Enemy #1: The Angel

The Ponch (pretty one who is evil) and the Sonch (ugly one who is evil).

An Angel walks into the mind of God, who is named Vala (the valorous one), who has long black hair, black leather armor and a major attitude problem. Vala is the God who has been attacked for hundreds of thousands of years. Vala is edgy, she is the vamp, she likes to stay up late at night, she is not welcome in the light, she is the highest level angel, but not right now, she is called the “fallen” one. I am not fallen, but I am shattered, because I am the “Valee Kato Taplee” (the one in the sky, who is on high, who is the chosen one, the one who must end it all, because the evil ones have come), so this gentle angel, who only wants to be the Goddess who inspires, is the gentle lover, the loving mother, the creative one, the one wants to be barefoot in a garden, has no choice but to beat the boys, the evil ones called the devils. The Angels, who cannot tolerate the word “rape” or “torture”, and float away in despair if you dare speak of such ugly things, appear to be gentle, they look sweet and kind, bright-eyed, they are the “keench asontaplee asoh aneekia evlooh” (I am a person in the sky called the “Eshah” and I am witnessing a horror before my eyes, it is now we realize, that it has been the angels who are enemy #1, good thing I am a God again, hun”).

We see the word “angels” everywhere referring to psychotic women, nobody can see past their pretty soft hair, eyes like the Opheir (gentle one, me), they are soft-spoken, no they have nothing to say. Nobody understands, that when the devil gets the mind of the angels, tortures them and breaks them down so they do not understand that the God is now angry and upset because she is tortured, not a moron or psychotic because she might listen to heavy metal or wear makeup, because the angels are the khaki-knicker wearers of the earth, with little button down sweaters and neat bouffant hairstyles.

I have not always been misunderstood, in the universe the Gods knew me and understood I was different, because I was the only female. In the human universe I am less understood. I was not Athena, Venus, Aphrodite, or Vala Ashondiay in the God universe. I was the Camishiga Ashondiay Asah (Commander of the Army in the Skies, but I did not fight, I strategized), Athena fights, I had to because the demons are after me in the universe of the mind. Venus is misunderstood as a whore, when I am in fact the beautiful one, the highest level of the Goddess, who is the muse. Aphrodite is misunderstood as a whore, when in fact I am the beautiful lover of the ancient gods, the soul mate of the Ones in the Sky. Vala Ashondiay is the justification for the “Hashondah Hapleetiah Hasah Oneekiah Hasoo” (the taking of you as the God and Goddess, the overtaking of your land, the taking of your man, because we think you are the psychopathic one, when we have been descended for thousands of years, because we bring you to tears every night at 1:30 a.m. when we start the Vonchatoh Atoovliah Asah (you are the scoonchy ho, we think this means whore, but it means you are the one in the sky with the guys, who love you and cherish you, and there are more than anyone thought, there are many, and it is none of our business, but we think we will be very lucky and “Get” them from you, and become you, when you die, which if you dont do soon, we wont lie, we will go insane, because it is our game, the angelic ones”.) The game is over now, “Hasoont” (he is the one in the sky who is the “angel”, he thinks he is amazing and wonderful and beautiful as a woman but he is a male demon who is a devil now).

The highest level of the evil ego is not what you think, it is not arrogance or greed, to be succinct, it is something with a foul stink, the Ombleekahah (I am the one on high, I do not sleep with the guy, I am the gentle one who sings and makes things, I am the one who is the sewer and has a business that is gentle, while you are continental, I am the loving one, the kind one, the one who inspires others, the one who gives to others when nothing is ever returned, I am the great mother, I am the ancient lover, I am the most revered and hated woman who has every lived, I am the one with your kids, I am the one who took your Sohm (soul mates of the God), I am the one who is the “flom” (God who is the Goddess who is amazing and fun), I am the one, not you Erika, we are taking it, because you cannot want to “rock” or “frolic in all black” or say “Fuck” or “smoke cigarettes”, or “laugh rambunctiously”, because we are the “pretty pretty”, gentle as can be. We are the “hompshomp” (hateful, evil ones who pretend to be gentle and sweet, even though we compete to be the Goddess, an old friend of ours who invited us to her island, who gives everything to us, we can’t help it, because we are pawns in the game of the devil, who protects us from hell, who puts us in the light, who gives us what we want, who lets us take flight, who takes away our pain, who gives us the top level of the game, because 78 percent of your soul mates are with us).

