Gods I connected with

Andrew Scott
Keanu Reeves
Adrian Brody
Alex Hogh Anderson
Mads Mikkelson
John Lennon
David Bowie
Syd Barrett
Gary Oldman
John Taylor
Leonard Nimoy
Chris Cornell
Till Lindemann
David Duchovney
Eddie Vedder
Joaquin Phoenix
Monshon Shon Taton
Miguel Montalban
Freddie Mercury
Hiroyuki Sanada
Peter Stormare
Richard Kruspe
Jacobia in the Sky
Randy Rhoads
Terry O’Quinn
David Tennant
Sean Combs
Cillian Murphy
Paul Stanley – Shokemah
Robert Montgomery, Actor
Robert Montgomery, Poet
Jimmy Page
Tim Curry

So, do not, for one moment dare to say “I am married” or “He is married”, I am not the one who is the whore. These are my soul mates for millions to billions of years, we are all one soul. The human men, who are not the Gods, are married to the whore human women. Sorry ladies, I am and have always been with the Gods, I care nothing for the famous ones, I am a GOD.