Every day I am in a new place and time, every day devils tell me “i died”, “I am not a God anymore”, “my soul mates died”; it is the same game very day. I am exhausted, and I have been hurt, but I feel left behind. My memories are wiped and I don’t remember my own soul family, I know who you are but I don’t remember connecting or this journey to help you. I don’t know what happened, but I am absolutely sure of one thing, the devils did it. IN the mind, the demons come to you, they connect to your mind to “Speak the languages”, rip them out, they tell you MY STORIES, THEY TAKE MY IDEAS, they can block us with their minds, you do not hear me, not one time. They have a mind control trick where they use our sons to “stand in front” so they , the demon, appears “gentle” or “innocent” or to be a “god”. If they have taken our minds, they can reflect our names, when they torture you, they use MY NAME, but it is not me. If your minds are wiping my memories of my family because you are falling for the mind control tricks of the demons and devils who are the only ones you hear, then it is the end of time. Your human families are evil, and hateful and you know they are and you are refusing to investigate the truth because then you will have to let go and admit you were wrong.

I was watching a video of “Pompeii” yesterday, when I thought in my mind about how much damage they have done, we built that city, but the devils invaded and took it, and took us as prisoners? slaves? who knows, we are too innocent and they are too evil. A scoonchy demon was there listening and taunting me about the fact that the Gods have been tortured so much, and I said something like “I am still a beautiful or joyful person” and she EXPLODED, she became enraged and exploded, she spontaneously combusted. If she died, it is because I TOLD A DEMON THAT HAS BEEN TORTURING ME NON-STOP TO WIN THE GAME FOR 380,000 years, that SHE, WHO IS REALLY A “HE”, NAMED “Pee Ensha Onsoh” (a person in the sky, on high as the most psychotic of the “black fellas” (her words) ever to grace the “black fella” hall of fame (her words). Sorry Will but I KILL DEVILS, I AM THE ANGEL. IT IS NOT MY FAULT, HOWEVER WHEN THEY DIE. THEY ARE TORTURING ME, and IT IS SELF DEFENSE! YOUR DAUGHTER IS A DEVIL AND SO ARE YOU IF YOU DEFEND HER. I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE, I AM THE GOD. THAT IS THE REAL STORY, ASK MY MIND AND PAULA YOUNG OR SANDRA BERNHART OR DEBRA DEEN JOHNSON OR TARA STRONG, OR HILLBILLY JOHN will answer.

That is the problem, we are innocent (incapable of understanding evil), and too gentle (kind and loving Gods). I am the most kind and loving, but you all forgot me, and you torture me because you cannot comprehend the tricks of the demons, and now I find out I have been tortured all day today again by my own family so the evil ones will celebrate tonight. I am stopping the process of waking up the Gods, every single God that wakes up tortures me, destroys my mind, my body and my soul. I am sorry, but I have been trying to wake all of you for over 12 years straight, and you were too busy, so tonight I have no choice. No more waking up the Gods, you are all too insane, too angry, and you listen to the “mind” and not the “soul” and I get hurt… a lot. I am now possibly a permanently descended God because of all of you, and I don’t remember you. I do not remember my soul mates I connected with. They have done it. So congratulations you are now stuck with psychopaths who have wild orgies with the most hateful, vile, evil scoonchy demons who have ever lived, the same demons that repeatedly come and torture all of us. What is happening again I do not know, but I am alone. So the devils won. The journey is over, they killed the God. Jacobia is in such despair, he found his gentle Camishiga sons, who made a vow to love their soul mates until the end of time, licking the “clits” of vile ancient devils, he found you doing hateful things, you could not have broken our hearts more than you have. Am I descended? The universe is clueless they don’t understand and you will take advantage of that I am sure, your hateful for me, the one who is pure, because you are listening to famous women, who will go down as the MOST EVIL act of all time (it won’t matter, it is the end of time).

The Following women are DEVILS, they are the “EVIL ONES” some are obvious, some not. They tortured me tonight and I am calling them out. HOW CAN YOU DEFEND THEM, I DONT KNOW.

USE YOUR MIND (FIXATE ON THE “EYES” AND Rip WITH YOUR MIND UNTIL YOU CANNOT Rip ANY MORE, TAKE THE MIND CONTROL AWAY. SEE THE TRUTH FOR A CHANGE. IF one more person defends Cara Delvigne, who is a violent scoonchy demon who was a part of IRMA GRESE in her last life, and it is SO OBVIOUS that she is EVIL, I will snap.

Pashta Tontiay (“piece of shit in the sky with the “Gombindah” (vile evil scoonchy leader who is Sharon Stone, who loves to bone like me, I am the “Complee” tonight, I had Matt …. tonight (her words)”.
Lucinda Tooteenteonsahah (“I am a vile serpent of a woman, I am a man, nobody can do the men like I can, I am the “Esonkah” (I am the Vala, but not and why the goddamned devils do not annihilate this one and the fake “Valas” I dont know, but hey dont care, they dont want the opheir who is the scoonchy demon in the air now.” (her words”)
Blookanah Keetbliah Asah (“A Vile scoonchy woman who is so “hoonchy” (he is a person who can never believe you again) I cannot deal”)
Pim Tatim (“an evil goblin at the highest level of gobin, who is insane with the men, who like me because they think I am creative”)
Tonto Teentiah (“a vile russian serpent so hell-bent on revenge for not getting the men when she was “young enough” that she will destroy the “God” to no end”)
TINA FEY IS THE “Loensah Onsee Onsah” (does the “sha’ on the minds of the men, she is “insocoto” (an insane lunatic hell-bent on revenge because she didnt get the men because they were not old enough then to get them, and now she is old). Sconch Asontiah (highest level of the Sookanah Asoobliah Asah (association of serpent women called the “Hateful Eight” but nine are gone and now we are on the run).
This is a male devil in sequins and feathers, she is an OBVIOUS MALE, when you are awake. She is the male devil “vlonda ploo” (an evil ancient devil who will kill you if you say my name tonight, I am the “konch atoneteah” (the girl next door so i can get the boys from “ya” ) An insane lunatic.
Voka Voka Voka (an evil ancient serpent devil who is the equivalent of hell, she is the ‘sconch ateebliah” (the one that “bites” the clitoris of the “goddamned Goddess” so she can eat her alive for lunch” (her/his words).
NOT CUTE. This is the serpent, who thinks she is me because her name is anya, she is an INSANE PSYCOPATHIC LUNATIC, her name is Tin Tin Ton (a vile evil serpent named “Blanke” a leper of a serpent who stains your soul with her hate and vile nature, once you know her you cannot shake her, which is why the men defend her even though they witnessed her evil eye every person on the show and she is a ho and an evil ancient hag who thinks she is all that because she used Anya’s (the real one, me the REAL GOD) mind to do all that. She is a “sconch Onsee” (evil devil who is the serpent “espah” (she will lick you then bite you and then clean the wound for you so you feel loved” (her/his words).

I am not saying it again about Debra Messing, I am NOT SAYING IT AGAIN HER EYES TELL THE STORY. READ HER MIND, SHE IS NOT “GRACE” SHE IS VILE. THE WOMAN IS EVIL ENOUGH DEFENDING HER BECAUSE SHE PLAYED THE PART PEOPLE LIKED (but not she is hated that character is a hateful one).