the evil mother is attacking, her minions are our children, they are INSANE. In the last hour, you have put me to sleep 600+ times, given me several hundred strokes which feel like burning on my head, GET OUT OF THE ABYSS, the abyss is the back of the mind, which is the internet, tv, phone. UNDO THE flookanah. then I cannot communicate and that is what they want so some of you check in here often to see if there are messages but otherwise please shut down as much of the outside world as you can. the back of the mind is being transmitted through one of your minds, you can write messages in the sky. UNDO THE FLOOKANAH constantly. It is not all our children, but she has billions of minions and they are evil so please get out we cannot fight every single demon in the sky!

Tell EMMA WATSON she is not a person and please undo the blocks against taking her down. She is being protected still. She is VILE in her mind. Today there are several Andrea Carters, she is one of them.