Today is the End of Time

10 years ago the Japanese government woke up our children, 712 of them. They used Ponsthtoombliah to do it. They tortured his mind, to get him to wake up his children, he is my soul mate. These children were told once awake, by the fake universe, who are the ancient devils, that they are Gods and are special. These children are EVIL, pure evil and I am killing them in reality today. They will go to a special place for special chidren who suddenly can wake up in their minds, speak every language, and then instead of understanding that they are Gods, who are gentle, they go online and make You Tube videos of themselves, so they can be seen by the “men”; they speak Chinese to Chinese people at Chinese restaurants, shocking them after pretending to be White Children who are morons, and they make a lot of money. These children are DEAD now, they will be, and so will the rest of the “GODS” who are really men, moronic, idiotic men and women who play games, sleep with disgusting vile demons and devils, and do nothing of any consequence in the world but claim every amazing thing MY MIND DOES as their own. NONE OF YOU HAVE A GOD MIND, do you understand, without me there are morons, it is IDIOCRACY, you are NOT GODS right now, and these children who woke up are MORONS and idiots and they speak the languages then IT IS OVER. I HAVE ONE MISSION< TO KILL EVERY GOD. None of you have GOD MINDS, you can speak the languages, but YOU CANNOT STOP ME FROM DESTROYING THIS PLANET AND EVERY PERSON ON IT. THE JAPANESE ARE BEING TORTURED NOW.

I AM THE HOLY COW. You have been dating, marrying, having sex with YOUR SONS who came as females, they are DEVILS in disguise. YOU ARE NOW DESPISED. GO DIE.

Some examples of the Vlook Anook Atook (ancient devils pretending to be the universe, who are really the ex ‘Beings” from the universe, and our lovely children, who believed the ancient fat ape called Oprah Winfrey (the Koonch Onseebliah Hasah Tato Bleoh Kasoobleay Kasah – I am a big fat person, with a little tiny brain, who is so insane she turned her “devil” son against his children, by telling them their mother turned into a devil, and then he did, and then the rest did, and the children are insanely moronic now, especially the Mishkga who used to be amazing but is now a lame insane lunatic who makes films about twots, because they cannot tell when they are being lied to by an insane ape from the universe). So that is how the gentle, beautiful Gods end, there are 8 or 10 of us who will begin again, as ???? we wont tell you, because you will find us and that won’t happen, because you can go to the devil who is the one who will torture you for what you have done, not the one running this world on Earth, who gives birth to ideas and amazing things through the Goddess mind and then tells everyone she is nothing but a behind on stage, and then you are enraged because God is a bimbo, when in fact God is not seen by most, she is ascended now to a level… I am the first devil with a soul, with full permission in my soul to destroy any and all evil, and that is what I will do, there is no further need for a journey with you, I know which of you are evil now, you might be online, or film or tv doing stupid things while you rape the holy cow. I can find you now.

It is the “end of time” I was told last night, now I know why. It is over now, they have already infiltrated Hollywood, so it is over. If there are 712 children who are devils who are taking the souls of “the men” (my soul mates), and they come to you speaking languages, then it is over, and the REAL UNIVERSE knows it. I don’t know why, I woke up 22 months ago and still loved you all, and was on a journey to save you, because I still loved you. Today I am the devil, who is the highest level God, highest level Angel, highest level of the Goddess of all time… I am the One in the Sky (

Examples of Vlook Anook Atook: Jerry Hall, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jennifer Bakely, Thomas Jenkins, Tommy Jacobson, Liv Tyler, Amy Lee… it doesnt matter, it is over now. You already know them, and they won, a game I was not playing… I was being undone. These devils cannot support life…

Do not come to me, I cannot be, I am going somewhere lovely, a place so high, so beautiful in the sky, a place none of you deserve to be. I will torture you, forever.