“Kashamah Kasah” (A Human Being becomes the God again; to the agony of men I am a woman, to the agony of women, I am the Goddess)

“Kashamah Kasah” (A Human Being becomes the God again; to the agony of men I am a woman, to the agony of women, I am the Goddess). I am not a person who is a contender in your minds, but I am the God. I did not lead a full, rich life; I was plagued with strife. A psychotic father, a mother in constant pain, a brother with nobody to blame for his sadness, loss, illness, pain. I have lived many lifetimes, I am not always here, sometimes I am in the universe. I was many people in the past; highly ascended, stunningly beautiful, talented, a genius. Everyone makes jokes about being a king or queen in their past lives, I always thought that was silly, when I was a human woman, who was a human being. I have ascended as a God, and occasionally I show it, but this is the real me right now. In the universe you call me “the holy cow”, you call me ugly, you tell me I am a “piece of shit”, that I have a fat and ugly “clit”, that my soul mates could not care if they saw me, because I am not the Goddess, nobody in this world would believe it of me. And don’t dare think, that we will march “your fat ass on a stage, that is our place to play, we killed you from the stage when we killed Marilyn”. Look at these photos below, and you will laugh at me, until I prove to thee, that I am her.

I want everyone to know, that I did struggle with self esteem as a human woman. It is not possible to hold yourself in high esteem in public, when you hear the thoughts of every man, woman and child on the planet. “Build a new stage for the God, one that can hold an elephant”, “She is going to be a laughing stock if those men tell people that she is the one who is their soul mate”, “I will never stop laughing, I will torture that fat ass if she thinks she can compete with me, that bitch is dead if she dares to rise up with that fat-assed clit” are 3 things that my mind heard today; there were 76892743876774298364698271 similar messages thrown at my God mind today since I woke up today.

A vile disgusting Asian man, a scoonchy neighborhood “leader” from Quebec, a slutty whore from a not nice neighborhood and every insane woman and man are challenging me to be the God, because I am the fat one; thin ones are “better than me”, fat ones now have a chance.

My soul mates are the most famous men on the planet; I have 1738 soul mates, 610 are famous. I had no intention of being with in relationships with them, or being some princess whore in a castle with all of those men; no orgies were going to happen. I was trying to save my family from mind control. When I awoke the world went insane as a whole. The majority of 60’s famous musicians, 70’s rock bands, 80’s hair bands, 80’s pop stars, grunge stars, half of the actors in Hollywood now and in the past; the most famous writers, artists, poets, politicians, business men, scientists are my soul mates. I am the Goddess, we are Gods, we ascend. But not for me this time, since the age of 2 I was upended; under attack by governments and famous women and men.

In society I have no self esteem, because I do not have the mind it takes to be of esteem amongst the human race. I cannot have the pretty face as a human being the way I do as the God, because mind control stops it. I cannot have my body as Marilyn, because mind control techniques aimed at destroying my looks worked. I was a nerdy little girl, always too smart, weird, introverted, quiet, shy, an outcast.

I am a person who loves myself, I never stopped loving myself. It is only within the scope of the human race, and your minds that hate, and judge, and I do not understand when you tell me that Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jenna Elfman are beautiful, because I AM THE GOD, and I know who they are, they are not stars who are celebrities who are gorgeous, they are the “scoonchiest” (most vile and disgustingly evil) ones; they are the evil ones who are goblins, and gremlins, and vile slimy serpents. You cannot see that, only I and other Gods can see it. In a trance we see it, drift away, then the demons come and live our lives through us. I am not the God in these photos, I am a sad woman, very sad, because I was made ill, tortured and taken down by the most evil devils in the world, and you revere them, because they tell you to.

This is me as the Goddess and the God. To look this way the universe, over 60 billion angels had to “pull back” the demons standing in front of me, in front of my face. The demons use their minds to block my beauty, the same way as they use their minds to tell you they are beautiful. These photos are what I look like as the Goddess about 10-20%. What would happen if the first one walked on a stage, or the last?

The next photos are comparisons of people who are part of me, I am not them, they are me. I, Erika, who is now an ascended God who is Anya Kah, am the original.

