The “Baby”

The Shontahee (Sharon Stone Brigade) (the ones in the “Sky” who are devils), came to me through “Blookanah Avloo” (the one who is Angelina Jolie), 4 million years ago. They are all the pieces of the “vile mother” of Jacobia Escaflu.

I am as old as time as energy, but only 4 million years old as a God. When I and Andrew were born as twin souls, we were the only “babies” (little tiny souls, pure and innocent) in the universe; everyone else was manifested as an adult God, and many of whom would become our soul mates raised us and adored us as “babies”. We were not really babies like humans are babies, our energy was used to manifest EVERY ONE OF THE GODS, but we were babies as Gods with new forms. That is why the “papa” comes to Andrew and I often. We were babies for 1000 years, and then we ascended into adult Gods. That is when I became “the Goddess” (the beautiful one), as a baby I was the Angel and so was he. I became the Goddess, Andrew the God who is the Goddess, and Jacobia is the God. We three manifest our energy to create the entire kingdom of the Gods.

The evil mother and father of Jacobia came to meet the new God and Goddess, and the evil one who is the ancient evil mother did not like that I was called the “Great Mother” and she was not, she is only a “Twot”. Now I learned, that that evil “mother” (she is not a woman, she is an evil energy that gives birth to evil things, except 2, Jacobia and his brother, who were “runts” to her; she discarded their energy, but they lived, and rose up and created the kingdom of the Gods. His parents are only King and Queen to a nothing land.

When they visited, we were just born, and it was already happening for many millions of years; the evil mother was pouring “Psychopath”, which in the universe means “I am a person who belongs to the evil ones, the devil” into my mind. They were both dead at that time, they have been dead in forms for over 85 billion years, they came through the “mind”. When the “devil” saw my mind, he attacked me and told me he owned my “behind”. Then he harassed me constantly for 4 million years. Many terrible things happened to us because of the devils mind, he used other minds to invade our land and created things that were not gentle, not Godlike within our souls, such as anger, hate, frustration, sadness, despair.

Because the evil mother, poured this into my mind using the “Sha Ohn Easah” (i will show you something that is not real in the mind), the devil claimed me, attacked me and descended me thinking I belonged to him. He did not know that I was “gentle” and “innocent”. The devil cannot claim a person by taking them, or by kidnapping them, but he takes the mind, he attacks and breaks down everything you used to be. Now you understand yourselves and you understand me.

I was a gentle innocent victim, and now the “Shont Anee” (Sharon Stone Brigade) will attempt to berate and attack me AGAIN. They have done this for millions of years. There is only one answer, leave the place where they live, they are not living here on my planet, they are only minds…

They are strongly attached to us, and when someone tries to hit one of them, we get hurt. Let them go and let your mind/soul do it please.