Who are the evil ones?

You have the evil ones attached to you for different reasons:

Goblins: he is the “scoonchy attee” (ugly, hideous, disgusting and vile). attaches to those who like porn, dirty things, aggressive sports, things that are upsetting, dangerous, dirty, smelly, violent.

Devils: he is arrogance: attaches to you if you are clean neat and tidy as a “personality”, arrogant about your looks, education level, class in society, the kind of car you drive, must have fancy house, judgmental of others

The Beast: like the devils, but you are angry, vile in ego, pushy, demanding, bully, aggressive, needy (ex: Debra Messing)

The keench: you play “cute” to get your way, or you fall for the ones who play cute, cute people who pretend to be gentle, adorable, sweet, loving, kind, but are not that way at all. Attaches to the Gods who want their angel so much, they are taken in by appearance. (ex: Drew Barrymore, Amy Lee)

The shonte if you have self esteem problems, because the Shonte devil cannot win the men, gets angry and attacks, so if you feel inadequate and get annoyed or angry because you cannot be or do something, the Shonte finds you. The Shonte is VILE angry; violent.

The Jackyll – if you seem like an “idiot”, someone slow of thinking, you are called “idiotic” or “moronic” or “insane” in some way; you don’t have to be this way but if you are perceived this way (by a parent, or teachers for example) and you believe it about yourself, the Jackyll gets you, and then turns you into a “Constance”.

Constance – He is a person in the sky, who fell, long ago, he is a person who does what he wants, he has a personality, is amazing, is entertaining, hyperactive, and over-the-top; people want to befriend him, he seems happy and excited, but he has no soul and feels nothing at all; it is an act. He attaches to everyone who is fun, because they want to be around his “energy”.

The Hombiah – a former God who wants the other Gods to fall like they did, they attach to the Gods who are failing the battle for their souls. (ex: Vlook Anook Atook – angry ex-Gods who fell for the devil)

The Bloonk – a person in the sky who does the “Sha” (you will do what I want you to do), control freak makes you do what he wants; they attach to people who are innocent “door mats”, too gentle, cannot fight back, are not competitive, not aggressive enough to play their games. (ex: the governments, military)

The Toonk – they are not gentle anymore, but don’t know how to let go of the God; they attach to gentle people to make you aggressive like them, so you lose HIM (ex: Andrea Miller)

The Vlah – the shompee esahah – hates “Erika” and will turn you against me; he attaches himself to everyone that loves/loved Erika, and destroys my relationships with the Gods out of insane jealousy. This is the “sick, insane psychopathic lunatic”. (ex: ancient sons who were turned against me)

The Soke – the Joker, Goblin Attee, the one who has to be funny all the time; attaches to people who laugh at his jokes, never laugh if you don’t mean it, never laugh when a goblin is around, he becomes obsessed with you, insisting you love him if you laugh at his jokes

The Heench Atah – He is the one in the sky, who is on high, but not, he is the “Twot” who follows the ancient evil mother, so she can be the God; attaches to everyone in the universe, the ancient “evil” mother (not me, I am THE GREAT MOTHER) is an obsessed, psychotic lunatic of epic proportions, who will relentlessly torture you into submission, losing your soul and connection to the Great God and Mother.

The Vlook Anah – He/She tells everyone the gentle God (me) is the Devil, the Fat Demon, the psychopath; gets me raped and tortured, because he is a useless, vile, pathetic, inane psychopath; attaches to every single mind, torturing you until you hate “Erika” and “Anya Kah” (the “Women”, government, everyone participates in this)

The serpent or Shookanah gets you if you are the men; hot, a God, famous, attractive, preening, arrogant, wealthy, beautiful, someone that that devil can take advantage of.

The Kooshamah Kaseebliah Hasah Hasoh Anee gets you if you fall for all the things that are the “Goddess”, like beauty, luxury, top notch, head honcho, top of the top, ones who have to have everything, couture. If you are beautiful in any way, the “Keemp” (highest level devil wants you). (ex: Boy George)

The Hooncheentiah (evil ancient “mother” of Jacobia) gets you if you are an insane lunatic, who is insane all the time, can not be calm, cannot sit still, has to BE and DO all the time, must accomplish, must get things done, do it now, right now, move quickly, hurry, rush, not good enough, more, more, more because she is the “Lusvisious” (an Angry, evil whore, who hates the innocent one and wants everything the Goddess has; all the possession, looks, love, joy). (ex: Oprah)

The Keench Atoontiah – The insane lunatic, part of the Kooshamah Haseebliah Hasoh (the combination of the ancient evil ones), who likes to “play with the clitoris” in the minds of men; he shows you them, touch them, tortures them, rapes them; the “father” part of him is angry he could not have the Goddess as a soul mate; the “mother” part of him is angry her husband wanted to connect with the Goddess; they are the ancient, sadistic rapists (the “parents” of Jacobia Escaflu). This is the one who attaches to your mind to make you rape peoples minds, when you are not a rapist.

The “Zompah” (the Zompah is the god of “innocence”, the Goddess who is beautiful, gentle and kind) – when the devils use and abuse this name it is vile, you attract the zompuh (a person who is every single devil combined) if you are gentle and innocent in any way. They are the most vile, with combined power, attempting to seduce the virgin, make greedy the humble, make perverted the romantic; they consume an innocent with evil, vile things to break them, so we are not innocent any more. They fell, they want us to fall. I am innocent because I am gentle; it is believed in the God world that if you can comprehend evil, it is because you are evil, that is not our way of thinking anymore. The Gods are gentle, innocent and pure; but we witness things that are not. It does not break us. If you are “gentle” you have witnessed horror, but let it go; you have witnessed and been attacked by evil, and let it go.