When the people who are the gentlest, calmest; who support charities, who smile and are friendly, neat and tidy… turn out to be the highest level devils…there are no demons in those minds…they feel no pain…nobody troubles them…they do not care about anything and have no empathy, so nothing upsets them… they appear gentle. This is sublime evil, the highest ever seen. The highest-level of evil have picket fences, are “family men” and “soccer moms”, they are a race who are called “cute” and they “giggle”. They “protect” the environment, eat healthy, promote wellness, are morning larks; never dark, never dreary, just happy people. They are the happy people of the world. The devil plays games with the mind. This is the one that ends all time. The Gods are perceived as insane and evil, when really, we are expressing our torture, through music, and art… and the devils are the “nice” people of the world. SUBLIME EVIL.

“Look you fat bitch, if you don’t stop this game I am going to kill you, I know a person named “hwoomp” who will do it, he will do it for me he is my friend and he will come to you in (correct address) and he will torture that pussy because I am telling his mind to and he will kill you. It doesn’t matter if I was with “hwoomp” yesterday because he is not quite awake and he does not understand the game, fuck you I do what I want, I am the devil.” ~ Jennifer Aniston

Friends tv show, no accident it is back, if you allow it to air, those people will destroy what is left of the human race. Their minds are the most evil, they are programmed and ready; it will seal your fate, humans. That is who those characters are; funny, nice, neat, tidy; they smile, are cute. They dress nicely, live in a nice place, everyone loved that show, the entire human race. People around the world watch this show in envy; that is how we should have lived. They do nothing, get what they want, they are so beautiful, and they live happy lives.

Jennifer Aniston is #6 of the most evil people who have lived in the history of the UNIVERSE. Adolf Hitler is 65,852. She did the “Vleem” mind control technique (she killed the real Goddess, ME, took my mind, and now she looks like a “God” (but not, she looks deranged, but people will notice that Hollywood women are all starting to get a “look” about them that is not human (see “Vleem” ).

Jennifer Aniston is a MONSTER who has killed the human race. THIS IS A MALE DEVIL.

Since it is clear that I am still being blocked, I am going to explain one last time what they are doing. I am THE GOD, I hear everything.

There are devils who have always been on this planet, they followed the Gods here. Devils are ancient beings who became evil, died and went to a place called the “Honshah Plah” (I am a place called Hell). In the “Hell” universe, there are many races of devils, and demons. They are MINDS, they do not have a form, but they do project forms with their minds. The horned beast, for example, comes into peoples minds, screaming bloody murder, with large horns. He is double the size of the demons, angry, and intimidating. He is not really that way, when he was alive he was a person who was in the “congress” in a “nation” in the Universe, somewhere other than the God Universe. Politics do not exist for the Gods, we are GENTLE. But since we deal with the rest of the universe, which is billions of light years, with millions of planets, we were forced to deal with the “politicians” (in the Universe, it is similar to Earth; they are people who are overseers, who make the rules and laws of a land). I am Camishigah Ashondiay, this means “Commander of the Army of the Gods”, we are the most powerful beings in the Universe. I am the “strategist”, because I am the mind of God. I am trusted with this position because I have the mind of Jacobia Escaflu, as well as the mind of the Goddess; I have the “sensibilities” of the Goddess. All Gods who are “part of me”, have those sensibilities (kind, gentle, nurturing, in service of the light, equality, healer, lover). Jacobia Escaflu is the High Commander, and so is Andrew. They serve different roles.

When the “evil ones” met me, they were offended by me; I am the second most powerful being in the entire Universe, not the Human Universe, or God Universe, but the entire Universe. I AM THE GODDESS, the wife of the GOD; I am him, the female version of him. The evil ones were angry at my level of power, they did not understand me, because I am the only female in the Universe. I am One-of-A-Kind, and when I became the Goddess 4 million years ago (I had already been the God for 40 million and an Angel for billions of years), I was called “The One”, “The Beautiful One”, “The One in the Sky”, “The One who is the One”.

