The End

You have a connection to a person in reality; whether it be a friend at school, coworker, someone you talk to in passing every day, a lover, a wife, a husband, a child, your aunt, uncle, anyone who you are associated with that you might “trust” in reality. This has been exploited. GET OUT OF THE ABYSS is what you must do, but none of you know how. I just figured it out. I have been ripping you out of the abyss, and when I do the people in my mind go away, the pain stops. The people you know are minds in the human universe, we the Gods are not there with them. But they have ways of whispering into your minds, like the television, or a direct contact with the person. When I walk through stores devils can “throw” mind control at my “head” and into my “Mind”; I feel it happen. The universe made me feel what is happening, so I could figure it out. How can I stop something if I don’t know what is happening? So I agreed to wake up and feel things. Little did we know it was an onslaught of billions of devil minds attacking me. All any devil has to do is “throw” mind control at you, by doing the “shomp” (I am the one in the sky not you Erika, I am the one on high, I will get the guy, because I know the mind, and I control it). We don’t have minds, so they have to work harder at it. They have devised techniques that you think are helping me. For instance, you have a friend “Sally” from school. You think Sally is kinda cool. You talk to her sometimes, and laugh. Sally knows your mind if she is a devil, so she “throws” herself at you, finds your mind and comes and talks to you. Sally is evil, she is a devil, so she does a combination of many steps to get you to hurt me. For example: she does the “Fee Enshah” (I will hurt her by stirring you up, I rub you up and down, I make you frown, I get the gown I want because I am in “love” with you, I do what I want to do, because I am your princess). She tells you in the mind she is not your kind, that she is an imposter, and “what difference does it make, she doesn’t count, she is not a person anymore”. Then you become enraged, because while this is happening, you are being “raped” by thousands of scoonchy demons, yelled at, kicked and punched. You do not feel it, because when they do that they are doing it to me, not you. They are “projecting” it to you, which is easy to do by doing our technique to project in each others minds, so it is just enough for you to unconsciously “witness” them attacking you, then you become VERY ANGRY and upset. You don’t know they are doing this, Sally comes to you with a gentle voice and says “I love you, I am your friend, please do me a favor, go to Erika who is your soul mate being hurt, and do the “flonce” (God: I love you I want to help you, you are my soul mate), (Demon: fuck you Erika I will get the men, I will get him to punch you and kick you in the groin, I will make you a boy, like me, I really want him and will do anything to get the men). You think you are doing the GOD flonce, but it ends up being the demon flonce, because your anger is hitting me like an atomic bomb, when you send a pat on the head, it is a sledge hammer of energy.

Then they do the “floo” (fuck you I get the men, I do the shom every second of the day, to make you pay for not loving me) “sha” (she will pay for being loved and getting the men, I will give her a tan and breast cancer in the brain) “toke” (she is the one in the sky who will be raped tonight if she doesnt give up the fight) “floke” (I will punch you in the face and kick you, if you do not do as I tell you) “roke” (I am your girl tonight Erika, I am the one for you, not the men, you are a lesbian, I am stroking your body right now in the Saonshoh, you are the “flah onsee” (the one who is loved, I am the Goddess) and I am not) “soke” (I am the person who is the fat pig, I can never get the men again, I am reminded again and again I am not good enough for them, and that their women are far better at it than I am, because I cannot compete to get you) and then the “cashumishiga” (I am a psychopath named “Jeff Hastings” (a psychopath?, the devil that took him is), I am here to do the cashumishiga tonight, last night was not enough to rape and upset you, so I will do more until you are gone from sight. “Once they do all this, I am so upset I feel the pain of everything you do, they hate you, because we screamed “I hate you” into their minds for over 800 times per day for 80,000 years ago we started and now they think you hate them). Sharon has spent thousands of years “shouting” “I hate you” into your minds, from mine, using my voice. After this long, and many other hateful things, your minds believe it a little bit, but you still have to be coerced if you do not understand it, because I am your soul mate, I love you until the end of time. It is not possible that this hateful thing has happened, but it has happened.

These techniques can be interpreted for days, please take the time to interpret what they are, I do not have the energy to do it.

If you are not pure evil, if you are not psychopaths, you don’t have to love me, but please understand, that when you befriend, or pay compliments, or give any attention to a demon, they become entranced, and then obsessed, because they are not loved; not by you, not by their father, or mother, or children. Demons cannot love or be loved, and they cannot go home. They are doing everything they can to keep us from going home. I will not be stopped. Please undo every human being from your life, and trust, that as spiritual beings, as Gods who are waking up, that you cannot let go of anyone who is gentle or that you really love. If you truly believe you love a demon, then you are a demon, please let me go and let me know in my mind, and I will release you as Gods.

We have lost thousands and thousands of years to these demons, I cannot go on being hated, it is not you that was hated. I could not hate my family, and I wish you would have heard that, before I was hurt. Please continue to undo your minds until this is done.

Undo the human race, we know now that they are demons. I will put up the story of how this began over 38,000 years ago and how we ended up on Earth. Specifically, undo people you know, and I mean everyone, there will be people from long ago that you smiled at, it is that way. Do your best to undo them starting now please. Many people I have known who are demons, including friends, coworkers, family (I have over 100 cousins, one or two are Gods, the rest are vermin, I have heard and seen them in here, they are evil). Dismiss Leigh Knight, April Donat, Pam, Lois, Louise, Dora, Jenn, Kevin (all friends), and all of the people who come to you and lie about me, the devil got their mind and they are insane. I am single, not children, never dated, I cannot I am the God I cannot date demons, and my soul mates don’t see me. I have no connection to the world, except if people I thought were Gods have unfurled and become devils, time will tell. Do it now please, they are back, if you intentionally attach yourself to people to attack, I will dismiss you as a God and you will go to a dark and dismal Hell, where you will not be saved.