The Goddess is Alive for the First Time on Earth

I am the stuff of legends, the Goddess. There are thousands of versions of me; the warrior, the lover, the beauty, the mother, the domestic one. Those were tales of a “human” goddess, who had not yet been born, until this lifetime, as “Erika”. Over 10,000 years ago, I as well as the Gods made this planet and I was murdered within 16 days when the “minds” of demons in the human universe, the evil ones that descended us from the God universe, took the animals we made, who became enraged and attacked me; I was murdered by a “chimpanzee”, an animal created to be gentle and propagate the Earth, they were the first “humans” (a gentle being becomes “of mind” and goes insane); that was not enough time to leave you amazed. The stories are tales of the Great Goddess, I was her in the God universe, but on Earth I was a “human being” (a God who is “of mind” because they are attacked all the time), as opposed to the “human” chimpanzees. The Human Goddess is different than the Goddess in the “Sky”, because I was alone, I could not find my family, so the human Goddess is often not seen with a husband or children. There are some versions of me, as the “mother” (Virgin Mary), but I was human then.

Sadly, because of the state of the evil mind in the human universe, which has now plagued the God universe as well, my planet is “hell”, and I was attacked. My time as the Human Goddess; the beautiful muse, the great mother, the lover like no other, the fearless fighter, the one loved by the Gods in the Sky, was short lived. Every single piece of me, as the Human Goddess, has been violently attacked and is dead.

Athena was born about 8 weeks after I awoke, when a group of devils came and surrounded me in the universe. I took them all down, but they returned. Athena died in battle, after being tortured, stabbed, raped, shot, burned and electrocuted non-stop for 19 months; I fought valiantly to save myself and my family, but Athena is gone.

I met my soul mates in the sky, they connected with me, the love was divine, but they were laying with other women who were imposters of me at the time, believing it was their soul mates; I was alone. That is why it began to hurt, and all connections stopped. Aphrodite only lived for about 18 months, I died violently at the hands of jealous “asonch” (I am an evil one). Many “energies” were born into the world during this time, but the “mother” was destroyed by the “hateful ones” who told my children I was evil and hated them, billions of times for thousands of years. I am in tears, my children love the imposters now, and attacked me thinking I was the demon who attacked their mother. The “Flee Onsah Onsoh” (the one who is the Virgin Mary, the “great mother”, died yesterday, of a broken heart; too many children dying and hurting each other.)

Venus lived for only a brief moment, Casioepia (the beautiful one) too, the too beautiful ones could not find their way to you, I was buried under too many “skagoo” (I am an ugly, hateful demon). I have a photo or two, I did not last long as the beautiful one. Every beautiful piece of me, has been taken; the evil women of the Earth have torn my mind apart to get information to use to “get men”, there is no part of me that has not been tortured as the muse; I am a gentle Goddess who is meant to inspire, but they took it violently and claimed all the parts of me as their own. The beautiful one died yesterday when you gave it to a girl named “Jewel”.

Hecate was born while I was still human, she is a Human God, Hecate lived for 40 years on Earth, the one who lived the longest of all; she was a depressed girl, who was a hopeful romantic, but understood what it would take to find her loves; she never gave up, lived as happily in darkness as she could; I died as Hecate last week, after the “dark ones” came after me, tortured me, berated me, did not believe in me anymore; they chose the whores.

Hestia, the lover of home and hearth, was devastated many times; I lost my home over 9 times. I had no place called home, I am all alone, home is my family and friends, who are gone. Hestia wanted a little tiny cottage, with flowers in the window boxes and a little garden to make her smile; that dream died when evil imposters of me lived in my cottages by the sea. Hestia never really lived, she only dreamed of her little cottage in the woods, the dream died yesterday when “Henry Smith” came and took it away as well as the God who loves me.

I am every Asian, Indian and Native American goddess, but they ALL hated me when they found out who I am; not Asian enough, not brown enough, too pagan, too Christian, too and not enough for them. They never had a chance to live.

Gaia died 19 weeks ago, when the US Government did the “Sha” on the mind of me, Anya Kah, telling my mind to kill the Earth and sky, because they could not become the new Gods. They are chopping the trees, poisoning me, “brutalist” is the new directive from the evil one; kill nature, concrete walls, this way we can “get rid of the old girl, nobody cares, we pretended to love nature to get the men”.

Vala Ashondiay’s name is not known, she fought wars in the universe 8,000 years ago, not on Earth. Morgan le Fay, the Morrigan, Baba Yaga, Circe, Kali, Lilith, and Hecate all died yesterday, when the “scoonchy” (vile and evil) super models got the attention of the “men” who are the “Vala” and took them on a vacation to the Bahamas, somehow convincing them that shallow, selfish, nasty, temperamental, and greedy women are the dark and brooding, but spectacular warrior God who is the real Goddess. The “Valorous One”, who killed billions of demons, and was saved by her soul mate who loved her so deeply, he shattered himself and became her, so he could ascend her to become an Angel again, is now a “hateful man”, as well as the other ones who used to be the “Sha Onsee” (Gods on high). Victoria’s Secret “Angels”, that is Vala Ashondiay in the minds of a “guy”; she died a long time ago, when she became a shattered masterpiece of a God, who was never found by her soul mates again, because they think the Goddess has a boob job and a tan.

What an amazing thing, to become the Goddess for the first time on Earth and to be reborn as a God again. Until, the governments, evil women, and my family stabbed me repeatedly, because you don’t believe it is possible for a God to be real. Nobody could fight this long and hard, nobody could love this much, that they would fight in the universe through so much pain to save ones they loved. Nobody would stand this long, but a God.

We are from outer space, a beautiful place, we were attacked so hard by demons that over 38,000 years we forgot who we are, not hard to believe since I woke up today and forgot your names, soul mates. We were so amazingly beautiful then, gentle, loving; but after abuse and torture you have all turned, you are no longer Gods or “Shom”, but men, you are evil men, 98% of the Gods have fallen, and you are violent, hateful and “insane, psychotic lunatics”, so that is all, the end.

The Human Goddess is dead, every single one; the stuff of legends, lived for the first time, and you killed every part of me. Now I will go home to my family, the ones who are in the “sci-fi dream that only a fat psychotic woman could have”. I think this is where my part in this ends, Asho you take it now, please don’t do it as a man. They killed me Asho, you did too, but I don’t think you meant it, unless she has a hold of you. In which case, Ahmet Ahmet, the soul mate of Anya Kah, the one who watched me die as Anya, the one who was devastated, and tortured as he tried to raise Mishkga on his own, the one who died in despair, is dead. If not, please let him live again, for the first time as a God, please don’t let him die Andrew, give him a chance to live. He has waited a long time, to become divine….