Anya Ka

In the God Universe, Vala Caellia means “the one who loves flowers, the fairy in the sky, the beautiful one.” I am the God and Goddess of the world, my human name is Erika, my name as the God of your world is Anya Ka. I am the goddess rising, awakening, I have been in a slumber as the Goddess with my soul family for thousands of years, as we lived as human beings. As the God of this world I have always done beautiful things, I am Gashasontapleeasah, or the one who is the “Gaia” – the Fleekatoo, the Sha, the one who is the one on high who creates beautiful energy in the sky and on earth. The earth is my soul, the earth is me as a whole, it is my family, it is the home of the Gods, and I want you to learn about who I am and who we are… I am the czar, I am the God, I am the Camishiga – The Commander in the Skies – The Commander of the Army of the Gods.

I am the Goddess, the “gentle one, the moon and the sun, the beauty, the love, the desirous one, the beautiful one in the Sky who is my wife, my love, the only one, the chosen one, the One in the Sky on high, the Camishiga, the Shontaplee (the one who is incomplete, but she is not if she has her soul mate, her twin, her love), the one who is loved by all, the Kashima (the virgin) the Solaflah (the one who has soul), the Flook (the one who is beautiful and solid), Konshee (the coming one), the Vleenk (the virgin who is only with her soul mates) and the Flauntey (the one who makes things healthy).

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