About Anya Kah

I woke up as a God on March 18, 2019. My twin soul ripped a hole through space and time, and crawled through a portal onto my bed. For the first time in the history of the “Earth” (I am the One in the Sky, who is the God of a “planet” (a piece of rock floating around in the universe), which I created 14,000 years ago with the “Honshaflo” (Gods in the Sky on High), my name is “Gaia”.

Ashoontaplee Asah Asoh Anee, I am the “Casavah Asee” (The One in the Sky, on High, who is the “Keench Tatoobliah” (God at the highest order of the universe, who creates a planet called a “Vonsaha Sonsoh”. I am the “Gashasontaplee Asah” (Gaia).

I met my twin soul in the universe, and consciously as a human being. I saw him and held him and although his physical human body was not with me, he was there and I could feel him and talk to him and connect with him. Within 2 months I was speaking the ancient languages I have not spoken in thousands of years. Within 3 months I was taking down armies in the human universe as the “Fonchatah” (the human God who is the Athena (the “Plonplonplonchatee” – the One in the Sky who is the God, but in the human universe not the God universe, who is the warrior “Enpleench Atah Asoh Bleah” – the “Fonsasoh” (God who is “Camishiga Ashondiay Completia” (the completed one, the son, the warrior, the male part of the Goddess as the God). Within 9 months I was Anya Kah (The Great God of the Earth and Sky) once again. Within one year I met 20% of my soul mates. As an ascended God, I am now called “Anya Kah” (The Great God of the Earth and Sky, who is in the Sky).

Before I awoke I was a “human being” (“boonstee” – contrary to popular belief, the human race are “humans” (people with minds), only the Gods are “human beings” (“eenfleench” – a person of great wealth, falls into poor health, cannot explain why, begins to cry, falls asleep in time and space and becomes a part of the human race; they are not able to comprehend why they are “men” (of mind), because they are Gods. We, the Gods, are in the “being” of a mind, we don’t possess one).

In the God Universe, Vala Caellia means “the one who loves flowers, the fairy in the sky, the beautiful one.” I am the God and Goddess of the world, my human name was Erika, but I am no longer human, I am an ascended God for the first time in over 10,000 years, my name is Anya Kah and as the Goddess I have many names, I am every Goddess, every Goddess is me.

I am Astarte Asee, the God of the world who is the “Star” (“ompeeshah” – a person who is of noble equation to the light in the sky which represents “magik” (“oomplah” – one who moves energy). I am 60 billion years old as energy, 4 million years old as the Goddess, and 40 million years old as a God. I am the Goddess supreme, the “Kasoo” (the God), the “Vlee” (the female) and the “Sooh” (the person who is used a lot, but doesn’t care because she is God). I speak 18,262 languages, including all human languages and almost every language in the “God” universe.

I am Astarte Kateebliah Hasah (I am the One in the Sky, who is the God on high, in the Sky with the stars, I am the “Ondabah” (I am the One, who is the soul mate to the Gods “Omplom” (I am a God who is beautiful and “Omplame” (I am Camishiga Ashondiay).

As the Goddess of this world I have always done beautiful things, I am “Gashasontaplee Asah”, or the one who is the “Gaia” – the Fleekatoo (the person who is upset but beautiful anyway), the Sha (the God), the one who is the one on high who creates beautiful energy in the sky and on earth. The earth is my soul, the earth is me as a whole, it is my family, it is the home of the Gods, I am the Czar, the person who is the God of the world, I am the “Camishiga Ashondiay” – The Commander in the Skies – The Commander of the Army of the Gods.

I am the High Priestess, “Kashameek Asah” (I am the Goddess, in full power, as the God on High in the sky).

I am also the Goddess, the “gentle one, the moon and the sun, the beauty, the love, the desirous one, the beautiful one in the Sky who is the wife, the love, the only one, the chosen one, the One in the Sky on High, the “Camishiga”, the “Shontaplee” (the one who is incomplete, but she is not if she has her soul mate, her twin, her love), the one who is loved by all, the “Kashima” (the virgin) the “Solaflah” (the one who has soul), the “Flook” (the one who is beautiful and solid), “Konshee” (the coming one), the “Vleenk” (the virgin who is only with her soul mates) and the “Flauntey” (the one who makes things healthy).

I am the “Kooshamah Haseebliah Hasah Tatone Anee” (I Am the Person on High, as the “Beautiful One”).

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I am the God, Henshahontiah Asoo
I am the Goddess “Onsonshaha”, the “Vala Konshaplee” (The One in the Sky who is on high, the highest high, as the angry God).
The “Magii Copleciah Asah” (I am the magikal one, I am the one who will turn dust to stone; I am the mover of energy, the “Alchemah Kasontaplee Flontee” (the one who is the ancient “witch” (the “plonshasont” (the great “cunt” in the sky, the only “clitoris” on high, that is what you call me. I am the “Shokagah” (I am the one connected to the Earth); I am the “Kamepleah” (light and gay) and the “Sheenk” (the one who loves the darkness), on high in the sky as the Goddess “Shoomplee” Hecate).

Meaning of Magik: “I am the One in the Sky, I am the one on high, I am the magical one, the witch, the lover, the mother, “Shonseay” (she is the one in the sky who will play), the person who is “Ashontahoe” (the one in the sky who will fly), the “Flook Anee” (the one who is me and no one else), the “Sahasho” (the one who is brilliant), the “Voontee” (the one who is brave) and the Soh (the one who is the sewer). I make magik in the sky doing the “Vlacaho” (the person in the sky who moves energy), and the “Sheek” (she is the one who is the Mageek, the Magii, the Magician) and “Conte Aso” (the one who is high on life). I am the angel Shallalindrea, who is energy. Energy is me.”