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Scribal Art

Illuminated manuscripts (called “Ooshakee” in the universe, are pretty paintings of a decorative nature that tell the story of the Gods) were created during the Medieval (Medieval means “uncivilized” and I am the one who fought during this time to make everyone literate) era as a way to communicate the scripture (she is the one in the sky, who is me, and it was written about the Gods and by the Gods.) to the illiterate parishioners of the Christian (“Shantootapleekasah” is me, I am the Christ, I am the mother, I am the One in the Sky on High) faith.

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a gentle healing home - decorating for the senses - cut flowers in vases and jars
Make Beautiful Things

A Gentle Healing Home – Decorating for the Senses

In an attempt to create a healing home that is comforting to my body, mind and spirit, I’ve been pondering the reasons “home” felt more relaxed and refreshing in the past than it does now, back when I was a child in the 70’s. And not just in my own home, but others as well. What is missing? What has changed?

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Make Beautiful Things

Cozy Winter Dried Orange and Clove Simmering Potpourri Blend Recipe

This Yuletide season I made clove-spiked orange and star anise ornaments to hang in the kitchen window. I added cinnamon sticks to some, and placed a few in a dish with pods and pine cones. The delightful little stained glass disks are a lovely reminder of the sun that is returning at Yule.

Now it’s the end of January and they are so lovely that I just couldn’t throw them out! So I decided to reuse them as a base for my simmering potpourri blend. Not only does this smell outstanding, but it so lovely to behold. Oranges have an invigorating scent, perfect to energize you out of the winter doldrums.

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