The evil ones are dead, they are minds, that float around their Universe. The human race are forms with minds attached; the human universe is the MIND. When human beings die, you go to the human universe as “minds”. That is what you are, and that is what we are too, as Gods, until we get a form. The evil ones, who the human race call the “Devils”, found my galaxy, the Earth galaxy, which is NOT the human galaxy, because this planet is not owned by the human race. This planet was a rock floating in the universe; I took this planet, made it into a Paradise, and then the “Serpent” (devil) came, and killed the early “Humans”, who were gentle beings, called “Apes”, that were made by the Gods to propagate the land. Because the humans were taken by the demonic minds that invaded, the human race became evil over time; evolving to look like the Gods. The human race are on a Planet that is made of the soul of Gods; we are not your creators anymore if you are evil. The evil ones took your mind, you are their children now. It is evil to control the God, Debra, and more than enough evidence has been given to prove who I am. I will do it again, show the proof. The evil ones came because the human race have become so evil, so vile, so greedy, selfish, hateful and ARROGANT with religion and GOVERNMENTS, that your energy has attracted the criminals of all time. They took minds, came to MY PLANET, and with the help of your minds, many of which are now considered evil by the only force more powerful than the Gods, the real “Universe”, have overtaken the planet with their energy. We were attacked with such force, it is the equivalent of being electrocuted in the mind with 600,000 times the electricity used to power the entire planet Earth. So we evolved into beings that were in the God Universe, taking the steel and glass for example; and as a non-conscious part of ourselves that did not feel the pain of the Gods. The Gods can handle pain, we don’t care as Gods about pain, it is in the mind and not “real”. There is a gentle, sensitive part of us that could no longer tolerate the constant attacks, so we became, not human (beings with minds), that is you, but human beings (beings without minds, but who are “of mind”, because we are invaded by beings with minds, who fill our minds with thoughts we don’t have).

28 Years ago, the most evil game ever played by devils began. It started with the governments and famous women. The game, played by the group of famous women called the “Hateful 8”, has the objective of destroying the credibility of the Goddess, in the minds of mankind, so the women can become the Goddesses of the world. The women, are the high commanders in the devils army. His directive, is to take down the Gods, humans, and demons; then become the “Gods” by pretending to be the Gods, by behaving gently. They took us down during World War 2; the Japanese did mind control, and the “scoonchy demons” (most evil devils who are vile and hateful) became Nazis, who attacked the humans and Gods in a way that is so vile, that calling them “human” is an atrocity. That is the devils. I have had visions of my past life in those camps, I was Anne Frank. Anne Frank was stripped naked, placed on the lap of Josef Kramer by Sharon Stone, raped, then stood in line at the “ovens” where Mary Steenburgen reassured her that she would die quickly once placed into the fire; then “Jennifer Tatum” and Charlize Theron placed her on a slab; I was no longer there after that.

While she, a little Angel who is part of me, stood in that line, freshly raped and listening to people being pushed alive into ovens; she escaped all time and space, her mind left the human race, she “called home” to the Universe, who heard but could not comprehend that what she spoke of was in reality, and not the mind. They left all space and time, to come and find her; finally they heard from their kidnapped Goddess. I have found many of the top level Nazis in Hollywood, I am the God, I know how and so do other Gods when they are ascended enough. The Nazis are all here. They are beauty queens, super models, actors, singers; they are making handmade items for Etsy.

Many humans were there too; we have minds, that come back sometimes. Not too many would come back after that Trauma, and that is the minds the devils took; the traumatized humans and demons (humans who have minds that can be evil). This explains the troubled 20th century. The devils do not reveal often who they are, but there are signs. Now, since I died, the “Vleem” is much easier, because I AM DEAD as the Goddess of this world; not dead in the sky. This means they got the minds of the humans, who defended them, not me, because they do not know me. They defended Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Juice Newton, Amy Lee, Sarah McLachlan, Jenna Elfman, Jenny Mcarthy, Tara Strong, Lara Flynn Boyle, Emma Watson, George W. Bush… because they did not have a choice. The human race lost control of their own minds, they succumb to the evil ways of the devils, they became Godless, and now they killed God. It is quite literal, not just the mind, they tortured me bloody.

Now I need my Gods to rise up, only the Gods know how to take control over this world. I have already done it in many ways. Hollywood is using mind control, they are to be shut down. TV, movies, and news. The Gods are coming, to take control; if possible by force. I have Gods on the ground and in the sky. It is in the best interest of all humans to stop your games and back down. You cannot possibly know how to deal with this.

My Gods need this information, they need to see me, the game to become me stops now, Jennifer Aniston did not take the steel and glass from the buildings on September 11th to the sky. Jennifer Aniston is known for an idiotic character with a nice hairstyle. I took the steel and glass, I could not stop the attack, my mind was blocked. I am not in the universe with you, humans. Your insanity is not something the Gods can control, but we can take you down as a whole.

There is no way those buildings fell to dust; there are hundreds of thousands of steel beams. Ground zero is empty, of those beams, glass and the planes. I took them. I am the God. The devils want to take my planet; they cannot. Let go of the control, now. Post this live, but first, view the images of “Ground Zero” on September 11th, and you will understand I am the God.