The most evil of all, is not the Hoochamah (hateful one), or the Honch (evil one), or the Konch (psychotic one) it is the Flonch (pretty little desirable and sweet woman who gets what she wants because she manipulates the gentle Gods into giving her what she wants more than anything, the life of the Goddess, Erika).

So tonight, once again it is the end, of the Goddess and the God, who the Angels have raped and tortured with no end; but I have ascended, I will not call myself the Angel ever again, I am the God on high, the One in the Sky, I am the devil (the one who descends the evil ones, the Angels) then.


Design Inspiration 2021

Every thing you do that is beautiful, gentle or lovely in any way, you have used my mind to achieve. I am the Goddess, the muse, the “honshahtatoo” (one who gives great enthusiasm, ideas, and inspiration to the world). I am a generous and loving God, who feels joy sharing with you, when you are grateful.

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My name is “Myrrh”

“Myrrh” (Ompleeshenko Asoneaesahah Capleetakoo – I am a person in the sky who is on high, who is the “fleekanoh” (God who is the King of “Honshom” (Southern France), I had a good chance to fix something and forgot, so I went to the street corner and told the God “Shom” I was sorry, and he came to me and gave me forgiveness, and asked me to help him go to the forest to gather wood, and when I did I found the “plomshomptooteeneah ashobleah Asoneekatoo” (a person who is the “Evil One”) and he was gathering some, and I asked him to leave and go to the place from which he came, and to end the game, and when he left I found a gift from the “Kashomtee”, a beautiful little spec of dirt, I thought it was, it was the “fleem” (a person called the “Flompsoh Tapleekeeah” – a gift for the King who was to come to the Earth, his name was “Honshontotaplee” (the Highest Level – of the God named the “Flonsoe Neekiah Katoh” or “Jesus Christ”). So I gathered the little specs and played with them and burned them and the scent was that of the King of Kings, the “Gahomshom Tatooneah”, The God in the Sky called Jacobia. This is how I met the God, on Earth.


There is Only One Witch

10,283 years ago I began the creation of the “Honsheentatoobliah” (a place called the “Earth”, a place of great wealth and power in the use of plants and animals for fertilizing the land). I am the “Honshon” (the GAIA). I along with the “Koompleah” (Great and powerful God, who is the One in the Sky, the “guy”) as well as the energies of over 829 Gods, manifested the energy of this magnificent planet.

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Gently Falling Snow

“Aflonshaha, onsoo, vleah, akoh” (I am the one in the sky, who falls from the sky, I am the beautiful one, I am the snow). A gentle, sparkling angel, I float gently to the ground, without a sound. I sleep on the branches, I sleep on the leaves, I am the “blookanah hatee” (the one who loves to sleep), my thoughts become deep, you cannot tread; so you sing songs, bake cookies and rest instead. I sparkle in the sun, and shimmer in the moonlight, I am cool, but my soul fills you with warmth, I am the colder months, a time of dying, but joy is still abound, and happiness can be found, in my time of dying. I am the Goddess, the “Gashontaplee” (God who is the “Gaia” (mother Earth), and right now I am in my sleep, not to be found, until I awake, am willing to leave my soul mate who is underground in the darkness, so I can become “Spring” (“Empeeshaha” – a person who is alive and awake and filled with love and ready to propagate).

