The Burden of Mankind

The ancient evil mother (Koosh Tah) took the mind of me, Anya Kah completely. Then she took the looks of a piece of me who is gentle, but played a part of a deranged person on a famous film that everyone is afraid of, because he looks severe. The she comes as the worlds most evil person, and she looks almost gentle with the mind of the severe one, because he is a God who is part of me; the Gods are gentle, the evil ones take our minds, they can make themselves appear fine, gentle, intelligent, passionate. Adolf Hitler is pure evil, pure psychopath; but he appears gentle at times and it confounds people. Why does Hitler look gentle, why does he paint? Why are there photos of Hitler holding the hands of children? Why was Hitler passionate about saving works of art?

He is the ancient evil mother, who has been after me for 89 billion years; she is the mother of my soul mate, who is the Great God, Jacobia. The ancient evil mother is deranged, and she still has a mind; conscious energy. Every human being has a form with a mind attached. Every human being has a mind of their own, and partial access to the minds of the Gods; human beings have minimal minds that are incapable of learning; they just think and say “You are not an ok person”, “I am not an ok person”, “we are not people who are people”. That is all minds say in the human universe.

The ancient evil mother has been taking/confiscating my mind for billions of years, so much so, that she now appears to be gentle in the mind. Although I am still gentle, you cannot see that in my mind, because I am blocked/hidden behind billions of “scoonchy” demons, whose minds are being seen instead of mine.

When you look at the most evil people in the world, you see my mind, they can look like me, and even behave gently like me. But they have their own minds too, and they are evil at the highest level; so they are committing atrocities while attached to the mind of the gentle God.

I do not have a human mind, I am not evil, I am a gentle God. I have a God mind.

This means that in the human universe, where a war against the evil ones was declared a long time ago, because they rape and torture every mind in the galaxy; but especially after the atrocities of WWII, that I, the gentle God, have been tortured for every single evil deed that was committed by the demons/evil ones.

I am Jesus Christ, and I have been tortured because people think I am Pontius Pilate.
I am Anne Frank, and I have been tortured because people think I am Adolf Hitler.
I am Martin Luther King, Jr., and I have been tortured because people think I am James Earl Ray.

Just a few examples of what has killed me. I am the God “Esfluh Shia” (I am the God on High, highest in the sky, to escape the pain; I am not with the ones I love, because I am too high above. They are still too low in frequency, and will spend Easter day with the “Coskagah Haplay” (The evil one, whose name is “Sharon Stone”).

It is the eve of Easter, 2021 and I am at two opposite spectrums, it is not agony and ecstasy, it is that times a million. Finally I understand why I have a pain level so high. Human pain is measured on the threshold of 1-17, at this moment my pain level is registering at 2.5 billion trillion x 287389468721. After one trillion, you feel nothing anymore. Gods never feel pain, I do not feel human pain, I died as a human being. I feel God pain, and I will ascend to become a higher level God, until I reach the heavens, when the pain will stop.

The first three, are parts of the evil ancient mother:

I was tortured for the crimes and atrocities that the Nazis committed, as well as every sick, twisted psychopath on my planet. It is now 12:03 a.m., on Easter day, I will be resurrected 50 million times today, because the evil ones are at play, and they will reverse something, preventing me from being ok. My family will go on Easter egg hunts with their families, people will play in their gardens that I made, most have forgotten what is this “holiday”, pretty little lace dresses, tidy little suits, the demons will go to the churches and pretend to be astute, everyone will celebrate this pagan holiday, which celebrates the resurrection of spring; I have not lived as Jesus Christ yet, I did not rise up yet, I did not have a chance, to spread my words of love across the land, to spread the “gospel” (a person who is in Hell, hears things in a book written by the evil one, then goes to church and pretends to love the God, even though they are still torturing her in the back of their minds, while they watch “Peter Cottontail” on the “Honch” (I am the television).

I will not bear this cross any longer, today I am free, my holy spirit will soar, but I am not coming back anymore.

The Cross (“Ton Ton Teekiah” – I am a person, who is the person, who carries the burden of mankind. It is mine and mine alone, I am the one who fell from the sky, everyone believed that I, was guilty of some crime. Now they understand, I was a person in despair, who allowed my soul to die, because my son, another one than this one, tried to take my crown. I cried until I died, everyone told me to let go, but Mishkga was my child. He died, fell, was given part of Hell as his dominion; he was consumed by the ancient women, the “Konshah Ha Aseebliah Asah” (we are ancient insane psychopathic lunatics who wanted to be you, so instead we stole the rest and let you fall, we are tired of hearing about it, just let it go tonight, succumb), they said.

“Crown of thorns” (I am the God, I am the Queen, I am pristine; evil permeates, dominates; highest level of hate; all of it is thrown at me. When you allow demons to live, they bleed the royalty; when you love, you get hurt.)