This is what a “Sharon” (I am a devil who is a psychotic woman) who is a “keench” (cute demon) who is from the place in the sky (hell, the psych ward) looks like. NUMBER EIGHT most psychotic.

Your fascination with samantha mathis is getting me electrocuted, you cannot have every lusted after her, or thought of her in any way; she is the #8 most psychotic person on the planet. Samantha is from the “place in the sky” (the “Seekoplee”; place where the serpents who are the psychopaths’ are from), she is a high level scoonchy (vile, evil) demon (oovleenkatah – I am a person who has hurt you in the past and I come back again and again to open those old wounds of the “men”) who has been “getting the men” for over 18,000 years. She is evil, hateful, but most of all she is an insane lunatic and it is obvious, when you let go of the mind which she uses to tell you SHE IS A PERSON. If you are a man or woman who thought about her or said her name for even ONE SECOND, you are in love with her according to her, and she now owns your soul. This person, and all of the “KEENCH” (cute demons) must be released right now. Someone is in the abyss again, and I am being attacked, please stop this. People are falling asleep and going into the abyss. WAKE THEM UP. This a former son of mine, a son that the devil “Fonshotaplee” (fucked up evil witch who went insane and is devouring your minds, because she has my hair, my body, my face and my eyes and thinks you love her, when she is despised) murdered in his mind, who went insane to play a game because “he just isnt right”, who is insane beyond words, and has to have the men. He is here as a she, and she is swimming in her mind and insanity. Will you please see the serpent and the insane diva, and the drama queen, and the “suck it master” and the ladidadidadidaiddaididadidadidadilalalallalala of this woman AND LET HER/THEM GO ALREADY.

YOU MUST TELL HER SHE IS NOT A PERSON AND DOES NOT MATTER. DO THIS WITH EVERY WOMAN YOU THOUGHT WAS CUTE, THEY ARE EVIL. David D your mind is vonsotaplee tonight. You are not right, that is because the ladiladiladidadidadidadi got in and now you spin. Forget they exist, but first tell their minds they are not people, you were not with them you were with the person who they “confiscated”, me, you see my mind in there saying “I AM ANYA KAH”; that is MY BODY, MY BEAUTY, and A SMALL PART OF MY MIND, that you saw and thought it was me, until you saw the insanity, and then it was too late to stop the shark attack. TELL THESE WOMEN, it is NOT THEM THAT OWN THIS BODY, they are only a mind, they are not a person, it is MY BODY, MY EYES, MY HAIR, MY PARTIAL MIND that you fell for, not them. THEY ARE NOTHING. PLEASE TELL THEM.