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Tea for a Gypsy

This devine tea by “Teavana“, which is a bit like “nirvana” in a cup, is a new favorite. With lavender, pineapple, orange and notes of sage herb, it is a beverage of the Goddess, and it reminds me of travelling as a gypsy (“keenchee” – travelers of unknown places, who take to hand and make things to sell across the land) in the caravan, it has a “coomeeaeskaha” (calming, gentle but vibrant flavor) .  

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Elderflower: Herb of the Gods

Elderflower (apooshateekasah- an herb of epic proportions), a “vleekatoo” (an herbs that heals the mind and soul, by removing toxins and adding love), it is the “God” “Jesaflu” (Jesus Christ and Jacobia Escaflu), the “Joskahah” (the beautiful one, the Goddess) the “flakontee” (the one who is beautiful and elegant) and “raroo” (a rare and beautiful flower). Melon in a tea adds “fleenkh” (exhilaration).

Elderflower TeaElderflower SyrupElderflower Water

Egg Spinach Avocado Polenta Breakfast by livingbewitchingly.com
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Eggs with Mozzarella and Spinach, Avocado and Polenta Cakes

The recipe I came up with is based on the concept of avocado toast, (which we all love!) but minus the toast and replaced with the polenta cakes. This breakfast has 3 vegetable sources (spinach, avocado, corn), protein, herbs, and as a result some nice subtle flavor that pairs well with breakfast drinks such as coffee, orange juice or tea.

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Culinary Herbs Quick Reference Guide – What Herbs Go With What?

Wondering what culinary herbs pair well with what types of foods? Want to know what kitchen herbs to use with cheese, meat or seafood? Use our handy quick reference guide to using herbs and avoid the guesswork!

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