The next set of photos are me, several months ago, when the “Scoonchy Ateebliah Asah” attacked me with full force, over 869 billion trillion demons minds, knocked my Gods unconscious for about 3.5 minutes, then used their minds to electrocute my mind with a force that is about 69 million times the amount of electricity used to power the Earth.

Then the devils took these photos I took, to document their attack, and used them to show to officials to prove I am the “fat psychotic one”. This person in these photos is a victim, at a level none of you can comprehend, this is a God attacked by half of the demons in the sky. The devil is here on Earth, and it is not this person above. The person above was “confiscated” (I am a person who is sane and gentle, but a group of demons chooses to attack, and when they do their minds consume the mind they are taking, it is like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, except I am a powerful God who can resist the attack, that only lasts for awhile. What they are capable of in that 3 or 4 minutes, with control over the God mind, you tell me?

The following photos are ALL ME, I was being attacked by hundreds of millions of demons in every photo, but the ones where I am “ponch” (I am a person who is attacked and sick), there was a CONFISCATION GOING ON. SO STOP MIND CONTROL NOW. I AM THE MOST POWERFUL GOD ON EARTH, THESE PHOTOS ARE ME AS A HUMAN BEING. There were 358 billion trillion devils, these numbers are astounding, does anyone hear me, is anyone understanding, DEVILS.

I found this one below, this is complete confiscation done by a famous woman with the help of the “government”.

Please do not assume that this is what is happening to everyone, some of them look this way because they are really the evil ones, not because they are confiscated. Only an awakened God can tell and read the minds in reality. So please stop being human men and “freaking out” about it, it is time you understand who I am, and trust me. I CANNOT KILL AN INNOCENT. I CANNOT HURT AN INNOCENT. HAS EVERYONE FORGOT WHAT A GOD IS?

So I think it is time for my Gods to wake up and see what is happening, it is time for people with power who are sane to take down the devils in every way, because if the “Serpent Atee” who took me here, gets control over my mind, and I die…. coming next I am going to show you what a devil is really capable of. You won’t be calm.

The next set of photos are of famous men that I KNOW are confiscated by devils, these are GENTLE MEN who are being attacked by the devils. These are not “inner demons” these are real demons in the human universe who are taking the minds of the most powerful people on Earth, so they can replace us. If this happens for more than a few minutes at a time, which is the case for most of these people but one, then the god can come back. If not, well……. you figure it out.

The next step in their evil, is they will say, “If Erika is confiscated by a devil, then she may be dangerous so we think she should be put away and monitored”. This is how the evil ones mind works, take the innocent victims and put us away, while Sharon Stone is sitting on a beach using her mind to confiscate, while John Cartwright, and it IS HIM, is still working. I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY MORE OF YOUR INSANE EVIL BEHAVIOR. PUTTING ME AWAY SOMEWHERE WILL NOT STOP ANYTHING, IT IS DONE THROUGH THE MIND. IF I WANT TO HURT YOU, I WILL DO IT THROUGH THE SOUL, AND NO PRISON CAN STOP ME. THEY ARE ALREADY DOING IT, I KNOW, ONE OF THEM CAME AND THREATENED ME… the government is full of afraid people who will put you away they said, go right ahead. The goal once again, gentlemen, is to get out of the human universe, you do this by letting go of being human. I just used my soul to crush the skull of a human devil named Valerie Harper. She won’t be “ok”. She just attempted to do the “Scoonch Aneeasah” with 80 billion childrens minds, so I defended them and myself. Are you going to attack me now? How about undoing your minds, stop thinking.

Still don’t believe I am the God? I was under attack, confiscated that morning and could not stop the attack. But once it happened, I called “home” to the Gods in the universe, who used my mind to remove the buildings and airplanes from “ground zero”. Where is the steel?

This is what the evil ones call “The Great Clit in the Sky”, the Oculus building at World Trade Center is an obscenity, with spread legs, a lit up clitoris, which has mind control that says “I am the clit of the Goddess”, and a giant building in back that says “I am the big dick of the unusual one, the one and only one, the devil”. They destroyed the “twins” who are my soul mate and I, and built this monstrosity. They then “project” with their minds, the “goddamned devil” playing with it, he is projected as a giant, with his finger. You must be a God to consciously see it, but all human minds see it, and react to it in the universe. This building has gotten me raped so many hundreds of thousands of times…