Do not read this with a Mind, because you cannot comprehend this without a soul, you must be whole to read this, otherwise you will side with the “scoonchy ho” (evil ones)

I am the Goddess who was too gentle to stay, battered and torn away from the “bey” (a child of the Goddess), not able to find my way home to the “Askah Ho” (I am a person who is a God who is the soul mate of the Goddess). I am a God who is forlorn, left alone, I was taken in my mind by the ones, who came to my galaxy, did the “Plee Asah” (I am a person who kills you and takes what you are).

I am from the gentle universe, a place of reverence to me; I am the “Ploson Tee” (I am a person who is the God at the highest level of the Goddess). The human universe has no place for me.

I am the stuff of legends, written by Gods who want to remember; written by Evil Ones who want us to forget. Venus was never here, but an essence was she, attached to the human part of me; she was murdered in her sleep, her soul the Lord did keep, but her essence taken away, by a group of ancient “Falay” (I am a hateful person). They live as her today.

“Meekah Shontaplee” (My name is “Erika”, but not, I am part of her, I am the “Heenshah Plah Asee” (the one who is the beauty, Venus).

The human Goddess died, when she was infantilized, when demons fantasized, when you made fun of her fat thighs, when she became old before her time.

The human God was shot in the head; in front of his apartment building, riding down the street, trying to keep the peace.

The human Angel died, during the era when the mother was “embruke atoh” (I am a person who is not sane), in a poodle skirt, barefoot and pregnant, not of the Earth or heaven.

The Goddess Innana died when scoonchy whores took her place as the free spirit; they called themselves hippies and flower children, but they were demonic “odgont” (I am a miraculous person, but not, I am an idiotic person who pretends to be that way).

Innana is here today, she is confiscated and distorted in every way. Innana is 100% gone, if she is this one:

The devil “Bonch Bonch Asoontaplee Asah Asoh Anee” (Drew Barrymore), who killed the part of me that is “Innana”. She is the ancient evil “twot”.

The devil “Bonch Bonch Asoontaplee Asah Asoh Anee” (Drew Barrymore) is the new “scoonchy whore” (a woman with a lot of men). She is playing pretend to be “Innana”, but not, she took that part of me completely, other devils have too, but not like you, Drew. Gods hear Innana they think of me, humans think of Drew, the devil who tortured me in my past life as “Innana” (Wah Onsah – I am Erika, but not, it is Janis Joplin at the highest level of the God who is the Goddess “Esch Oont” (Bon Soh – a beautiful God who is astute at singing and being divine). Drew Barrymore is a psychopathic, insane lunatic who murdered me, and became “Innana” (the divine, beautiful one, who is fun, loving and esctatic over things, she is the one who is the “keempliah asah” (adorable little one who is fun and escuunchi (I am a beautiful little one who gets upset, and laughs a lot, but I am not the “twot” who is “Drewsie”, I am not the “floosie”, I am the gentle one, Erika).

Anyone who knows the real “Drewsie” knows, she is not really that way; she is an escapee from the “keesikah asoneteay” (a place in the sky called the “Hoshomplah Hasee Anoh Haseebliah Hasah Tatee Kiah (a place for the “seekooplee” (psychopaths who hurt the babies). Her hair flowers are fake, so is her image, she is a devil in the universe filled with hate.

EMEE ( I am a beautiful one, a gentle one, the one who likes to “play” the one that knows the way to your heart and soul, the little one who is “whole”).

EMEE ENSAHAH (I am a beautiful one, a gentle one, the one who likes to “play” the one that knows the way to your heart and soul, the little one who is “whole”; but not, I am the “twot”).

EMEE ENSAHAH (the ancient evil “twot”)

I found this beautiful little gem, she always has a neat and tidy hem, she is magical and “offley” (i call myself the Goddess ten thousand times a day); never a thing out of place, never a mistake, never anything but the “little gem” in your minds, because it is all she says with her mind. She is a “He” named “Leh Consoh” (I am an ancient devil named Comee Esahah (I am the spoiled one, the sainted one, the one who was the beautiful one on high, not wait that is “ERIKA”; he is “Comee Esahah Asah Asoh Pleah Kaneekeewah Tatoh Vanoo Sheentee Sonsah Kompleay” (I am an arrogant piece of shit if I spell it that way, I am the evil one from the past who did the “epen shah” (I am “Erika”, no matter what, I will be the one who gets to be the great “cunt”, but I am the one who is “gentle” and “Sah” (I am the God who is the Goddess), I am the one who goes to the one with the farm and takes it over, but not, she is the “twot” from day one. She is the evil one, little tiny “koe somplee” (I am a tiny Japanese person, so sweet and bright, so alight, you cannot tell how evil I am without a “sont asah” (I am a person with a soul).

