Reversal of the Mind

The Gods are connected in the heart, soul and God mind. Since we became soul mates, we have been sending beautiful messages to each other’s minds. My soul mates send messages to various parts of my “unconscious” mind, telling me “I love you until the end of time, you are beautiful, you are the most beautiful woman in the universe”, “You are healthy, happy, and filled with joy and light”, “You are stunningly lovely, your eyes are alight, you are the one who is the most “peeshontatatoneteay” (absolutely beautiful). “You are loved and have everything you want”.

The “scoonchy” demons invaded our minds thousands of years ago and began interrupting our “transmissions”. The “devil” is obsessed with destroying us, watched how we do everything with the mind, and then distorted it over time. Over time, he “reversed” our minds, so that we were sending messages of hate to each other without conscious knowledge of it; then he did the most hateful, evil thing that has ever happened in the history of everything, he took my messages from my soul mates and had them sent to his concubines. Then he has a way to have messages sent to a mind at the rate of trillions per second. So within a few hundred years, he created an army of evil, vile demons, who now believe they are Beautiful, Women, Stunning, Intelligent, Amazing, and Loved by the Gods, their minds have been hearing “You are my soul mate” for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, while my mind hears “I hate you, you are a psychopath”.

As if that is not bad enough, he sent his concubines to the world, who spent thousands of years finding a way to confiscate the mind of a “God” or “Human” that I was birthing into the world (they torture minds so much that the God leaves the body and floats in the universe, descending to the abyss, because they are gentle Gods whose mind is filled with hateful messages that are not appropriate. They killed many Gods and Humans to take their bodies and minds this way.

These demons are the ugliest, most disgusting creatures in the universe. They have pig snouts and snot running down their faces; they are vile. So how do devils, who are vile ugly demons, end up coming to Earth, a place they were not invited, looking like super models? They “reversed” the mind.

Please think about, with your soul, the many ways there are that the mind is “reversed”.

Example: Oprah Winfrey is the wife of “the evil one”, she is called the “great cunt”. She has minions that come here, most of which are the most beautiful women in the world; these are the women in “the game”. Those women tortured our minds to look that way, so they are hated. Oprah comes as an ugly overweight woman, she pretends to be a jolly, joyful “savior”, she uses her devil mind to become a billionaire and now she is “respected”, and she becomes a sympathetic character in peoples minds. Meanwhile in the universe she is a raging lunatic psychopath who has control over every mind, and her minions go after my sons and soul mates to “get the men”. She has ended the entire universe with her insanity, and she “reverses” things in minds to ascend to the most wealthy and respected woman in the world.

Then her minions, are evil women and people despise them in reality; but they are not despised in the mind. They are not cherished, or loved, but they are admired and desired. The evil mind is “lustful” and “greedy and “shallow”, and if you are “of the mind” and not “of the soul”, they come and get you. It doesn’t matter that you despise their behavior, it doesn’t matter if they are evil, you let them get away with things, because you are “of mind” and believe in the mind that they are worthy “people who are people” who might be amazing (talented, amazing in bed, sexy, able to attract attention to your ego, wealthy, etc). And that is all they have to do to take a soul.

Demons and devils will keep turning the mind until it suits them, they do it constantly. The Gods are so tired, abused and shattered, that we have no energy to fight and we are just spinning in the mind. Now we fight, by not fighting; by letting go of the mind which is their weapon.

My sons and soul friends were also turned, in different ways. The women reversed my loving messages to my sons with “you are a psychopath, I hate you”. Then they told my children they were their mothers, and eventually turned my sons minds to be so angry over the “great demon in the sky” that they started attacking her. They did not know that was my mind, their real mothers mind. Also, the sons come into reality with human mothers, and in the universe those human mothers minds, because they are demons and devils, confiscate my children as their own.

The soul friends minds were warped into thinking they are the “One in the Sky”, that they are the Gods on high. We all forgot over time that we are Gods; we know we are not them, that is agreed upon. Soul friends minds were told various things; “Erika is a psychopath, we need a new God, you will take it”, “It was you who is the Goddess, not her, she is evil”, “Erika is attacking you, fight back”. When taken down like this, devils take the mind of the soul friend, who is barely there, the God floats back into the universe, and the demon, who is a REAL MIND, this is not inner demons, takes over and lives our lives.