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The Mind is Not a Place

We, the human Gods, have lived thousands of years in the human universe, and in that time millions of negative and traumatizing experiences happened because of demons. We are fragmented, shattered into pieces with dissociative disorders, PTSD.

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the goddess

Six Angels

Six “Angiay” (angels) came to me today. There names are Plenkontapleepmpleesatooeay, Flonsheetoooplee, Shondeeshondeefleekashoaneesopleefleahaseenteay, Shooshooseenteahfeenteacooteeseentee, Andiessahondiay, Keemsheekatooaneekasopleahvleeosook, “Omplee”, “Flonshee”, “Obloblontee”, “The Shoosh”, “Ceecee” and “Kee” for short.

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the goddess

Poppy’s Will Make Them Sleep

“Meyhah”, “Meyhah”, “Meyhah”, (mayday, mayday, mayday) the news is in, the People in the Sun are starting their “kashtoompliah” again, they plan to rape my soul mate all night, because he is “hot”. These are not witches but there are spells, they are not ancient spells but they have been used for thousands of years.

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the goddess

The Goddess is Dead

“Asonetapleasah Anee Kaplee Valoo Eena Kasoo”, that is my name in full. I am The Goddess (the one and only, there is only one, every Goddess is me) Anya Ka (fleontiay – the one in the sky who is on high, the one who is the human God, the one who is “ashoont” (pissed off and angry at the humans). In the beginning you were a species we called the “sheeontee” (chimpanzee), a loving, adorable and beautiful creature who would help keep the environment balanced and be loving and gentle.

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the goddess

The Devil

“Sheentah”, the one in the sky who is the devil, the “casamah”, the one who is my son, the “vlook”, the one who is the “shookatook” (The one in the sky on high, the one who ends it all, the “faltee” (evil one), who as a human is a gentle man who was used and abused by evil women and men, but as a God is the most evil that has ever lived.

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the goddess

The Story of Jesus Christ, as Told by His Mother

I am the “Fleshatoo” (the virgin of all time, the one in the sky, the one on high, the one who was not pure of sex, but pure of sex with human men; I was with my soul mates only, thus the virgin). I am “keshoo” (angry) and “vleekoo” (disgusted) with the “flookee” (human race) and have decided to end it. You are “sahh” (fucked up) in the “flonkee” (mind). You think it is important to have a “behind that is tight” to be a goddess. I am The Goddess, I am not tight, or fit, and I don’t care a bit, I am the One who will end it all, because you have killed my son again.

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the goddess

I am Hecate

Hecate (Kashkashkoontatee) is the “Kooshamah” (the one in the sky who will lie), the “Flook (the one who is a disgusting person, who will do what she has to do to get by) the “Fonkt” (I am a person who is unsure of who I am because people hate my vagina call me names that are untrue, like kind), the Lah (the non-feminist, the one who hates women, the “shookatah” or asshole, the “vigida” or vagina-hater), the Soontapleeasah (the fucked up one, the shaky one, the nutjob). I am the Kontekaplah (the person who hates mankind) and I am ready to fuck you up, as you humans say.

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the goddess

Dark Energy Release

A relaxing moment amidst the chaos of the “keepleeasee” (dark energies), “fleekteekatoo” (dark demonic energy), the war of the mind of which the human race will soon succumb if they do not find their souls. The “shoompleeatee” (The place in the sky that is peaceful, a peaceful place and time) is welcome and enjoyed. I am a fonetookleahasooh (a person who can make magical things that will soothe), planning future lotions and potions to produce tonight. In the universe, Gods are “Shaahokeeesasah” (I am the one in the sky who can do beautiful things even though I am in despair). I am learning not to care…even though I am the Goddess, I am no longer the muse or the savior. 

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the goddess

Dea Luna

Deshandeekeepleesoasahanee (I am the One who is the Moon), the Casaplah (the chosen one). My twin flame, the Sun, Ashontapleeasahasoanee, is weighing heavily on my mind. Separation is not real, but it is, everything in this world is an illusion. Twin flames are one soul and cannot be apart, but it tears apart my heart to be without him in his human form. We are together in the universe, the Shontahomiah (the one who is beautiful as a man and God, but must become the God to be with me), he and I.