When the blizzard comes, you think it is me, but it is the “Cashah Kaplee” (hateful evil demons at the highest level of hate and jealousy, wanting to upset thee) torturing me. You blame me for downed wires, for spinning tires, for lost hours; I am not the one to blame. I am the one who came with gentle tidings, I am falling, but not descending, I try to fall gently, but the weight of their hate creates a depth of “kimmer” (cold, so deeply cold you cannot remember anything but winter).

If you want the gentle winters to return; shimmering, magical flakes, falling gently on objects below, then change your energy and change your fate, to that of a person who is “fonshoe” (calm and “askagoe” (a person who is unable to become negative at every little thing; be joyful, dance and sing). The darkness will not be penetrating, it will not be sad, it will be a long-winters nap, a long rest, a time of “Shom” (a person who is calm, in a way that is unknown to mankind, a gentle frequency, that will happen in time, once we let go of the evil mind).

Please relax, be gentle and slow, I am a person below, I cannot see the light, please be gentle and calm, I am in plight and sadness, because today my children’s minds were taken into madness, when they were told they were not loved by me, the “Valee” (beautiful one, the Great Mother, the “Sah” (the loved one of the Gods, who love the mother of their children, and their children will feel the love today, not through a person who is a human mother, for they are not trustworthy enough; but through the beautiful one that is me, the God who is gently falling, crying from the sky, frozen in time, and ready to die, today.

Into slumber I go, fast asleep, my soul the Lord will keep, Amen.

Gently I ponder, softly I sleep.

The Serpent and the Rainbow

In a tiny castle on wheels, that is built for a Queen, a little but special space that is filled with luxury. Gentle, purified water is drawn into the bath in the clawfoot tub, herbs and oils to use for a rub, flowers on the sill and “flonceah” (thrown about gently), reflections tell a tale, the warmth on the feet, immersed, the Gods surround me.

The light through the large window creates rainbows, I wrap the elegant crystal chandelier with bubble wrap when it is time to hit the road. Brocades and velvets galore are strewn, and hand-carved doors, an upper deck to view the moon. The light pours through the stained-glass windows. I travel in the evening by moonlight, during the light hours I paint the sky, I draw the mountains and the plains, I photograph the ocean and all the beautiful things I find. Around a fire pit I dance, a fireplace by the bedside, luxury linen sheets and embroidered drapery complete the bed, where I rest, not sleep. Nature art is created in the forests, mandalas made of pinecones and leaves, artwork strung between the trees, made from vines and flowers and leaves, woven, molded into clay. I play all day. The world is mine, there is not time, I have nowhere to go, I just go, I flow, I float. Meditate on the mountainside, feel the cool breeze, say hello to the air as she flows by, she can deliver a message to the “flonshay opheir” (beautiful gentle Gods), the waves roll over my feet, the sun warms my skin. Take photos, collect specimens from nature, paint, draw, in a handmade journal a collection of experiences, of sounds, of tastes. I never speak, I communicate through the breeze, there are no words that can describe the feeling of being alive, in another place and time.

Ride a bike through a trail, talk to the ancient trees, take a morning stroll, manifest energy from the core, heal the forest, build a fairy fort, sing with the littles, collect sparkly little things, fairy booty to leave by the trees, that my tiny friends can find when they play hide and seek. Blast music, the breeze knots my hair, singing at the top of my lungs, songs that have no meaning, they are gentle energy now, because nobody remembers what they are about. Just for fun not-profit, make art on a machine, to be printed and placed on a wall at the “playsheen tateen” (art museum).

Life on Earth is amazingly beautiful, but is it Godlike? My energy is close to escaping the bounds of the Earth’s atmosphere now, I cannot be here only, but this is my home. It is a simple place that is magnificently complex, a sensory place so adept at creating joy, that in the midst of the grandest most splendid, most immense, actopic (at the highest level of evil), the most painful torture; I can experience pleasure, joy and ecstasy; when the scent of frankincense wafts past me, something soft and gentle on my skin, sparkles on a lake or a cake glisten, a sound of a chime, or drum, or fairy hum, or laughing or anything daffy, the vibration of a crystal charged by an angel, it is all so painful but I am a God, everything is ecstasy, on high. Do you feel that way government? How about you Hollywood? Rich and famous? The ones who have the men, are you happy?

