Confiscated Gods

I am the great mother, my “soul” (God mind, that is no longer a “mind” because the mind is confiscated), births life onto this planet. We Gods have many pieces of ourselves on Earth, some up to thousands. I am every Goddess; Athena, Anya, Vala, those are pieces of me. I also have pieces of those pieces, there are over 850 pieces of “Anya”. They are varying personalities, ways of being, ways of thinking, ways of looking, etc. Something is happening during the process of me and Jacobia Escaflu birthing Gods on the planet; the devil “minds” are taking the Gods body and partial minds. I am the most powerful mind, there are 755,000 devils attached to, confiscating my mind. This is why some of the devils are so beautiful, Charlize took all pieces of “Venus”, Sharon Stone took all pieces of “Venus” and “Casioepia”, Clemence took 850 pieces of “Anya”. They BASH our minds to do this, it is a constant bashing that has taken place for over 14,000 years, and about 850 years ago, my mind became “confiscated”; which means I started losing pieces of myself slowly, it was a lesser, slower process then by a smaller number (6% – 19% of the human race) and up until the last 100 years when the attack has been by the entire human race who are confiscated, billions of trillions of minds in the universe, and every devil, with billions of pieces of their minds. It is an onslaught. Millions of Gods have been “Taken” during this process, and I was too tortured to stop it. Jacobia is too ascended, he is a God on high, the Gods on high cannot access us with our low frequency. So he did not know this was happening. I am powerful, but they descended me greatly in this lifetime; I am fat and look more demonic, while Sharon and all of Hollywood look like me. I am THE genius mind who is Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci, but I struggled to learn at times. Clemence Poesy is EVERY DEVIL, she is pure evil, she has taken 10 God minds, but she has taken every part of “Anya” and “Randy Rhoads” (my soul mate), she looks like him more than I. Randy Rhoads is a powerful God, the Oldest on the planet when he was here. Not only does she bash his mind, which descends him into the abyss, and then gets him hurt and me hurt, but she looks like your soul mate, and her mind can say “I am Randy Rhoads” and “I am Anya Kah”, and they use this to “Get The Men”. And she does… This is the pure evil of “the game”. Some Gods have been so completely taken, they are only partly there, the older Gods who are my family and some other families have more powerful minds, but some Gods were not “mind” oriented, they were gentle Gods who did gentle things, and unfortunately those Gods have been completely confiscated. This includes my children, soul mates and soul friends. These devils will pay for what they have done. Clemence is a #1 evil one.

Devils are dead, they were killed off from the universe millions to billions of years ago. The ancient mother of Jacobia, who was NOT A GOD, and not of our GOD UNIVERSE, but was a Queen, one who is 18% of the human race minds, including Clemence was a deranged, sadistic rapist who the universe killed 85 billion years ago, along with her husband who is the “Kooshamah Kaseebliah Asah” (the evil one, the one who thinks he is a God still). They are dead, everyone is dead, they are taking minds of beings I birth onto the planet; my mind has known for 10,000 years that “demons” were doing this, we have fought them for that long, but eventually it became a world where I (pieces of me, with my mind, and their own minds) was partially in control with all of you (Queen Elizabeth, George Washington, Socrates, Nefertiti, John F. Kennedy), and the human race were demons (of mind, difficult but could follow laws, rules) and, and not devils (evil and of mind, taking control, creating hate and evil).