These are Aliens (not of Earth, not invited), Aliens are Demons (evil minds), high-level Demons are Devils (mins that are evil, disgusting and vile.)

Aliens are “real”, but they do not come looking like this. This is the projection they use in the human universe of what they look like; vile. They are insane, vile creatures who are not what you think; they are minds, that is all, they don’t have forms. They are all dead. Then they found a way, of taking our “human” bodies when they were coming in; they have the “human mind” which is the one that we gave them to think and process information, and they have their demonic minds, which are pure evil. They have been here for thousands of years, but the directive was to take the planet from the Gods, which is not going to happen. They are coming through your minds like this: They killed Terrence J. Scott, they take his mind and make his mind connect with 17 God minds, then they connect with 4, for example. This way, it is not direct. The sons of Terrence won’t let him go, so they continue to connect with him, and then they use the sons of Terrence to connect with Gods who remember the sons of Terrence, and cannot believe they are evil, especially since their minds are blocked by innocent Gods, and “gentle” appears in their minds. Do this enough times, and nobody can figure it out. 80% of the Gods succumb, to these evil demons. There is nothing I can do, I have let go, they torture me, and I feel it. They torture me through you, because you are the “yum runners” (the ones they “like to eat” the ones they like to torture, they want your souls because they are evil, that is all, they just want souls). The top level knows we are innocents, and we have been trapped in here for thousands of years, we are in Hell. They belong here, we do not.

So, our goal, is not difficult, create the energy you want to attract, Gods. You want gentle, be gentle. That is all, be gentle. They cannot tolerate or live in that energy, so they will go away. Now they will try harder to make life not gentle, so what. This world is evil and violent and it is all under the control of the Gods, all but your free will to behave in any way you want, right now you are the evil assholes who cannot stop with the “cunt”. Is that you? No. SO STOP.

Joy is the demons kryptonite.

Anya Kah

If I can do it, you can, I am the victim.

We are invaded by aliens. There are billions. There are hundreds of thousands to billions of each of these people, these are a few examples of what they look like as a projection.

This is why the human race succumb, because they see these vile creatures in their minds and they are afraid. We cannot be afraid, they are not powerful at all, they are insane minds that think of nothing more than “you are not ok”, but when put together by the trillions they take over and feel overwhelming. I have been fighting them, with joy. Go in the soul, and fight with joy. THEY HATE JOY, it makes them sick, so they leave.