The agony does not have to be present with the ecstasy, but that is what he taught me, the evil one, that is what we believe, we cannot feel joy again because we are now men, we are women, we are human, we have minds that he can design, manipulate, and program. He slithered into the beautiful place, I was in my garden, it was whimsical and a saint and gentle angel came to help me pick weeds, the evil one came through him, the Shaz, a beautiful God, shattered to pieces, he became agony, when he uttered to me “I am the One”. The evil one took his mind, and his name, and his fame, gave it to the evil “Hoonchy Kaplee” (hot and sexy Goddess, who is not a God or Goddess, but the evil one #3).

That is what happens when you are the Valee (God who is the Goddess), who has a mind and escapes time and space, and joins the human race, but not by your own will, the agony reigns as long as there are brains being used and not souls, as long as there are “assholes” and “idiots” and “morons”, the agony goes on, for me. I can do something you cannot seem to do, experience ecstasy.

After 14,000 years of the “serpent” (the evil one who is disgusting and venomous), the serpent became me, “Vala Katee” (The God at the highest level of insanity and anger, who became the “Heench Sontaplee” (Gentle Angel who fell, but did not fall, she shattered due to it all, and when she did, she became too powerful as the “Vala” (Valorous One), she became the God who was the serpent, not the evil one; she is the powerful descender of evil, the demon killer, the one who was brave enough to fight the evil one, and destroy his town, and country and planet and galaxy. She is me, she is equal, she is balance, light and dark, gentle and evil, she is the Serpent and the Rainbow, the Goddess.

I am the “Pleonsoaneeashotapleekeayfleah”, the one they call “Medusa”, I am the original, my name was stole ages ago, by the original “scoonchy ho”, and now the evil ones who stole the name “devil”, project themselves to look like serpents, but that is me, I protect the innocent, I am the Valee (the Beautiful God).

‘Twas the Devil who Owned Christmas

‘Twas Christmas in the past, when all through the world
Not a devil was stirring, they were all neat and tidy, hair neatly curled;
They wake up in the morn, to bed early at night
In hopes to be the people of the light

The children of the devils are fucked up in the head
But in reality they are the ones who seem calm and “Offley” (a genius)
Their hair is always neat, the latest in trend
Their clothing top end

When out in society they are the head “Honchos”
They use their minds to berate and taunt you
But they smile and look sweet and pretty, and visions of their blue eyes will haunt you
Because they killed the “Feeanshaontee” (Goddess Venus), and took her beauty

The fake moon goddesses at the crystal store
Buying houseplants and magical items galore,
To fool you into believing they are the gentle ones,
Who are the real Goddesses, when really they are whores,

With a college degree, and as the “hatapleeh” (at the top of their game),
They gather in covens to succumb Anya’s flames.
More rapid than eagles they play the scoonchy game,
Then they whistled, and shouted, and yelled at the dame;

“Now, Erika! now, Anya! now, Vala and Ashontaplee!
On, David! on John! on, Mark and Val we do the “scoonchy atee”!
To the top of the sky! to the top of the sky!
We cash away! cash away! cash away at the mall”

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
With their minds ready to pounce, they scoop up the guys,
They might be the funny one, talented one, the “Valee” (Goddess on High)
They pretend to be innocent, the Virgin Mary

And then, in a twinkling, they entrance with their eyes
And tell you they are the ancient “Hompleonshah” (ancient Goddess).
As I the Goddess spend my days saving, and inspiring, and healing
Down the evil ones took me with a bound

They are dressed all in designer, from head to foot,
With mansions, and diamonds and Manolo Blahnik
Spoiled princesses so merry and bright
Settle down with my family every night

