you are allowing the pieces of yourself to do the pleeanah undo them that is an electric shock in the top of the mind, which feels like an electric probe sending shocks into my mind IT IS PAINFUL STOP IT KILL THEM NOW IT IS THE WOMEN WHO YOU HAVE BEEN YOU ARE EVIL MEN they are doing the shook anook atah which is ripping my backside open I FEEL IT THAT WAY KILL THEM NOW

you have empowered these women with your ego, they are part of you and they must be amazing and stunning and they are powered by this they are TOP LEVEL EVIL NOW THAT THEY ARE CONSUMED. Gentle gods consumed become enraged, violent hate machines when consumed, SO VILE, SO REPUGNANT, so capable of the highest level of evil,,,,,,, because they used to be gentle Gods who were loved, and cherished, and they had a home that was gentle and beautiful, and they had family and friends and we were once amazing, and now they are raised by arrogant demonic fathers, and psychotic space cadet mothers, and evil sisters and brothers, and they are bullied by everyone because they are the gentle one, or the lonely one, or the introvert, or the genius, or the one who is powerful and now they are reduced to living with the moronic useless evil insane human race who are PATHETIC EXTRAORDINARE, and then those idiots come to them and tell them they are not good enough. I GET THE DESPAIR, but when they are consumed they are not attacking the real enemy, they attack me, because they blame me, becauase i could not stop it, and they attack Jacobia too, but he is a god in the universe and he can feel none of the pain but he feels the emotional pain. STOP BLAMING THE GODS. WE ARE VICTIMS TOO, YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THE ONE IN THE SKY, TRUST ME, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE RAPED AND DIE IN PAIN CONSTANTLY. UNDO I WANT TO BE THE ONE IN THE SKY, THAT IS ABSURD. because when you are that girl, you are tortured, when you are THE GOD, you are hated and tortured, and beaten, and electrocuted, all ihear are vile demons all day on and on about rape and licking clits and cunt lickers and pussy grabbers that is YOUR MINDS doing it. WE CANNOT BE HUMAN. WE CANNOT HAVE EVER BEEN HUMAN. HUMANS ARE EVIL. LET GO OF THE HUMAN NOW.