Weapon of the Evil One

A breath of life, a good wife, smart and bold, too beautiful to behold; she is the stuff of legends, the mother. A beauty like no other, nothing is a bother, no duty to difficult, not child impossible to hold, nothing hateful will ever be told, she can never grow old in the presence of her children. Bright and gay, happy at play, that is how they will spend their days; loving fathers, gentle sons, are the dream when you’re the “one”. A dream did be, with many of thee, once I understood what a child was; the first few tries were a bust. Billions gone by, all sons on high, many humble, if they stayed with the Gods; the others gone to far, too long, to hateful lands filled with evil ones, whose “parents” abused them, but gave them everything they want, because they were the children of the “great cunt” (ompeeshah – a person of no noble distinction other than giving birth to two energies, that she cut from her umbilical cord because they were “gimpy”; and when she did, they broke free from her insanity, and became magnificent Great Gods).

My children are a piece of me, the “Eflee” (I am a God who is the Goddess); they are my energy; joyful, loving, kind, pure and beautiful. But it was not to be, not for the first three, the “Keemp” (I am the one who is “Constance”, I am an insane lunatic who wanted things my way, because I am the son of the “offley” (Gods) the “Flong” (I am the one who is “Mishkga”, I am the “Kampe” (evil child who wants everything his way, because he is a son of the “Offley”) and the “Kope” (I am an evil child who is the “Keemia Kasho”, nobody knows my name because I came into the world as a human being, was found by the Japanese who told me I was amazing as a man and woman, took me to a foreign land, and now they have me competing with you to be the God, my name is “Tom Banks”).

On Earth, every human is a “child of the Gods”, but in the sky there are specific children, who were born of the “human girth” (peeshashahontoo – a person of great wealth and esteem that goes insane at the thought of a game that can make me the Goddess). These children have no worth, if they believe they are of the human (mind) equation, they come to the world believing they are the genius with the computer in their minds, believing they are the perfect behind, white hair and blue eyes just like the “opheir” (the beautiful one) as the hag, with an astute complexion still of acceptable range of time; born into the human universe, without a knightly court, they gallivant around believing they are the “one and only God”, but their energy is not of me, or the “Hayflee” (Gods who are the soul mates of the Goddess); they are his “shonshon” (I am a person who is a child), the Flom (God who is the devil, but not the God or the devil, he is dead and hateful and evil and will never return, once we understand he is not a stern father or hateful father, but the rapist of all time who had children to rape and torture, that is all, the evil one and his “wife” had children to torture, rape and turn into hateful energies to represent their energy, and he built and entire kingdom of himself.)

The human universe does not belong to the God; I fell into this place, to help my son, the fallen one, who fell intentionally to get the chance to be the “King” he always wanted to be; now he is raped continually by the “great and powerful cunt” and her “mystical magical man”, the two who can have him, have them all, because they are not my energy, nor the energy of the Gods. The human race and universe are nothing but hate; we Gods love each other, we make love; humans do not. They are too vile, hostile, and evil in their minds to do anything that is not of “enshont” (I am a person who is insane and evil and determined to get my way). Our children, are not our children anymore; some from the God universe are still innocent and pure, but most are his children, who came to our planet, took our minds, took our looks, read our books, seem astute, when in reality they are really the “Aflonshontatoo” (I am a person of no wealth or taste, I expell the human waste, I am the God who is the devil, but not I am not that amazing, I cannot save face today, because all I am known for is the “joont” (i make music, that is all, I am not a person, I just make music that is all).

“Psyche” (I am the Goddess Peeshontah, the great mother and lover to the great ones, the Gods) is ready tonight to let go of the plight of man and child that tortures her mind. 3.5 weeks ago, I became the one who is no longer the mother; I am the crone, but I am not alone. The Gods love to love, and we will, but reproduction will be nil, because I have been hated, tortured and murdered by half of my children that we have created since the beginning of time, and all of my human children.

