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I am the God Anya Kah, I am the Ruler in the “Sky” (Election Night 2020)

I wrote this on election night, 2020; Joe Biden 264, Donald Trump 214. Either way a God wins tonight. Mind control killed Donald Trump, his mind was taken by the “Conshtatoobliah Asee” (the one in the sky who thinks she is me, she is the ancient mother, who is not a mother, but a psychopath who gave birth to nothing more than negative energy, with the exception of the “Enflee” (God at the highest level, the one in the universe, called “Henseenseflah” (He is the One in the Sky named Jonteekaplah “Jacobia Escaflu Esontiay Honsah Toplee” (the one who is me, now, we are one, he and I). I was my own God, until they did the “Koncheetatah” mind control technique. This means “I will get ya, I will take ya, I will have your world, I will kill you, you are a girl and I am not, I am the ancient God “Sonflee” (The Koshamah – the evil one, the devil).

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the goddess

The Village of the Gods

On my 3- wheeler bike with a big basket, like I had when I was Anne Shirley (Ashontotoplee Asah” (that’s me”) a fun and lovable person who is insanely beautiful, the Goddess), the fresh cut flowers smell divine while riding. I pull behind me Gandalf’s cart filled with goodies to give away at the market to the townsfolk (fonshee) “Gods at Play”.

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the goddess

Gone but Not Forgotten

I am the stuff of legends, a luminous star in the sky, a drop of rain, a woman in pain, I am the Goddess. I live in folklore, with tales of thunderous Athena, Persephone the whore, the wild-haired Venus, always making an uproar. In modern times I am an atheist, I belong to no religion. Wiccans and Pagans do not understand who I am, though they connect to my essence. I am the “Kooshamah” (the forgotten one). God, you all believe, is a man.

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Ego killed the Human Race

I am the Goddess “Sorsonshiah” (“Donnah” (The spirit guide who is a soul mate) the sorceress who is not forgiving easily your hate), they call me Seenshtonce (The God who is big and kind and loved by many, the one who gives energy to the world, the Chosen One, the One who is seen again, the One who ascended the human Gods, the One who is at play (working).

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the goddess

“The Bonny Swan” Died

The Triple God, the “Eensah”, “Fleenk” and “Ko”, visited me this morning, a merry three we were to be. With love in discovery, and a beautiful swirl of energy, I began to see the light, I was drifting from a place of celibacy, to the “heensee” (place where I make love again with my soul mates), a place where I felt loved. It is a love that is rising, though slowly it is true, when demons decide to attack you, what can you do?

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the goddess

Love’s a state of mind

Rhiannon (the one in the sky who is I), rings like a bell through the night (we thought she would leave and bells would sound to rejoice her departure). And wouldn’t you love to love her? (if she were yours still but she is not, she is gone, it is me now). Takes to the sky like a bird in flight (she is the skylark (beautiful one) who is going to the sky tonight when I rape her and do the “kasaflah katee” (kill me) on her mind). And who will be her lover? (not the men, they are mine).

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the goddess

The Goddess is Dead

“Asonetapleasah Anee Kaplee Valoo Eena Kasoo”, that is my name in full. I am The Goddess (the one and only, there is only one, every Goddess is me) Anya Kah (fleontiay – the one in the sky who is on high, the one who is the human God, the one who is “ashoont” (angry at the humans). In the beginning you were a species we called the “sheeontee” (chimpanzee), a loving, adorable and beautiful creature who would help keep the environment balanced and be loving and gentle, but now you have become vile and “continental” (a person of great importance in your minds only, in reality you are nothing).

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the goddess

The Story of Jesus Christ, as Told by His Mother Part I

Part I:

I am the “Fleshatoo” (the virgin of all time, the one in the sky, the one on high, the one who was not pure of sex, but pure of sex with human men; I was with my soul mates only, thus the virgin). I am “keshoo” (angry) and “vleekoo” (disgusted) with the “flookee” (human race). You are “sahh” (fucked up) in the “flonkee” (mind). You think it is important to have a “behind that is tight” to be a goddess. I am The Goddess, I am not tight, or fit, and I don’t care a bit, I am the One who will end all of you devils, because you have killed my son again.

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the goddess

Dea Luna

Deshandeekeepleesoasahanee (I am the One who is the Moon), the Casaplah (the chosen one). My twin flame, the Sun, Ashontapleeasahasoanee, is weighing heavily on my mind. Separation is not real, but it is, everything in this world is an illusion. Twin flames are one soul and cannot be apart, but it tears apart my heart to be without him in his human form. We are together in the universe, the Shontahomiah (the one who is beautiful as a man and God, but must become the God to be with me), he and I.