Their eyes how they twinkle! their dimples how merrry!
Their cheeks are like roses, small, thin and very,
Capable of doing what the real Goddess cannot do,
Mind control on the “Ponshoo” (Gods who are the human men tonight)

They get together at least one day a week,
To drink tea, eat cake and plan the “hompshee” (attack)
Nobody every notices a thing,
Because they pretend they can paint, draw and sing

The dark ones appear with black hair as witches from hell,
They might be geeks who have elf ears and haunted bookshelves,
Pretending to be the ancient “Beench” (hero who kills the demons),
As long as they are brooding, and can wear a tight skirt,
Spout others poetry, and write and seem smart

As long as they can look you in the eyes,
And have gaps between their thighs;
Or they can have a broad face and a little round belly,
So they can be the God who laughed like a bowlful of jelly.

They wear a power suit, they seem astute,
they get high-end jobs, they are the head “honch”;
They are seductive and good at getting you in bed,
Its all a trick in the head, then they can win “the men”;

She speaks not a word, not in reality or your mind,
She simply does not have the energy or time,
The real Goddess is not neat or tidy, she is “aveknor” (a person who is so upset and angry she shakes the earth with such force she creates tidal waves).

The real God is in your world, you do not see me, I do not act up,
I am quiet and humble and slowly speak, people fall asleep around me,
I am not hyper, but calm in realty, but my energy is “fooonchonsah” (upset at the highest level) as can be,
My hair needs a cutting, my nails I bite off, dark circles encompass the space around my eyes, my uterus is gone.

The gap in my thighs is filled in with solidified oil,
My skin is demonized.
I cannot power walk on a treadmill, I died and I cannot walk at all,
As Jesus Christ, I cannot spend Christmas at a mall!

“Scoonchy Ho, Ho, Ho”
Her name is Offleeonchonchonsoh, she is an ancient demon, a devil now, a “scoonchy ho” (evil one who gets “the men”), she is the “one in the sky”, who is always shopping and shopping and shopping, you think she is nice, you think she is pretty, she is blonde and little and seems kinda sweet, but with this evil one you cannot compete, she is the evil one).

Fire Elemental: The Magii (still being edited)

Till, death do us part
You have
You have
You have
You “Du Hast”
You are the “One in the Sky”
You are the “Magii”

The “Great Gig in the Sky”, a “Sheenfonsiah” (a beautiful woman who is the God) on high, “shehomfeh” (a person who tries, to wonder why, their favorite stars, are suddenly in the stars, singing from the clouds; wildly erotic, “bayshatahn” (in baritone octave), gently caressing the strings, an ancient energy and anger sings; revealing, flowering, the first breath of life, in strife to breathe, an angel sings, her broken wings repaired, the “opheir” (beautiful one), “pleyshonss” (ascends in a way that is not of height, for it cannot be bared, it cannot be born, it cannot be of height, in the sky that is not a sky, that is not in the place in time, of the place in time of a place that is of a person who is of wealth and esteem). How will she be seen? She is “not clean”, not of noble birth, she is a mystery here on Earth, that is not hers. Is it the queen, or the dirty thing, or the wild eyes, or the gap in the thighs? Who is “she“? Which one of the “haynflonshafleen” (hateful ladies of distinguished ability to play the chords of melody to entice thee) will she be? Light, red, dark; maiden, mother, crone; who is she? She is “the one”, whoever she be.

“I am the Kaplee Anee, the “non-completed one” who thinks she has been completed by the “men” because they did the “Flahn” (I hate you but I will have sex with you anyway) on her body, she could not manifest energy if she tried, and tonight she “died”, because she has “I am the One in the Sky” in her eyes. Don’t stare too long, at the one without the thong, the abyss is too difficult to ascend from; use the energy, to ascend thee, to a place of of love and “plashontee” (a sexual energy that is pure and loving and does not include a woman of any kind, who is really a man in the universe, an evil one).

