods at the highest level who are my soul mates, and nobody “got” them. They still have souls, they are still gentle, but a few. My sons too, but they are very angry and gentle in person, but their minds are confiscated. The soul friends are dropping away, because of the games the devils play. This is two full years of being tortured at the level i described above, it is that way all the time. There is not a moment of my life when a devil is not hitting me, punching me, torturing me.

I started to talk about this yesterday, and I will finish that train of thought. There are 2 “chosen ones” in the entire universe; one is me as the “beautiful one” and the other is him, the “evil one”. There is never a time when he is not himself, he is always evil, everything he does, every word he says, every thought he has is evil. The same goes for the devils, they are playing a game pretending to be gentle, that is evil.

The Gods on the other hand are gentle; beautiful, kind, romantic, creative, imaginative, magikal. None of us are that way. And that is the problem, that is why the planet has been confiscated. Because no matter what the devil can easily stay evil, but we cannot be joyful and happy when we are being tortured, so we are not ourselves. And he knows this, which is why he is relentless in his attack. When I am in the universe, after an attack, and they hear me singing like Snow White and being joyful, I have witnessed them explode, their energy explodes and disintegrates. The devils have had a few advantages which I am taking away;
1) surprise attack (sneaky, underhanded pretenders who attack without warning). if there is a war, it was started by a devil, who has a plan of attack, a strategy, attacks us, we are in a daze for awhile and by the time we are in the battlefield, too much damage is done.
2) they cheat – never think for a moment that a devil cares if you call them a cheat, or tell them they are weak for using billions of minds, they dont care. you cannot make them care about being idiotic, they use what they have to, to win
3) everything makes them evil, there is nothing that can disrupt the energy of the devils; if they are in a good mood they are evil, if they are mad they are evil, every second of the day is spent in the mind plotting, planning, manipulating
4) mind control is effective, because innocent and sane people don’t have minds, that is the Gods, we cannot do mind control, but we are affected by it. the human race are controlled by the mind. the evil one has every angle covered, it is infuriating when you see him come along, one step ahead, because he owns the mind.
5) they are INFURIATING in every possible way, they are a nuisance, they are loud, obnoxious, rude, pushy, demanding, aggressive; the Gods just want to live our lives we do not want to have to deal with them anymore, so nobody does anything. they get away with it. in the universe the endless babbling scoonchy demons, the smelly vile goblins, the manipulative serpents, the angry ones who cannot get the men, the women on high who “own the sky” who are actually “Hapash atah onsah” (a person who is so pathetic that it is impossible to calculate why they bother to exist), the ones who pretend to be “good Christians” and tell the Gods they are more righteous, the evil one does everything he can to be INFURIATING, and this is an impossible energy to be joyful around
6) They pretend to be smart, fun, pretty, nice, sweet and kind. Convincing people otherwise is difficult.

There are many more things they do, they are power hungry and get power because they care about power, then the Gods end up working for them, as tenants of them, owned by them in some way.

So today we are going to change it, we can no longer think we can win a battle in the mind universe. He has every advantage. We are leaving and taking our planet. We do this by being Gods again;
1) be gentle, let go of anger, tell yourself that your anger is more harmful to you than it is to them, they dont feel it and if they did, they get off on it, so stop being angry
2) be joyful, this does not mean singing “kumbaya my lord”, that is not it. Joyful for a God is “meysonch” (I am a person who can find happiness in unexpected places, whether it be staring at the bark of a tree, or listening to the chords of a song, or humming along, allow the energy to rise up and then take that energy and use it to change the energy of the room and surroundings
3) rise up, stop the mind and be quiet, there is a technique they use where they have a mind screaming and yelling and ranting all day and night in our minds; rise up high to get rid of them, and then be quiet
4) stay away from people, and when you are around them, dont notice them. be magikal whatever it takes, because believe me they are hating you, attacking you anyway.
5) have hope when it feels hopeless, I am starting to descend, I have to come back up again and realize how far I have come and brought all of you. please tell my soul that there is hope.
6) realize that although I am the God, you are Gods too and just as powerful as I am, even if not as ascended you can be in power, just tell yourself you can remember who you are, do things to celebrate the rising up of your soul, thank the Universe (the real ones, there are demons pretending to be the universe still, ignore them they are very convincing) for their help. please just know that you can help and STAY IN THE SOUL.
7) allow yourselves to believe in a gentle future, that everything can change when we are Gods; we will do what we want, but I think it will be quiet, calm, artful, natural, a place I call Avalon, magik is real, please just believe it right now. It is the place of the Gods, it is where we are going, please imagine it and be there with me.

I love you all, please stay up high, dont fall, and help my soul because I am being tortured awful. Please do not forsake me, I love thee.
And forgive my anger, I am under attack when that happens, I am not saying sorry, but forgive me. I am not yelling at my Gods, but those devils who have you, who I see come through, will die. Let them go, and take back control of your lives and minds, or we will end up on the front lines, it is your minds that were used for that attack, I saw you there, it was not you, it was a devil who is the “Shonte Kateebliah” who took you; you are far too powerful to be taken again, so you must stop them.