Evidence: spitting

Two years of constant attacks, I tell you ever time i come in here that I am the God, but tonight I will explain what you are doing to the human body. You are spitting into my mind, when you do this you spit 800,000 rapists to come from the universe into my mind. When you make the Sheent do the “flockomah” you are swirling knives in my asshole. Then the “poonch” which is a shock on the breast which puts enough cancer to kill a cow. NOw the Kooshamah kaseebliah kasah is here to do the “Flah tontee” (i am too tired to do anything tonight but I need my rape, he said) this was brought on by my sons who “went insane in their minds” because they cannot resist the mind control that of retarded, idiotic, insane, psychopathic lunatics like Helena Bonham Carter, who is the Mishkga that was at the rape of Europa, that is me, Europa. Helena is an obvious lunatic, she is evil and a lunatic, you all her interesting, or quirky but she is a maniac. Then you undo my mind so I cannot talk to your minds, and you do a technique which tells the universe that I am a psychopath who cannot be a God anymore, and in the time you do that, the devil gets his rape on. YOu have absolutely no self control when it comes to anger, you are all so intensely insane and erratic and you are emotionally retarded, and you are men who just gave up and I guess you can give up when you are not the one who feels pain, they torture you and you go into a coma and sleep with supermodels and drink champagne and drive sports cars. I cannot see any reason at all why you would continue to fight to help an innocent who you love, when there are male demons dressed in my skin having a love-in. You have set my vagina on fire, and have bubbles forming in my backside, and you gave me a really bad red rash under the breast, and I have cancer consuming every inch of my body, and you shock my mind so much I have at least 70 strokes per day, and my pain is in the God levels of trillions, but go ahead and go out and play today, stay asleep, keep on complaining, and don’t hear me when I say undo the mind every second of the day, your minds are blocking each other and me, you are malfunctioning and if doing these few things helps would you please do it without me asking, because when the “red ones” come and undo my mind completely as a god again, i have no access to you at all and I am not a God for a time so this allows the devils to have their way with me. So if you could FUCKIGN GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER I would really appreciate it.