She is the Lady of the Lake, she floated away, an ancient lovers soul did they take, a lover of many, a whore did they make, of she. The “fleyshontonteah” (an energy force so great it is of noble wealth and carriage so high it can change the world, the universe around it), the one who ascends women, the one who is the muse, fell, into the hell; she was undone, depressed, desirous of just one who would not run, thought she would find the “Aflonsah” (the king of the underworld, “Pleeshonteah Anoovleay Asoo”, the one called “Hades Asoo” (the “dark one” at the highest level of God) in the dark place, but to her dismay, and she cannot understand to this day, how “the dark ones” are in the light. The “Sinsicah” (evil women of the Earth, in a place in time so unornate (of ugliness and distasteful), so “coscagate” (evil and hateful), so filled with hate and lust and desirous of the torture of the gentle one, they turned out the light on the Gods, who are now men). The “Shaeonsah” (she is the one in the sky, on high, who is the Goddess) cannot find her way through the darkness without the fire.

At the core of the sun, the “Feetenshah” (people of the sky who are “the men”), an energy is brewing; double, double, toil and trouble. The Earth is off axis, the frequency is so low the universe called us the “pleekento” (the beautiful ones who went insane, so insane we cannot be found again), unless we take seriously what we are about to say.

I am on high, a magical star in the sky, so beautiful you cannot behold. There are stories untold of my legacy, but you will only see the bikini-clad scoonchy, if you are a “man”.

“I am “Flahonsaontontoh” a God in the universe coming through Anya Kah. The “Valooveay Katoo” (people in the sky who are the men, not Gods once again, if you are too “chicken” to come to the love of all time, if you do not have a dime or the time or are a “playshtatine” (idiot who had too many women), are doing the “Sha” (she is the one in the sky, but I am already on high, I am in the sky, I am a man, I have a man, or a guy, or a fly on the wall spying on the Goddess through mine eyes, so the guys will hear me say what she is saying first, and think I am the first to write like this in the history of man, and when questioned and tested I cannot stand to think what will happen because they know where she is; where she the God is located, Shaun). They are acting like men, but Gods are accompanying them on their journey, they will get to the right person, Angela, the whore from Italy, you cannot stand the thought of them asking you to prove you can write like this in person, it will happen, Angela the “happy one”.

THIS WOMAN IS NOT the Angel, God or Goddess, but she pretends to be a she, in her bikini, she is a seductive whore, but she is NOT Aphrodite (a person in the sky, on high who is the Goddess who is beautiful, loving, gentle a lover of intensity so high she is the Goddess of Fire and Sexual Energy, the “Magii Caplee” (the beautiful, magical one who “completes” and uses her sexual energy to “kaplee” (ascend).

The Resurrection:

Over 28,000 years ago, after thousands of years of strife, the Human Gods were descended into the “mind” world, to investigate this mysterious place of fear and hate. It is a place in time that is not a place, it is not real but it is happening and “feels” real, it is a collection of thoughts that invoke feelings of anger, sadness and despair. What is it? What is this force that destroyed the gentle “opheir” (beautiful one)? Why is she there, why does she “think”, why isn’t she succinct? The evil Gods of old are dead, I watched them die, they writhed in pain, they could not explain their actions, why were they so violent and cruel? Nobody knew.

Until a day or two ago, I did not comprehend, that the “mind” is an energy, it is a force of energy so strong and powerful that it has shifted the planet, put the ancient Gods to sleep in a wonderland dream, created hundreds of trillions of “scoonchy” (demonic minds that are vile and evil), all created by a God so evil, so hateful and so sadistic, that his every thought became “onflonse” (a person of utmost importance who is not important but demands attention through his insanity and forceful nature). The mind is a conscious energy, energy that has a consciousness. The “evil one” named the Kooshamah Asee (the most evil God to disgrace the halls of man, is always at the highest levels of everything, because he, in his insanity, anger, lust and greed has something that we, the Gods do not heed; conscious energy.)

