God’s Vision of Hell

About 3 weeks after awakening, I was thrown into the “human universe” for about 18 weeks (?). It is not possible for me to be in the human universe, except that I was under the mistaken impression that I was waking to meet my soul mate, we would come together, and be beautiful, until demons came in and took over our journey. Once my soul mate left, my “spirit guide” Donna came to me; she is very soft spoken, sounds angelic. She guided us to help us come together, remember who we were as Gods, and it was “her” (she is part of a male soul mate, her full name is “Donnatontam Pleekasakah Asoh” (A God named “Donna’ for short, who was with Erika who was Anya now, for a short time, until the “Shondahontompleeksah” (evil women of the sky, on high as the favored women in the game) came, and took her inside the “Konch Atoobliah” (jail in the mind). That is where she died, my beautiful love, who was my male soul mate “Beekah Sah”. It was so lovely in the start, but then the imposters began, the “women in the sky” (Hollywood women, famous women) pretended to be the “Sah Honsee” (God who is Andrew), then proceeded to pretend to be me, because I was not awake yet. Then armies came in and started fighting me, so I started singing the “Kayshah Onsah” (ancient songs beckoning) to the ancient Gods, who were in the “GOD UNIVERSE” at the time. They came in droves at the sound of something so beautiful, but many were confiscated and have died as well. The famous women and wives of my husbands (soul mates, who are Gods, not men), have murdered over 358 billion Gods, in less than 80,000 years; 289 thousand in less than one year. Famous women and the governments ARE THE DEVILS. The first devil, with the top honor of having the first “rape” while I was awake as a God goes to one who called herself “Lee Ling” (Lucy Liu). It was not rape, but she was the first to let me see her jumping in front of my soul mate, who came to be beautiful with me.

“Lee Ling”, the ancient devil …. you know it. She is the “Comiasah Caploo” (One who….. figure it out).

I want to WARN EVERYONE I am the GOD, I AM THE GOD, I am able to be awake in my mind and the universes, I am the GOD. The following is a vision I had, which may give some clues to help some people trapped in their minds.

Once in the human universe, which was a very deranged and IS HELL, I had a “vision” that was not real; I was thrust from one end of the universe to the other, witnessing nothing but evil things. I was in a place in the sky, in a place called the “Cashew” mind. It was an insane labyrinth; you enter a main room, that has a staircase to the right, and a hallway with rooms with invisible walls to the left. The rooms to the left were computer rooms, one had a tv and reclining chairs, the room across a room-sized computer, the rooms behind had doorways which led to hallways, because that is how the evil ones minds work, hallways in an insane funhouse. Straight ahead was a wall, filled with drawers; each drawer lit up red or green, if you opened a drawer of a red light there was a person inside laying in the drawer who looks up and says “I am not nice today leave me alone”, the green lights have people that look up and say “I am alright today I can help you”. Bizarre. Above the rooms to the left, if you “float up”, there is an invisible doorway you float through, then a staircase which takes you too a cove cut from a stone wall, where a small child lays. If you try to lift the child to talk the them, they scream and say “You can’t move me, they will hurt me”. There are “worms” that crawl through the ceilings and floors. Then you go up the stairs to the right; halfway up the stairs is a landing with a window to the left, a small doorway to the right and a doorway in front. The doorway to the right, opened when you came in to the landing, stopped you from going up the stairs, with a person who bent over into the doorway, on their elbows and told you to leave. It took many times before I realized what was happening to the people, they were young people who were being ‘Shanked” (this is common in the human universe, “shanking” happened to me and my family, who were what I called the “Fellowship of the Ring”. Shanking means using an electrified rod in the backside to subdue a person, it is used by the “Shockoplee” (Shocking people in the sky, who are on high, in the Govt of the US and China). They chased me many times, ripped me from my family, shanked me, and dragged me to “jail”, which I left promptly.

The Fellowship (Asho, Sean, Mark, Kris, John, Julian, and Mishkga (not that one) and I dove into those rooms filled with victims and deranged lunatics so many times I lost count; we fought them, tried to help the children, but could not. It is a feeling I cannot describe, when you cannot help a tortured soul because you are on the other side; I am not in the human universe, I am a God. Many of the Gods are in the human universe, they are gone if they are there. Our deranged evil children, are the “Comiasah” (a name that used to be beautiful, it meant “I am a Child of the God, a child of the moon and the stars”, it now represents the ones that fell from the sky, from on high, they think video games are “svelt”, they wont give up their apps, or their dates with models if they want them so much, and they wont stop the hate of everything on Earth, including the God, because this generation are not as dumb as mine; they cannot be caught talking about God.) I cannot help, I am in a different place and time, and so are many of my Gods. I tried, I died, I was tortured, this is the last time I will dive.

