Vegan Gardening

Crop rotation + Cover crop as green manure:

I like the idea of “clover”. You plant the white clover in the bed, let it grow full one summer, till it into the soil at summer’s end, then the next year till it into the soil a few times, allow the clover to decompose into nutrient rich soil. Then the year after that you use that bed. Clover and other green manure are more nutrient rich than animal manure; natural and gentle.


Composting our table scraps will be used in flower beds, there are smaller home production machines that we can use to make mulch for our flower beds, and there are industrial machines that we would use for collection from restaurants and public spaces.

For Home: 50-Gallon Wheeled Compost Tumbler Bin
For Home
For Farms
For Small Businesses and Restaurants
For Restaurants