My name is “Myrrh”

“Myrrh” (Ompleeshenko Asoneaesahah Capleetakoo – I am a person in the sky who is on high, who is the “fleekanoh” (God who is the King of “Honshom” (Southern France), I had a good chance to fix something and forgot, so I went to the street corner and told the God “Shom” I was sorry, and he came to me and gave me forgiveness, and asked me to help him go to the forest to gather wood, and when I did I found the “plomshomptooteeneah ashobleah Asoneekatoo” (a person who is the “Evil One”) and he was gathering some, and I asked him to leave and go to the place from which he came, and to end the game, and when he left I found a gift from the “Kashomtee”, a beautiful little spec of dirt, I thought it was, it was the “fleem” (a person called the “Flompsoh Tapleekeeah” – a gift for the King who was to come to the Earth, his name was “Honshontotaplee” (the Highest Level – of the God named the “Flonsoe Neekiah Katoh” or “Jesus Christ”). So I gathered the little specs and played with them and burned them and the scent was that of the King of Kings, the “Gahomshom Tatooneah”, The God in the Sky called Jacobia. This is how I met the God, on Earth.


There is Only One Witch

Over 10,000 years ago I began the creation of the “Honsheentatoobliah” (a place called the “Earth”, a place of great wealth and power in the use of plants and animals for fertilizing the land). I am the “Honshon” (the GAIA). I along with the “Koompleah” (Great and powerful God, who is the One in the Sky, the “guy”) as well as the energies of over 829 Gods, manifested the energy of joy on this magnificent ancient planet.

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Manifest Money through the Money Plant

A lucky money plant (“fontalee” – A good luck charm used to inspire money, it is a form of mind control; control your mind and you control your destiny), but only demons in the world know how to do this, they use their minds to get what they want. So if see this post tonight, be grateful, because we (The Gods) just changed your life.

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Crystal Quartz “The Virgin”

Crystal quartz (“Cashooteeeeah” – the one in the sky who is the crystal clear one, the one who is clear and pure and the virgin, the one who is not clouded in her judgment, the one who is solid and beautiful) has much symbolism to me as The Goddess.

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