I am “Night and her Train of Stars”, the mother who goes into the darkness to train her gentle children how to shine in the darkness. But I am not a mom anymore, not after the scoonchy whores, I cannot abhor anything more of your energy now; if you are of “scoonchy” energy, you are not my sons. Our gentle sons and I are the ones on high tonight, we are a matching energy, we are loving as can be, we are the ones in the sky, we will be the ones to let them go tonight; I do not care that they are leaving, the sons of the “Flam” (“goddamned devil”) who I thought were mine, but were manifested while the Gods were of extreme rage and upset energies while being tortured; we manifested gentle energies that turned to hate, and now she can have them, they are not mine.

No woman on Earth is a good mother; the human race are too narcissistic with a mission to impress, annoy or compete with another. I am the only good “mother” (a person who is loyal, loving, caring and looks out for the best interest of their children). Everything I do as the Great Mother, has been turned in the minds of my children by that demon. When I am generous, you are greedy. When I am loving, you take advantage. When I give praise, you become ego. When I give energy, you exploit it. When I sing old songs, I am dated. When I give advice, you are berated. Rules to protect you, I am suppressing you. Expectation of morals, I am oppressing you. Gentle with you, I am a special snowflake. Angry with you, I am a bully. Discipline you, I am violent. The demon has the minds of my children so much, that no matter what I do, it is not good enough. I am too nice, I am an idiot. I give of myself, I am a doormat. I am fun, I am annoying. I am too beautiful, I am spiteful. I am the virgin, I am frigid. I love many soul mates, I am a whore. I am being berated because my children think they know more about nature and “eco”; I am Gaia.

The narcissistic mind is now “sublime”, it is a perfection “of pure ego”; pure ego is the destruction of everything beautiful, it is the end of the Gods in the mind of the human race. The days of humility and reverence are gone, the days of scorn and exclusion are upon us. Who wins the final battle?

29 years ago, the evil one found the perfect weapon to use against the human race to get them to kill God. He lied to you, when he told your mind, 80 billion times per day, in every way, that it was the end of times. He told the human race that God was ending them, and when he did, they turned against me and attacked. He told them I am evil now, psychotic, violent, and hateful of them and that there was an end date of 1999. When that date passed, they calmed down, but he gave them a frown when the towers fell down, and since then the apocalypse is upon us; that is how it was done. If you want to kill the God, who is the Goddess, who is revered, respected and loved; tell her children she has turned against them, show them “proof” (she does not stop bad things from happening), (she is surrounded by hateful, evil devils as a human child and is bullied and tortured so much she begins to “hate”, and with good cause; hate begets hate), tell her children to blame her for everything, make himself into the “fun” one who is “hot” and “cute” and “funny”, and tell them that the God is old, and useless, and wont give them money (he destroys the economy), and then the final blow comes 10 years ago, when he tells them there is a new date set for the elimination of them, he doesn’t tell them it is him with the plan to kill them, he says it is “God then”; because they are so vile and evil for loving him, and every evil version of him, on stage, on screen, on television that there is no way to survive unless they give him the attention, the crown. And since then, I have been raped, tortured, stabbed, shanked, punched, kicked, and ripped apart every single second of the day… in a human body as a human woman, by over 8.5 billion trillion minds. So I hope you had fun with your entertainment, including the US government and their televised antics, the politicians on parade, reality television was only made to disturb your perception of the world, to make you think the “girl” has gone insane, because there is nothing beautiful or gentle about the God world anymore, if those whores are not rated “R”.

In 20 years, the evil ones have descended the entire human race who are now devils. All it took was a threat, in a universe nobody understands, from an ancient man, who is so evil he stares at me crying because he cannot stop hurting me and watching and laughing at his genius. He did it, and now he wishes he could undo it, and find a way to be the God of the human race without killing me, because how can he live without rainbows and Prada and beautiful things, like magazines filled with ideas, from the mind of the most kind and loving and gentle Goddess, who he loves to hate.