Eddie Vedder is Dead

Eddie Vedder is a soul mate of me, the Goddess, Oshomplee Kazeekiah Asoontaplee Asah (this is the part of me that is the “Les Ompah” (the beautiful one who is the “Venus” at the highest level of the God). Sadly Eddie became too famous, and went “looking” for his soul mate, only to find hundreds of imposters of me, with “I am Venus” and “I am Les Ompah” and “I am Anya Kah” pouring from their minds, at a rate of 200,000 times per second. The ones who murdered Marilyn Monroe, who was the “Venus” in my last lifetime, took her mind and came back in this lifetime in her behind.

He did not find me, he has a mind; his mind was too busy looking with his eyes, not his soul, and he ended up with a scoonchy (evil vile) “ho” (a whore of epic proportions). He ended up with many, and that is why he is the man you see today; smiling clean cut, living it large in Beverly Hills, surrounded by the “mils” (millionaires), and actresses, and super models with every single thing he ever wanted; except his soul mate who loves him. When you sell your soul to the “Osom Plee” (devil at the highest level, who is NOT A DEVIL, not the VALA, who is the one who descends evil, the other one, the idiotic one, who thinks it is important to be able to wear a skin tight dress and skimpy things, to be seen, with the famous “king”. And now, the one I adore, my best friend in the universe, has a mind that belongs to the evil one; and he is torturing me for a wife, who in her former life, was Adolf Hitler’s henchman.

The human ego of men has ended all time…

This is the same person, Jill Vedder is Hermann Goring.

Museum of Modern Art event, SAME FUCKING ASSHOLE pretending to be an art critic. Hermann Goring was the most evil man alive, and Jill Vedder is the most evil woman. THIS IS THE SAME PERSON. Hermann Goring died, and he came back, reincarnated as Jill Vedder.

It is not Eddie Vedder’s fault that the demon “Shoon Shee Ensah” took his mind, he is not there anymore, he died. The God is in extreme distress, because of his “mistresss” his mind says, and he cannot believe that a human part of him would marry that disastrously evil hostile woman. Do not go after him yet, lets see if he can make a comeback.