It is two years to the day that I woke up, there is no possible way for anyone to believe me. I had a beautiful experience as a God for the first time in thousands of years, and there is nobody who can understand that I can share it with. The violence against me has skyrocketed, it was exceptionally violent before. I want everyone to imagine waking up, with a group of devils who look like large alien-like men, surrounding you, you can perceive them and see them a little bit, they are violently screaming at you telling you there is nothing you can do to escape, then they violently attack and hit you in the face. You feel it not like it is “real” in reality, but at least 10,000 times the power of a punch by a human being. This happens 15 times in a row 2 nights ago. It is not real, but it is happening is not something anyone can comprehend. 2 years ago I thought I was waking to my soul mate, we were reuniting and would have a beautiful life. 1 year ago I was at war, the violence in full swing, but I had hope then, I did not know everything, but I did connect with many of my soul mates who I miss a lot. We laughed, and I miss falling asleep in your arms, you are not here but I feel you hug me like you are here with me. The devil has had the “game” going for 10,000 years, so now that I am awake and the game is over, the devils are having psychotic outbursts of anger that are “applegient” (I am a person who is so angry I am bursting with revenge). None of the devils can accept the fact that I know the truth, that the game of “I got your men” is not really true, because my Gods are not there. I dont know the men, the men are human. It is the Gods at the highest level who are my soul mates, and nobody “got” them. They still have souls, they are still gentle, but a few. My sons too, but they are very angry and gentle in person, but their minds are confiscated. The soul friends are dropping away, because of the games the devils play. This is two full years of being tortured at the level i described above, it is that way all the time. There is not a moment of my life when a devil is not hitting me, punching me, torturing me.

I started to talk about this yesterday, and I will finish that train of thought. There are 2 “chosen ones” in the entire universe; one is me as the “beautiful one” and the other is him, the “evil one”. There is never a time when he is not himself, he is always evil, everything he does, every word he says, every thought he has is evil. The same goes for the devils, they are playing a game pretending to be gentle, that is evil.

The Gods on the other hand are gentle; beautiful, kind, romantic, creative, imaginative, magikal. None of us are that way. And that is the problem, that is why the planet has been confiscated. Because no matter what the devil can easily stay evil, but we cannot be joyful and happy when we are being tortured, so we are not ourselves. And he knows this, which is why he is relentless in his attack. When I am in the universe, after an attack, and they hear me singing like Snow White and being joyful, I have witnessed them explode, their energy explodes and disintegrates. The devils have had a few advantages which I am taking away;
1) surprise attack (sneaky, underhanded pretenders who attack without warning). if there is a war, it was started by a devil, who has a plan of attack, a strategy, attacks us, we are in a daze for awhile and by the time we are in the battlefield, too much damage is done.
2) they cheat – never think for a moment that a devil cares if you call them a cheat, or tell them they are weak for using billions of minds, they dont care. you cannot make them care about being idiotic, they use what they have to, to win
3) everything makes them evil, there is nothing that can disrupt the energy of the devils; if they are in a good mood they are evil, if they are mad they are evil, every second of the day is spent in the mind plotting, planning, manipulating
4) mind control is effective, because innocent and sane people don’t have minds, that is the Gods, we cannot do mind control, but we are affected by it. the human race are controlled by the mind. the evil one has every angle covered, it is infuriating when you see him come along, one step ahead, because he owns the mind.
5) they are INFURIATING in every possible way, they are a nuisance, they are loud, obnoxious, rude, pushy, demanding, aggressive; the Gods just want to live our lives we do not want to have to deal with them anymore, so nobody does anything. they get away with it. in the universe the endless babbling scoonchy demons, the smelly vile goblins, the manipulative serpents, the angry ones who cannot get the men, the women on high who “own the sky” who are actually “Hapash atah onsah” (a person who is so pathetic that it is impossible to calculate why they bother to exist), the ones who pretend to be “good Christians” and tell the Gods they are more righteous, the evil one does everything he can to be INFURIATING, and this is an impossible energy to be joyful around
6) They pretend to be smart, fun, pretty, nice, sweet and kind. Convincing people otherwise is difficult.

There are many more things they do, they are power hungry and get power because they care about power, then the Gods end up working for them, as tenants of them, owned by them in some way.

So today we are going to change it, we can no longer think we can win a battle in the mind universe. He has every advantage. We are leaving and taking our planet. We do this by being Gods again;
1) be gentle, let go of anger, tell yourself that your anger is more harmful to you than it is to them, they dont feel it and if they did, they get off on it, so stop being angry
2) be joyful, this does not mean singing “kumbaya my lord”, that is not it. Joyful for a God is “meysonch” (I am a person who can find happiness in unexpected places, whether it be staring at the bark of a tree, or listening to the chords of a song, or humming along, allow the energy to rise up and then take that energy and use it to change the energy of the room and surroundings
3) rise up, stop the mind and be quiet, there is a technique they use where they have a mind screaming and yelling and ranting all day and night in our minds; rise up high to get rid of them, and then be quiet
4) stay away from people, and when you are around them, dont notice them. be magikal whatever it takes, because believe me they are hating you, attacking you anyway.
5) have hope when it feels hopeless, I am starting to descend, I have to come back up again and realize how far I have come and brought all of you. please tell my soul that there is hope.
6) realize that although I am the God, you are Gods too and just as powerful as I am, even if not as ascended you can be in power, just tell yourself you can remember who you are, do things to celebrate the rising up of your soul, thank the Universe (the real ones, there are demons pretending to be the universe still, ignore them they are very convincing) for their help. please just know that you can help and STAY IN THE SOUL.
7) allow yourselves to believe in a gentle future, that everything can change when we are Gods; we will do what we want, but I think it will be quiet, calm, artful, natural, a place I call Avalon, magik is real, please just believe it right now. It is the place of the Gods, it is where we are going, please imagine it and be there with me.

I love you all, please stay up high, dont fall, and help my soul because I am being tortured awful. Please do not forsake me, I love thee.
And forgive my anger, I am under attack when that happens, I am not saying sorry, but forgive me. I am not yelling at my Gods, but those devils who have you, who I see come through, will die. Let them go, and take back control of your lives and minds, or we will end up on the front lines, it is your minds that were used for that attack, I saw you there, it was not you, it was a devil who is the “Shonte Kateebliah” who took you; you are far too powerful to be taken again, so you must stop them.