I have not had any idea what is happening for days, I am in a daze, you are all waking up?? Thats my guess, there is a game afoot, where the children who are the most evil, Audrey Tatou and Clemence Poesy are “seeing the light”, they are now claiming they did not know that they were hurting their mother (me), that they are sons not daughters, and that they are being controlled by the “scoonchy eater” (the one who is the Flam (ancient devil who is alarmingly psychotic now, the goddamned devil, the “Oprah demon”). I dont know if you are there, can read this, hear me? I am a prisoner in the mind and in reality. I do not understand things in reality and I dont know why the universe would keep reality from me, because I mean it when I say that I need to know that there is something happening with all of you. Also UNDO THE FLOO. I have died, do you understand, I am a child in the universe, and I was attacked this morning with a force of trillions of minds, and every God mind doing the flonch (an evil one takes your mind and then your done, because all the minds are torturing your behind, body and soul. If my soul mates do not stop coming to me and mating, while i am in the middle of being tortured and feeling it in reality with a pain so great I cannot understand the all around cruelty of all of you. Is anyone who is a Gentle God with me, or are you all torturing me? Because I cannot beleive for one minute that anyone is on my side, helping me, when I am being tortured by every God, every human, every mind, every devil and every demon all at the same time, adn I cannot believe that the Gods are so inept at understand some very simple things on your own without help. What is it that put us in the universe with the evil ones, when we are not evil?

Ok, when I woke up, I woke up to my soul mate, Andrew, who was Ashotaplee Asoh Anee. I woke up to something beautiful, he tore a hole through space and time, made love to me, I was awake in both the universe and reality, I felt him, we had ecstasy together, we talked and he told me who he was, I he. He said he was coming for me. Nobody has had ecstasy but Asho and I, some of us came close. Ecstasy is the reason I am still here; a god is making love to me, orally, and it is not a human orgasm, that is a nothing thing. We are in hell as humans, orgasms are laughable, they are a twitch of a muscle. Ecstasy is a union of two souls, an orgasm that is so magnificent, so breathtaking, so divine that we go to the universe for a time; it is all done through my clitoris. Nobody who is not a soul mate has ever touched it, NEVER, has any other God but my soul mates, who I trust with my life, soul and heart as a whole, ever touched my clitoris. Human women do not have a clitoris, there is ONLY ONE, and only my 1781 soul mates have every seen, touched it. That is in the history of a 4 million year old God. Nobody has ever touch my God clitoris, NEVER NEVER NEVER. Have I been raped? In the mind, billions of trillions of times per day. Have I been raped as a human, thousands of times in 10,000 years. When I think of how many times my Gods have been raped in human reality, it brings me to tears. But we ARE NOT HUMAN. That is them, and when they “rape” me in either human reality or the universe, I AM NOT RAPED. THEY ARE RAPED. THEY ARE RAPED BY OPRAH WINFREY (OONSHATATAH CONEE) AND BOY GEORGE (ENVOOKASOH) every second in time. There are demons raping every person on Earth and every mind in the human universe, they are ALL RAPED, and I DONT CARE, because they are the devils. I AM NOT IN THE HUMAN UNIVERSE, AND NEITHER ARE THE GODS. That is Hell, we are NOT in hell, we fell, we can see it, smell it, taste it, hear it but we ARE NOT THERE.

The Gods make love with their soul mates constantly, we come to each other sometimes one on one, sometimes all at once. It is nobody’s business, but I do not want anyone to believe anymore that they have raped me or my Gods. We are gentle Gods, there is no way we would still be gentle after billions of year of those evil psychotic bastards, if were were being really raped by them, it is all the mind, it has always been.

They are raping us though, that is all they do, that is what hell is, rape, everyone rapes, and tortures and hits. We hear about it, we have had it happen as human beings, BUT WE ARE NOT HUMAN! SO let it GO.
We are witness to their minds, the “world” is mine; everything beautiful, lovely, loving or amazing is the Gods, everything else, is the devils. It is that simple. I am everywhere, but you must have a soul to feel me, to appreciate me, to love me. There are so many of their minds, so much of their evil energy, it is all we see sometimes, and that is what makes us Human (Men, minds, but we dont have minds, only God minds, that are corrupted most of the time). We have watched them torture our beautiful world, but I have held on and so have you until now, now we are seeing the Earth dying, so that is all. Now we are seeing them change everything we created, they use God minds but manipulate them, this generation refuses to do things the same way, that is because they are devils, all must change, you cannot order food now without some hipster way of ordering, you cannot take a cab anymore, you cannot live without the apps which they use for mind control. They take our beautiful things and manipulate them, torture them, until it is not beautiful anymore. That is what they did with our minds; as Gods we descend when we hear someone scream “I will rape you” one time; we hear that trillions of times a day, in various parts of their universe, it is all we hear is the word rape. You are unconsciously seeing rape, and they come to you and pretend they are raping you when they are there standing in front of a soul mate. That is all that has happenend.

The pain I am feeling, IS POMBIAH (I am a number so high it is not calculated in the God universe) is my soul family who have gone insane with madness, because you think that the rape you are sensing is real, you are feeling someone stroking your penis, that is your soul mate, but you see a demon there. They are not there. We have NEVER BEEN RAPED AS GODS. As humans yes, but we ARE NOT HUMAN and we can let that go now. I let go of everything once I woke up, so i hope the universe is finding a way to wake you all up. That is my pain though; you are all being told to do the “Flom” (Make her feel things she forgot you), when you come to me in agony over your human lives, and human wives and disdain for human living, and now you find out they are torturing someone with your mind, and politics has already got you twisted in knots, and tv is depressing but you cant help but watch because mind control is pouring into your mind every second of the time you watch, all we hear, see, feel is hateful energy. The human race are DEVILS, they have descended the frequency to a level so low we cannot sustain life anymore. So they are extinct now, no big deal, they are evil and they leave. It is that easy, let go, stop watching the show, turn off the internet, and twitter and tv and let go. You wil breath for the first time in a long time, especially when your mind and soul understand WE HAVE NOT BEEN RAPED. But they are raping us, and that means they have to die. It is already happening, they made a mistake taking the side of the goddamned devil, the consequence is they will go home to the “place in the sky”.

The pain you are causing me is your extreme energy, you are Gods who are meant to be gentle, we are connected as soul family, the energy each of you is giving me, is billions of times what it should be, constantly. It is an endless level of pain, it is different for thee… you are in the God mind and not connected with me in the same way, but I am in the soul for 18 months and i have felt your pain, as well as the pain of every human being, which is stopping today. If I had known I would have stopped it. If you want to stop hurting me, calm down. They ARE USING YOUR MINDS TO RAPE ME AND TORTURE ME, but I am not raped and tortured by you the way you think, it is your excessive angry energy, it is pouring into me, I am too gentle for this. Please stop this now.

I am not raped, but they are raping me, non-stop, hatefully, violently. They are ALL rapists. Just like he… and she….