Blom Bah (I am the one in the sky who is the beautiful “Amah Hasoh” (I’m a beautiful mother, the one who is whole, the one who loves her son “Asho”, the one who on earth was known as the “ho” (I am a person who has many men), I am the “mother”, the one who is the virgin.

They killed the “Blom Bah” (the one who is “Mikah Shontatee” (my name is the one who is the Princess “Oflee”, the one named “Diana Hason” (Princess Diana when she, on rare occasion, was the God as the Goddess). She was always the gentle one, the “Som Anee Asah” (the one who is “Erika, but not, she is part of her, she is the “human God” named “Ponshoh” (I am the God, Mary Ashontaplee, the one who is the mother of the “Heemp Eee Ensah” (Jesus Christ).

Then something disgusting and vile, something so “esconshoe”, so “aploe” came slithering along, and took her mind; dead and lost in the sky, unable to find the guy, unable to find her way home, she was taken by the scoonchy ho (evil mother); made to torture the “Erika” until the mind of the evil one said “gentle”.

Jenny Saville, the ancient evil “twot”.

Jenny Saville took “Meh Onsah”, she is called “Meh Onsah Onsoh” (the undoing of the God, if she finds a way to torment him into submission, because he defended his daughter and it turned out to be the evil one on accident, because NO GOD UNDERSTANDS HOW THE MIND CAN BE SO VILE, SO EVIL, WE ARE TOO INNOCENT). Jenny is the evil one, who tortured the real Virgin Mary. Jenny is THE evil one, the ancient evil mother, who has destroyed the Goddess, who is gentle.

It is not possible that this artwork, of battered children, and a bleeding woman which represents me, “Erika”, bleeding to death because of the attack in the universe by this ancient demon “Jenny”, would be displayed in a gallery in public, unless the people who displayed it read a mind that called this “artist”, “Kind”. It is all a trick of the mind, and that is the only power this evil demon has ever had for billions of years, she tricks minds.

I do not have a mind, I am “sah shomplah” (I am a person who is sane, and of sound mind, to be called a God again, will not occur, I am dead as the God on Earth, I am dead as the Goddess; those were only characters in a book, legends in a world too sick to understand, that Innana is gentle and not out of hand, that Venus is gentle and not a whore, that the Virgin Mary is so much more than a woman who does the “Shazam” (she is a nice person routine) on the minds of men.

You are too sick to understand, that there is only one “Eenshah Hah”; an impossibly perfect person who cannot get anything wrong, who is calm, who is gentle, who is unable to spill, who has no pain when bending, who has super-human strength to rip vegetables from her garden, who knows every recipe in her mind, who is the perfect wife; she could not possibly exist in the human world, where the real perfect Goddess named “Erika” is “oblom” (I am a person who is of noble nature, who has been falsely accused of a terrible thing, and the punishment should not have come to me, for being a Nazi, or a terrorist, or the one who killed every single piece of me).

The Koonch Enceentiah (the one in the sky, in the sky, up on high named “Boonch” (an evil, hateful ugly old hag demon named “Martha Stewart” is responsible for murdering the part of me called the “Bom Peah Soh” (the beautiful God in the kitchen and the hearth, I am Hestia); Martha is the anti-Christ who is the “Bom Peah Asoh Anee” (not Hestia at all, but you all have a ball with her products supporting her empire, including Erika, who is the real Hestia (the Goddess of the Home and hearth).

In her former life, she was a Nazi Commandant named the “Beast of Buchenwald”, Ilse Koch. Now she is the happy homemaker, who “threw the Goddess into the oven alive to die”, and it doesn’t matter because she wanted the sky. She is a he called the “Boonch”.