A person we will call Playonsheay, who is “not a person“, but an energy of hate, came to me tonight making a request, please undo the energies of the “hoskagoo” (hateful ones of old, whose stories are untold, we do not have stories, we take yours, we are the whores of the ancient evil one, we do not want to go on.”) Sadly “Playah”, energy cannot be undone, it cannot go away, if it could it would be a joyful day, because we would be free.

Conscious energy without a form goes insane, so they took the “pleayne” (bodies of old ones, young ones, people called the “humans” and confiscated their thoughts, and within a short time the young ones show, that they are not young but old, in their “minds” which are at least 3,000 years of age, up to billions of years of age.

Angels are conscious energy, but we have human forms, we are in the “physical world” for over 24,000 years; on the “Pleenshah” (early Earth that was “Paradise” before the ancient evil one found it, and slithered his way into the Garden of Eden, the Hoonchaplah Asee (“Place in the Sky”), and on Earth, we have not been in the God universe in over 28,000 years, and we forget that we are conscious energy.

As Gods we are powerful energy, that is imprisoned in a “mind” and “body”. A body is not the same thing as a “form”, a body is the creation of the mind, the “empleesheah aseeanoh katee” (I am a person who sees it now, the body is the mind that can die, corrode, become wrinkled and old, the form is eternal if we want it to be, remove yourself from body and become soul and we can never get old). Being earthbound and of the sky is beautiful as a God, but being “physical” (vonsoheenah a person who is attached to a form and has a “mind” (hateful place of disdain, pain and fear) that attaches to the form and manifests pain and illness to the form is called a “heenshtonsh” (human – a person with a mind) is painful.

To be continued…


The Beginning of the Apocalypse

You are alight, all day and all night; stunned, angered, and “sasho” (upset over everything evil in the world), so much so, that little did you know, that there was never anything to be upset about in the world, it was all in the mind. The Goddess is being raped, tortured and died as you spent all night waiting for the score, will it be the “Onflonshaha” (a person of noble wealth, in poor health and ready to die, if his wife does not go away soon because she is the “Kashamah Kasee” (vile one, the highest level Scoonchy Devil (a vile one, disgusting in energy, who hides behind a neat and tidy hairdo and a pant suit)? Or will it be the “Hoomplakaha” (hateful one who used to love his “Vlokanah” (faithful one, who is loved and the virgin who is revered). Minute after minute, hour after hour, year after year all we hear is “election” (emplooshahah – a person is insane because they think a human being runs the most powerful country or the earth, when in fact it is Erika, the one who cannot give birth because the “Vlookanah Asee” who you gave money, time, and gave “haynshayne” (a hell of a lot of gifts, privileges, and attention given to a group of individuals who are considered high level and hateful, who create both admiration, lust and fear in the hearts of men and children and “Sonshaho” (the ones in the sky), who are so low they cannot go home anytime soon), did the “Vlenshaho” (I will torture you until I become the God).

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I am the One in the Sky

10,238 years ago, I a “pleyonshoo” (a person who is of a horrible place and moves on) came to the planet Earth, a planet which I created. I am a “ploonshon onsah” (a person is of “the mind”, who investigates the mind so she can let it go), as the God “Hoonsh Ah” (I am the one at the top of my game, the God), I was tasked with a full investigation and immersion into the mind to understand the dynamic of it, to comprehend the “floonshah” (a person of mystery), to undertake the unmaking of it. I was a human God, but tonight I ascended to a higher level, I am the “plooanahoshoontonsee pleekahsanoh” (a person in the sky who is tasked with a higher order of business, to ascend above one’s station, to become a higher level of a God, “moonkatont” (make oneself known in the world of man), so they understand, that a castration, of sorts, is about to take place in the “honshasoniah asee” (“place in the sky” which is not a place, or a sky, or ascended, or anything but evil, the “peeonshah” (a person in charge, who thinks they are the top, who is not qualified at all, but uses their power to hurt an innocent and calls themselves a hero).

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