Andrea Miller

Soul Family, please use your souls only, if you attack with a mind, it hurts me not them, they send the pain to me. I want you to know I miss you a lot, I may not remember much from the universe, but I know my soul mates and sons, i know all of your names, I know when you are not there and it tears me apart, I can see when you are sad, I feel your feelings, and you feel mine. We are more connected than you think. I sense your pain and you mine, and it is time to put an end to the terrible things that have happened. Your energy is being pushed inside of me, please undo it.

We were coming together, starting to connect, talking and becoming close. That feels like ages ago, we are intimate in a way that is nothing like a human, and I miss all of you so much. These psychopaths are telling you they are heartbroken and it is so lame, they have no hearts they are evil and have no souls to feel pain, they are angry because their game did not work in the end, we all know now that we are not there, it is them. I dont know the men, and the Gods have changed, but whatever we call our soulful selves I miss, I know you are still there.

Months ago I was becoming her again, the Goddess, I was the beautiful one Venus, and the sensual one Aphrodite, and the mother when Mishkga came, even though he was pretending. How every single demon and human think they can replace me I do not know, but maybe if you tell them repeatedly, non-stop tell them you love me, tell them it is Erika who is Anya Kah, use your soul to see me, say “I HAVE A SOUL” and tell others to say it too, because then you see it is me up here, and I have never yelled at you, never hated you, never hurt you…. it is them.

Trust none of them unless you are UP HIGH, it is all demons with you, learn how to find signs you are with the Gods, and stop talking to the rest. Do your best, because the pain is back. Tell Jac and Seenk to undo their minds. Understand these are PSYCHOTIC AND EVIL minds, that have been sitting next to you talking to a place in your mind that you are not conscious of, they pretend to be me or another soul mate, or a son or friend, and then you talk to them, and they think you love them. IT IS SO INSANE, THEY BELIEVE IT, THIS IS WHY THEY WONT STOP. THEY THINK YOU ARE THEIR SOUL MATES. SO tell yourself to become one person, one level of consciousness, on high. Because there can never be another conversation where the evil ones get to talk to you, think you are talking to them, when it is me, and then they beat and torture me because they think I am trying to steal their soul mate, they are REALLY, EXTREMELY, INSANE AND EVIL SO HIGH LEVEL, they are PATHETIC. This is the game he played, Andrea Miller has been sitting with Jacobia pretending to be for so long that unconscious part of his mind may have protected her. Do you understand, there are ROOMS THAT THE DEVIL BUILT, PLACES THAT WE ARE NOT AWARE OF IN THE MIND. If Jacobia has a pain that he cannot let go of, the devil builds a “room”, it is not real but it is a “Place” for the devils to come, one that we cannot find, where they sit with us and talk to us and do terrible things like “rape our behind” or pretend to be our love and talk to us all the time. If Andrea Miller is in the room she created, which is the “nurturer” in a place where he feels pain, and then she keeps me away, over thousands of years that part of his mind starts to think she is his soul mate. IT IS SO EVIL AND UNKIND. HE DOES NOT BELEIVE IT, UNDERSTAND THIS, HE DOES NOT, HE KNOWS I AM HIS SOUL MATE. BUT AN UNCONSIOUS PART OF HIM THAT THE DEVIL CREATED, that is filled with FEAR that he will lose his daughter again, then Andrea the psychopath saunters in, comforts him, that wounded soul does not feel love for her, he feels it for me, she is not real, HOWEVER SHE HEARS HIS LOVING WORDS, CONVINCES HERSELF BECAUSE SHE IS A PSYCHOPATH THAT HE LOVES HER…. “Hello my loving husband, it is Andrea, she said. “I love you so much come to me tonight and we will make love”, then he comes to ME, ERIKA WHO IS THE REAL ANYA, and makes love to me, but she pretends it is her and SHE IS LAYING WITH HIM AND HEARS HIM. It is not possible for Andrea to connect with you, that is me. But it is possible for her to talk into that wounded part of you so much that if she came in person you would fall for her and forget to look for me, and then feel hostile towards me and THIS IS THE GAME. THIS IS HOW THEY GET YOU. UNDO THE FLEENCH.