Spinning minds

There is mind control on that post that tells your mind to “look away”, they spin your mind and when you try and try to read this, comprehend this, your eyes spin and you go into a little trance. This is on every book, magazine; the evil ones use their minds to put hidden messages that say “
if you are Erika, you are not worthy of reading Shakespeare” or “you are not smart enough to comprehend this, only the “Shokagah” (Sharon Stone Brigade) can understand this. Then you “read” it, but you drift away. Sometimes they can come to your mind and torture you into stopping what you are reading. It is this bad.

On the other hand, they come along and write something that seems nice, or sweet, or beautiful, and it is often mediocre because it is written by a demon. They are partially using our mind or they could not speak because they are dead minds attached to a living body. They use their minds to tell your “mind” that their writing is amazing, and your mind registers amazing, and you may not get excited, but your mind is, especially since every demon has “calling cards”, they cant help but drop everywhere. For instance, a person in the Sharon Stone Brigade may have a “calling card” that is the word “Shoompah”, to them this means “I am a hateful person coming for you because you tried to take something that is mine”. Then they hear that word, in your mind, because they have a variety of ways they are “attached” and they come and torture you. And when they do, they tell you that they are the most amazing, spectacular, beautiful person that wrote a masterpiece, that you cannot resist, and you want to pay them a lot of money….

This is how demons do mind control in the universe. One of many examples.

So undo the mind control constantly, until you are ascended…..