The Devils are in The Light

Hell: (Heesah Flah Hasah- “a place in the sky where one goes to repent their sins”)

Hell: (Hashoontaplee Asah – “a place so vile only a God can live in it and survive”)

Hell: (Poshtonetatee – “I am a person who is in love with my soul mate, but cannot come out of my mind to find you, all I see are “pussies” and “cunts” and “clits”

Hell: (Meekasah – “My name is Erika, I am the One in the Sky, but I am not on High, the evil one is”)

Hell: (Jon Jon Teekatah – “I am a person who is the One who is your son Erika, but you are an evil person who I have to destroy today, because the “Poshtatoombliah” say (the “People in the Sky” who are on high in the governments and Hollywood today).

Hell: (Mon Mon Mon Mon Mon Mon Mon – I am a person in the sky who is on high and I will not let them read this today, because I will tell their minds there is danger online since the God said the internet was evil yesterday. There really is a danger online, with 50 million hateful messages per minute pouring into the minds of the Gods. So how do you exercise caution without fear? We are in a no win situation here.

Hell: (Vonsoh Tateekiah – I am a place in the sky, where devils love to fly their airplanes into my buildings, then the God takes the buildings that fell, away, leaving little decay; so the burning planes do not burn down the city. Then the imbecilic government believes an imbecile named “Church” did it, not the one who is the woman named “Erika” who they have spent trillions of dollars to torture as the “Great Fat One” because a “Veronica” (an insane woman) told them I was a psychopath (“Veronica – I am a person who is a joke of a woman, I have nothing to offer the world, but when I am told that there is a God, who is being replaced because she is not good enough, then I parade myself in front of the “men” and compete to become one of them).

Hell: (Bosh Tontoo – It is the day before the “little one” arrives, he/she is on high, everyone scrambles to buy pretty little things, clothing and toys to make their hearts sing, but the God is more aware than others, that the little ones coming are “ensconch” (I am a person who is psychotic); the baby “showers” (I am a person who get showered with love and attention, because I am a “mom” (male demon who steals the body of the Goddess, then gives birth to a child, becomes a menace to the sanity of all, demands with their mind that you shower them with love, because they are a “blessed one”); and then comes another “hun” (I am a person who is a psychopath, I am the devil, but not, I am the “evil one).

Hell: (Embleenkachoo – I am a person in the sky, who knows why, you are the “vile one” to everyone “Erika”, because I did the “Flahn” (fuck you I am taking your world, by doing the “koonch anoonch” (I am a person who hates women, because the evil one sends his most vile as “women” when they are really male demons) on the minds of the government, I did the “flahn” on “the men” (fuck you, I get the men, like nobody can, because I convince them that they are idiots who care for nothing more than getting laid, getting paid and eventually finding a mate who will dote on them and give in to their every whim, while actually manipulating them). Then I did the “Kasamah Hasah” (“she is a “great fat one” who is useless, vile, stupid, psychotic and pathetic as a woman this time, and I use every possible way to do this to their minds, by using your mind, and your voice, to yell at them all day long, telling them you hate them, that you date morons, you are evil and hurt people now, and you are a desperate woman who wants famous ones), then the “Sha Tomeetika” (I am a person who is the soul mate of the Goddess, my Goddess is the most beautiful one in every way, she cannot be a person who was bullied as a child for being chubby, she could not be the one who is overweight, she cannot be the one who worked in retail, or a person who others hate, she cannot be the one who is ugly, that is not her, it is not the other ones either, but how do they look like my girl?) then the “Kosomah Ponshtootatee” (I am a person who is unhappy all the time, I cannot find any rhyme or reason to my soul, my life is boring, nothing is going on, I am a moron, who can’t “get it on”) and the “Soke” (I am a person who is in favor with the King, I rose up to his level again, his name is not important I won’t look, I just respond to the “look”, his Queens are pretty things, they remind me of the old days; we live in luxury, we read books, we are the ones in the sky, on high, never to be overlooked) and they rose in power to me, to become one with me, and we live happily ever after in “Hell” (a place where “Erika” fell 38,000 years ago, when the “Toke” (evil one) did a “poke” (I am a preying mantis) at her vagina, and then sent her into a tailspin, because she is the one who they call the “Mah Onson” (I am the one who is the Virgin). And now 38,000 years later, the most gentle, loving, kindest, beautiful Goddess; the great mother, the great lover, the one who is like no other, stands upon the Earth with you, without “Asom” (I am a person who has money and wealth), without “Peesho Tee” (I am a person who is loved and revered as a God) and without her “Pershtah” (Soul, because her soul mates are “gone today, that is what they say, every second of the day to me”).

I am the God “Calypsoh” (I am the One in the Sky, who is on High, we were too delicate, to gentle to handle it all, we should not have been “sergeants” or “commanders of an army”, we are too “plee onshiah” (I am a person who is the “son shonsah” (I am a delicate little fairy and cannot fight battles with 80 billion trillion snorting, angry hogs, who have no shame about using their power numbers, to bully as violent aggressors, to take down the most gentle, sweetest, little butterfly; but after 800,000 years of him, I have risen, I am no longer that one, I am still the “hunh” (I am a gentle one), I won’t hurt an innocent. I have created a Hell just for him, a place where he cannot swim on my sunny shores anymore, or play games in government, or gallivant around in my gowns with my sons all about town, or wear a frown and complain to get his own way, or take his “faggots” (what the evil one calls his “boys”, his minions) to go down on me and “play”; what is Hell for the devil, nobody knows; he has been in the light with his “scoonchy hos” (evil women who are vile and useless) for far too long….

Only I know how to create a Hell for them, it is a Heaven for me, it is too much pain for the scoonchy attee (evil ones at the top of their game to make the world a terrible place, so they can gain and keep power over the “men”).

I spew forth rainbows upon you

What is heaven to me, JOY, is death, torture, suffering and pain to the “scoonchy” demons……… I shit rainbows.