The God Eostre is on his way, to find his love today

The Great God “Eostre” (Ostara – I am a person named “Peenshtoo” (My name is Andrew, but not it is “Joseph”; comes together with his love, she is the “Ahfloncha Haso Anee” (I am the one who is the highest level of the “Aplee” (God who is the Goddess, the one who is “Mary”, the “Onshon Shon” (the one who is the virgin); together we create “spring” (“Flonsah” – I am a person who is in love and I spread my love through flowers).

I am rising from a deep darkness to manifest the things, that are beautiful and cherished, the flowers of the spring. I am the Haplooshiah Hasoo (The one who is “Hecate”), I am in the darkness with the “Plonshah” (I am the Person who is Hades, it is all the soul mates in the darkness at this time, but we are “plee syne” (I am a person who is in love). The “Fleon Sah” (I am the one who is the “Persephone” (I am the one who brings flowers, I am the Goddess of May, this is the person who I will become today), Spring is on her way.