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I am the “fontatoo” (Goddeess) Katublia (The one in the sky who is “hooflee”, beautiful but not because I am in despair, I am the “opheir” (gentle one) who is “onflee” (fucked up) in my mind there.

In the God Universe, Vala Caellia means “the one who loves flowers, the fairy in the sky, the beautiful one.” I am the God and Goddess of the world, my human name was Erika, but I am no longer human, I am an ascended God for the first time in over 8,000 years, my name is Anya Ka and as the Goddess I have many names, I am every Goddess, every Goddess is me.

I am Escuunchi, the God of the world. I am 60 billion years old as energy, 4 million years old as a God, and 40 million years old as an angel. I am the Goddess supreme, the Homeea (human being), the Kasoo (the God), the Vlee (the female) and the Sooh (the person who is used a lot, but doesn’t care because she is God), Keemia Kasah (the One who is the One), the One in the sky, the One on high, the God of the human race. I speak 18,262 languages, including all human languages and almost every language in the “God” universe.

As the Goddess of this world I have always done beautiful things, I am Gashasontapleeasah, or the one who is the “Gaia” – the Fleekatoo (the person who is fucked up but beautiful anyway), the Sha (the God), the one who is the one on high who creates beautiful energy in the sky and on earth. The earth is my soul, the earth is me as a whole, it is my family, it is the home of the Gods, I am the Czar, the person who is the God of the world, I am the “Camishiga Ashondiay” – The Commander in the Skies – The Commander of the Army of the Gods.

I am also the Goddess, the “gentle one, the moon and the sun, the beauty, the love, the desirous one, the beautiful one in the Sky who is the wife, the love, the only one, the chosen one, the One in the Sky on High, the Camishiga, the Shontaplee (the one who is incomplete, but she is not if she has her soul mate, her twin, her love), the one who is loved by all, the Kashima (the virgin) the Solaflah (the one who has soul), the Flook (the one who is beautiful and solid), Konshee (the coming one), the Vleenk (the virgin who is only with her soul mates) and the Flauntey (the one who makes things healthy).

I am an ascended God now, but I still have a human body and live among the human race. I have lived as a human being in the past and did human things; I earned a degree in Graphic Design, I ran a small business sewing costumes for sale, I love music, art, and magikal things. Now I am God again, after many years of being kept in a state of “acore” (unconsciousness in my mind, which was created by the whore “Camara Contatee” (the evil one, the demon of the world, the “Sasaflah” name Sharon).

Magik: “I am the One in the Sky, I am the one on high, I am the magical one, the witch, the lover, the mother, Shonseay (she is the one in the sky who will play), the person who is Ashontahoe (the one in the sky who will fly), the Flook Anee (the one who is me and no one else), the Sahasho (the one who is brilliant), the Voontee (the one who is brave) and the Soh (the one who is the sewer). I make magik in the sky doing the Vlacaho (the person in the sky who moves energy), and the Sheek (she is the one who is the Mageek, the Magii, the Magician) and Conte Aso (the one who is high on life). I am the angel Shallalindrea, who is energy. Energy is me.”

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I am the God “Feensee Ontoo Kasoontiay” (the one in the Sky who is Gay, the one in the sky who is on high, the highest level God that has ever existed in the human race, the “fontaha” (fucked up one who is “applie” (fucked up one who is fucked up as can be, but still loves her family and cannot hide from her pain of losing them again). I am “ashtoot” (without my “floot” (soul mates) because they “assanate” (asleep) and I am now awake.