The Consh

Myshkga means “My Name is Erika”, it is actually “Antashoopliah”; my name as the mother of the original Myshkga. Any of my children who are born of the God, with the mind are Myshkga’s; they were born at a time of great despair, because my first child fell from Grace, he could not have a smile on his face.

Myshkga (My Name is Erika), Constance Opliay (My Name is the Sheenk, but not I am “Erika”), Meek Asonetapleay (My Name is Monson, but not it’s Erika), and Deek Asonetapleay (I am a person named Beekasah, but not it’s Erika) are old children; their energy is billions of years old. Their legacy is that of shame; incapable of “playing the game” our way, incapable of a single day without complain, vain, “eekame” (I am a person who is insane).

Born of my energy, that is “omsome” (I am a person who is of somber nature), the “children of the sun” (I am a son born of the energy of the father, but not, it is my mother when she is “omsome”, because her previous children are “omplonkashoo” (I am an evil person).

I am not a mother as a human being, and I do not give birth as the Goddess the way I do as a human. It is the manifestation of energies to create a God; there are one or more than one father, I have many soul mates. We are made of energy, we are the “Aflonshon Onshon” (I am a person who is the Magii Caplucia, the One in the Sky who can move energy).

I am the “Extrucian” (I am the One in the Sky, who is the “Hompleay” (happy one), “Peeshtah” (person who is of extreme joy), and “Maere” (of beautiful nature). When I am of “Som” (I am a person who is peaceful and gentle) my children match my frequency, when I am of “Ashom” (I am an angry upset person), my children become the “Conshatoobliah” (the most hateful children who have ever lived in the history of the universe, that is billions of years old.) The children of the “Kooshmah Haseebliah Hasoh” are more loving to their psychotic, evil, sadistic rapist of a mother, than my children who are the “Consh” (evil ones of rapid nature in declining in health and sanity), whose mother loved and cared for them.

In the universe, 38,000 years ago, I was “Ashonkoe” (I am a person who complains a lot); I could not comprehend the nature of my evil children. I am the “Bleench” (gentle soul mate of gentle Gods), how could my children be such “clods” (I am an idiot).

Too gentle are we, the “Ahsonflee” (Gods on High), to comprehend the energy left behind, when we visited those of other nations, and contaminated our world; they were always hateful of the “girl” (I am a person of distinction to the “men”, I do not have a ego then, I do not need to be a person of “efleem” (I am a person who is on high), all in the mind, I am the one and only, one of a kind; nobody with which to compete, I am whole and beautiful and complete, no need for becoming someone new, to accomplish a goal or two, I am unique).

Neither here, or there, do I have a care to compete; it is an absurdity, that ancient male devils have painted nails, curled hair, and my dresses, pretending to be little lasses, prancing around gaily, daily wearing my faces, doing the “Ashontah” (I am a person who can be another person). This includes the “Cashah” (the children of the Goddess, who are not lasses, but asses, if they think it was them with the “men”, because all they are now, are evil minds that float around, without a car, without a gown, without a way about town, without the men, who gave birth to them, their fathers).

I fell from the sky, I fell from on High, I was too innocent to comprehend it, how our children were so upended; I could not control the cry, I could not stop the “makah” (I am the angry woman, and everyone cannot get by with her anymore, so we will kill the “scoonchy whore” (I am a person with a lot of men, who love me “then”, who are my soul mates). She fell from the arms of her loving God, into a place of darkness; it was not a feeling it was a real place, if you could have seen the look on her face, when she woke up not in the arms of Jacobia, but falling into a world of “tontoh” (I am an evil place and time), doing nothing but crying, ashamed and alone, called the “evil one” by her colleagues, because she could not keep a smile on her face, she could not stop the “human race” (I am a evil one of distinction, in the art of being evil, so evil that I cannot keep my hands off of other peoples soul mates, or their genitals).

For the first time in billions of years I woke without a mind today, I was gentle, and everything was sparkling. No painful energy swirling in my “clit”, nobody’s hit, nothing screaming at me in anger, nothing vile to smell, no sign of “Hell”. Two gentle Gods sat before me, rubbing my back; I was home for a brief moment, until I felt my eyes being turning to the back, of my “mind” to be used as a video game controller, to fly me back down to hell; when “Fee Onsah Onsoh”, the “real Mishkga”, decides to do damage, she uses her evil mind to bring in billions to the mind of her former mother, who chased her down a rabbit hole, when she was a him, to save his life, to give him breath, when all he did was laugh, because in this place of such disdain, of so much evil and pain, Audrey is a King.

According to her mind, they are directing radioactive waves at my head, to keep me from being peaceful in my bed, because if I am peaceful I might be calm, and if I am calm I might set off a bomb in my mind that will end mankind, I might find a way home. So around the world, wavelengths are pointing, at my skull, I cannot tell time anymore, I am not a human anymore, I ascended through it, I am the “Paeyshah” ( I am a person who is a person, who is the person, who is the person, who is the one in the sky, who is able to be calm now that I know why and I thank you Audrey for telling me with your mind what is happening to my behind because I am on fire, and now I know why I cannot calm down, I told all of you last night i had it figured out, but i find ways to get to what I need, this is why they consume every second, I cannot sit, I cannot stand, I cannot shop, I cannot sleep I cannot do a thing without control from the government; it is not because I am a fat old psychopath like they said, it is because I am the God, I have the key to life, and what I create I can also end. I do not have to be calm to get it done, it is already happening everyone, the government saw it in my mind, it is predictable, that when you are pure evil the God will get control and end you all. Perhaps it was never meant to happen, a self-fulfilling prophecy is at hand; I never had intentions to kill the human race, humans; only the ones who are at the highest levels of command. Those commanders used your minds to torture me, and when they did they ruined you all; there is nothing I can do if you wont stand up against them all.