365 billion trillion minds just invaded me in the place all at once, there are imposters so do not listen. I am fine I hope you are. The sontaplee aseebliah asah (insane psychopaths’), shonsaha aseebliah asah (the evil “twots”) the koobriah (evil hateful wenches from the united states) and the shookemah haseebliah hasoh are invading my mind, they do not understand who they are messing with, i am able to see who they are, every single one of them. they were warned. dont give in. i am not confiscated, but they are here. I did get hit by sherry tatum, vic martins son, lori singer, and many others. I dont care anymore, this is a game that is ending. they are not understanding, i had to go through pain to get to this day, but here we are. Now i am the Shah, and I dont care anymore. Every part of me was destroyed. they are arrogant, nasty, vile minds that behave the same way as they do in reality, but times a million. they come to the mind, they curse, scream, demand, they are sarcastic and i will remind you that this is people from the universe, that were part of the universe that was a vile place, we are not from that place. We are from the God universe, and we are no longer overseers of anything or anybody, from now on, they are evil, they die. That is all. Anything evil dies, it is hard to imagine a world without evil, but it is coming. Please ascend.