A Place Where Trees Talk

Critters (called “Cashkahondiay) in the human universe) on a shelf. The Cashkahondiay are people who are little, they twittle (do the dance) and do the skoot (do the wiggle). They are so cute. In the universe they are the “Fleenktee”, the fun ones who live in a place with trees that talk, when they want to, to the Gods.

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The Gothic Princess

“Aphlyntee”- A beautiful flower of sinuous shape, a curvaceous beauty. Blood red and elegantly vampy, the Calla Lily is Ashueentee (The Gothic Princess), she is me. With amazing curves like the Mashaplee (the person named Marilyn Monroe,) and the color of deep cherry, she is as beautiful as me, the Conshaplee (the Goddess).