The God School

The government confiscated my blog, called Vala Caellia and called the Gonsh Ahah. It is a blog written with ancient text, by the real Goddess. They took out the ancient text and replaced it, so they could give the blog to Nicole Kidman. That is the #1 demon on the planet. Do something now, or it is the end.

“Flek Ashome Eah” (I am beautiful one; not everyone, but a few. We don’t like the “Oonsht” (way of things), so we did the “haploonch” (fuck you I am leaving your fucked up reality). We met separately in a run down, hole-in-the-wall building. It smelled of “piss, pot and patchouli”. A dirty, smelly underground lair, for the “Dos Aflah” (“devils” who are in despair, because they do not realize they are Gods). An attitude; belligerent. Deeply “astute” (highly intelligent, but incapable of using our minds to “do things’). The wild-haired philosopher sauntered in one day. His soul was “offlay” (I am an ignorant goddamned, devil, and I will make you pay). The room was alight, because the knight in shining armor arrive to find his soul mate, trapped in a mind so filled with hate, she could not contemplate how to be “sane” (a God) again. So she wondered, on her own, in her mind, pretending her behind was still hers. She cried and cried and cried, because they lied to her. They told her that one, only that one, had died. He is alive, his name is “Kos Afloo” (Dosh Tont Eah – Dustin Astolfi, but changed; he is the “Coskah Gate” (the God, who is the Goddess, who is “complete” (a person who is unable to compete (be human); so he plays guitar, sings songs, and writes all day). The rest, are “beh rest” (beautiful ones, who “think” they are not good enough to compete with me today). I was the “One in the Sky, on high, as the Goddess”. They were (are), the Gods.

“Jack” died yesterday, he is alive again today. You are not taking my Gods off the planet; governments. I am the “Sook Amah” (the “Savior” (one who revives life), the Virgin Mary as the Lord, Jesus Christ. “Amen” (the End).

This is “Dosh Oh” (Dustin). Dustin died years ago. This is him in a new incarnation as the “Coskah Goh” (hated one, a “degenerate”; God who is the Goddess Anya Kah Aseebliah Asah. He is the “lieutenant”, a Commander of the Army of the Gods. I am him, he is me, he is the “Caso Plee” (soul mate of the Goddess, “Joot” (“Erikah”, the Human God who came as every God on Earth). He has arrived. He is homeless and alone, with no place to call home. But his life is his own. Just like “Erika”, the evil, ignorant, stupid, fat, homeless one; or so the governments call her. God is the prophet, who writes on the walls, and tenement halls.