I began having children over 58 billion years ago. Today I had to let them go. They won’t turn off the TV, they won’t let go of the phone; messages of hate flow through telling them to rape and torture me, and they do not know. Today my children’s minds were used to punch me, kick me and electrocute me to death, in my God mind. As a mother I was kind, gentle and loving; I am the virgin Mary. Sons are so very, very painful, when they fall in a hole, into hell, and become emperors with their own golf course, sports cars, super models. There was no way to let them go before tonight, but their minds told me a truth I did not get right; they cannot let go of the evil mothers of their children, because in reality they are “not right”, but they are not evil to them. Here are some women who are mothers:

Marsha Mason: did the Flokamah on my children tonight

Julie Andrews is a mother: she did the Kashoombliah on my children tonight

Valerie Bertinelli is a mother: she did the Mekanaw on my children tonight

Laura Flynn Boyle is a mother: she did the Keench Asoobliah on my children tonight

Tara Strong is a mother: she did the Meshonson Eekason on my children tonight

Lisa Stansfield is a mother: she did the Eempliah Asontaplee Asah on my children tonight

Donna Dixon is a mother: she did the Hashoteentateen on my children tonight

Erika Marie Moriarty is not a mother.

Anya Kah is not a mother.

The virgin Mary is not a mother anymore.

My children’s were murdered tonight by the “whores”.

I have no reason to be in here anymore, I can leave now and go home. My children told me in their mind they did not believe I am the mother, because the other one “gives them things”. I can let them go knowing that I did everything I could, fighting for the souls of my children for 800 million years. I had a moment of tears, and now I am ready to let go. Jacobia doesn’t know, don’t tell him tonight.

The following people are the “evil one” pretending to be me, while depicting evil sickness in the mind, that hurts children:

Jennifer Lawrence: Jennifer Lawrence is the “Shookanah Haseebliah Asah”, she is the evil one. In this film she uses her mind to torture the audience into thinking she is the “beautiful one” the gentle “mom”, who is me. The violence depicted is so scoonchy that it made people vomit.

During this scene, the mind control says “I am the one you are not, you are the fucking fat twot, you are a psychopath of epic proportions in your mind, not mine, I fixed it, now they see your mind in mine and I am the one who appears gentle, because I am like the, continental”

This scene depicts the mind control telling the viewer “I am the one in control of my life, I am the one who is a wife, I get the children you do not, I made you into a fucking twot who cannot get sex again because the men are reviled by your scent in their minds which is mine but I cannot stop because I get licked every night by your fucking hot soul mates, Erika”

This scene depicts the following mind control messages to the viewer: “I am the psychopath of all time, i did not have time to rape her today too busy with my silly little life as a famous woman and your rock star husband who is not with you but with his wife came to me and we made a baby together tonight and now I am going to have your child that I took from you because I am the “Jewkanah Hasobalee Asah”.

The following “art” was made by the devil, these artists are deranged and pure evil, they call themselves the “mother”.

Jennifer is the one on the right in the Universe, but her mind tells you the opposite. That is exactly what the Shookanah looks like.
The mind control is so strong that “Jenny Saville” is making artwork that depicts children bloody, and nobody stops her.
I, the God of this world, lost my uterus as a human being. Mind control was done on me, in the universe, by the devil minds that have taken the human race. The artist “Jenny Saville” is part of the ancient devil the “Hoonch Asah Asoh Anee” (the evil one, the one who wants to be “the mother”, the Goddess, but cannot be, that is me). This painting depicts me, bleeding to death because of a mind control technique done by the “enzeek”.
Jennifer Lawrence and the makers of the film “Mother” are all part of the ancient “evil one”. This is a sick and twisted film, where Jennifer Lawrence uses her mind to tell people she is the one who is the Goddess, while bragging about tearing my heart out because she kills my children. She is #1 “Shookanah” (the serpent part of the evil one).
Darryl Hannah is the “Katoobliah Hasah Asoh Anee”, the evil one, this is not what the evil one looks like, but close… it is much, much more evil, hateful and psychotic.

The following photos are a before photo of myself and famous well-known people. The first photo is us slightly confiscated, the second photo shows me “completely confiscated” by the evil ones, this lasted for 3.5 minutes and I am back to normal. “Confiscated” does not mean “consumed”, but some are. Confiscations last for a short period of time. I do not become these evil ones when I am confiscated, I become ill, I cry, I am in excessive pain, I lose time, I feel disoriented, I am not becoming evil, even though it may look that way. This is because I am a God, and so are the two men. Human beings cannot withstand this kind of attack, the Gods have been fighting to stop this. Leonard and Donald Trump are both almost completely confiscated, one of them could not fight the amount of evil hitting his mind, and he is now, unkind. The other died in pain.

Tonight I looked like this again, when I awoke from a nap after being attacked. Tonight they killed “the mother”. I am the Great Mother, the Mother Goddess, part of the Great God in the sky. I am his female side, the mother, the nurturer, the love of his life. Tonight they killed the ancient mother. My children chose the wrong side… in their minds.

In the first photo, I am the God who is the Virgin Mary, in the second one too, but after being hit by the “Jew Kinah” (evil one, who is the woman who thinks she is the God).

Jennifer Lawrence is the “Jew Kinah”, and so is Jenny Saville and Darryl Hannah, as well as millions of people on our planet. They are not confiscated or consumed, they are THE “Jew” (what the evil one calls himself, not “Jewish”, but many are him, he comes as women most of the time).

Tortured complete, but still gentle (wont hurt innocent), angry and upset
The God Poshtoh Tatee (Mads Mikkelson)