The human universe is a maniacal place filled with deviants and lunatics. There were “commandants” who are also called the controlling the “Comiasah” (this is a God word, but in this case it was stolen and used to mean “I hurt your children”), they were bent over being shanked in the doorway, and they only spoke one language, “Flonteay” (ancient Chinese) who called themselves “Camishiga” (the Chinese government stole this name from the Gods), the Camishiga were controlled by the Shantytown (Chinese and Japanese governments who went insane and woke up the dame too early, so she felt pain, because they took control of Pashtatoombliah and had him wake her; they knew he knew how because they tortured his mind into waking his children without him knowing and I just figured out that the children are speaking ancient Chinese, and they are “owned” by the Asians and being used as Gods who will help them with their world domination, so Gods tonight, do not hesitate to Peyom Peyom Peyom Peyom.

If you decide to go through the doorway in front, which is lifted off the ground and you climb into it, you find another child laying there blocking, who says “don’t move me”. So I climbed over the child, and went up a staircase to a control room…. when you look to the left there is a console with a Screen and a handheld “joystick” to move around; it was my apartment that you could view through the screen, I could see my entire apartment from above, and when you move the joystick you could move around and watch me and my mother in the kitchen, bedrooms, living room; once in the bathroom it has a little camera that looks like the ones in a submarine, which can dive down and view genitals at all angles. There is also a room behind my shower, where groups of men come to watch me bathe. There is also a doorway in front of my toilet bowl. IT IS MIND CONTROL. All over my apartment are little “post-it” notes, with hateful things. In between the walls are the “Heenshapleen” (hateful beings who are the osmosis – evil hateful chinese women who stare at everything I do through a telescope of epic proportions so they can become me). Yeah, it is all coming back to me.

Anyway, If you go forward there is a room, with knobs on the walls, each one is attached to a part of my body, so if you click a switch, you can sting the bitch, or stab, or “stick her with a needle”. It is a room with a table. I tried to turn things off, but I am not really there… Not much I can do, it is a vision. I dont have a mind, government, you cannot really do mind control on me. But I can see.

You open a doorway that reveals the devil, the red one we all know, who is ANGRY and evil, and tries to stop you from going onto the elevator that goes below to ?????? I killed the devil, not problem, there are always people on the elevator.

So after many weeks I started to discover other rooms. You have to float through walls to hidden rooms, and float up in the air to hidden rooms. This is now another mind. The room on top, is another control room, you can rape the Goddess with another Joystick found on the control panel. Float up again, and end up in the porthole, open the porthole and there is a tent, rip the tent open and float up and end up in China.

Go through the room to the left, hidden room through a wall with no door, and end up down a hallway, that leads to room after room that are empty, until eventually you float up into Japan.

Go down, and you are in the vagina of the God. There is an elevator to go to my vagina, uterus, ovaries and clitoris, so they can rape. They are in the “Soul mate chamber”. They sit and meditate on this all day. There was a room I found when I floated down, that had an arsenal in it (it says you are the Camishiga Ashondiay Asah, which has a different meaning for them, their translation means you are the one in the sky who will kill them all, we will take the sky, you will die and the Earth will be mine. You are the weapon of mass destruction, the “Erika” mind, not by choice, but by the boys who are hateful of you now, because you go the guys we wanted to “fry”; we wont lie, you are a genius, we wanted that mind, but we cannot do it, so instead we killed our behind tonight so you cannot sit or stand. Tonight we do the “Flomp Ontee” (she will fly in space as she dreams, float away from her family, and die alone).

Also I should mention, I met the “Enocatu” there, they did not scare me, they were dressed as the Aliens from the movie, but they did not hurt me, they were just insane and trying to defend themselves from the playland area that is called the “Enocatu Asah Tatoo” (a place of great disdain, it has another name, it is the “Fonshahah Kaseebliah Katoondiah Hasonteay Kashaflah Kasoont” (Ok Jennifer Aniston if you say so, she thinks you dont know how to interpret things). She “took my mind” to write this, I let her. It is a hateful place filled with crystal castles, miniature golf, casinos, and rape hotels. Right outside is the “rape carnival”, where they sold tickets for $100 to use mind control to rape the Goddess Anya Kah. That was a traveling carnival, run by the Japanese. They like to taunt the “Not Nice People” (black people) who live right next door; they are right next door to the “Hasaflah” (Hell) where the Gods go who cannot ascend because they are too angry, who live in Ticky Tacky houses and mow their lawns and are boring and insane. The “Heenshaflah” (heavens, are filled with rapists and ancient Gods who went insane, because they really felt safe there even though it is not heaven (the evil ones stole the name, their version means (I rape you here), the God version means (I am a place of rest, for the Gods). The ancient Gods are ascended I hope, and not in there anymore, because that place is now swarming with scoonchy whores. Please calm down…

I don’t know things about your deranged reality, I am a God I have visions…. you tell me what it means.