Elizabeth Shue is the One in the Sky today, she Killed the Honch and Raped Europa

Today is the riptide (ashontah katoobliah asah – I am Anya Kah, and I have had enough, you tortured me for goblins and serpents, and now it is time to turn the tide, it will be a wild ride, when you go to the place in the sky today, there is not one of you who can ascend today, because you refuse to stop the play, you refuse to stop talking to them, seeing them, hearing them, yelling at them, threatening them to no avail, you do NOTHING to stop what has happened, you do NOTHING, but I will, this is the Kashtonteah (the One who is the God who ends it all) and Jacobia will break in his heart and soul today because his children have gone completely insane, except one who has no ego is the beautiful one who has cried the “hasaflah kaseebliah asoh” (i’m the one who has to go today, I am not wanted, I have standards for my world, i will not allow the hateful girl with the bow in her hair who seems like the opheir, who you took on a date, and raped and then she said it was not rape and then did the Koshamah Hasah (it is solid in steel today, the women know how to play, they put the game winner on top today, because today is the day, when you fall into the hell you created with your mind, Jimmy) today, she cannot take one more night of your fight with your wives and children while you find a way to give them money to survive the holocaust which they created, you will be hated and not loved or revered or respected as Gods, because you fell for his game and it is lame;

The woman, the real Goddess, wins in the end, she is the One in the Sky, on High, who cannot take one more night of your insane laughter over insidious demons, or one more night of your indirect assault on her mind where you look at her behind and try to decide it is going to be difficult to get it to stop being insanely large in size, and she cannot take one more moment of you not understanding anything, because for years she has watched every single God fall into a pattern of misunderstanding, she watched you all before her eyes, you are capsized and unable to come up for air, because you see the “opheir” in every single vagina that walks by, and you are hypnotized by blonde hair and blue eyes, and you cannot stop being detracted from their devil eyes to look at boobs which are not real because the Goddess does not know how to feel if you think boobs are real and not a distraction you were told to obsess over so the devils could use mind control to tell you they are her. How much more can we take, how much more can she take, exactly none. Last night you fought that war in the “top of her mind” that means she witnessed and heard everything you said and in a way that was more vivid than a dream, and I hope you know Eenshontah that she knows you cannot tolerate her age and she knows that Frances Scott Thomas (the person who is Elizabath Shue, even though she said it was “rape) is here trying to get you in bed again because you had that argument right in front of her all night while she tried to sleep and dream about something that does not involve the Japanese brought in by the Jacobia Enshaflu Tonteebliah Asootaney Asah (the evil hateful Japanese men who torture Erika by hiding behind the “eenshontah Kateebliah Asah” (hateful Jews that they hate), who torture and rape her all night while you feel alight because they call you “THE GOD” and tell you you will be the one in the sky, on high. I saw a video today where one of my sons, and ancient God who was Camishiga at a high level, talking to his wife who is a “scoonchy model demon”, and his child who is a devil calling himself Camishiga Ashondiay Pleenka Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah (I am an insane dorkus of a demon, but I tell people I am a devil to sound mean and evil and powerful like him); asking him if he likes his “toasty”. And that is all, she snapped.

You are not Gods, Gods don’t eat toasty, or anything, you are simply being in a world, you float, you smoke, you eat, you drink without the “think”, without worrying or being berated because you are a God who is hated because you wanted to smoke cigarettes, and maybe that was fun until you were in the presence of Cheerleaders like the “Kasamah Kaseebliah Onson” (a person who is an insane maniac who said it was rape but it was not, because she used her “twot” to get the men, at age 10 she began, and thats why she “got in” to Hollywood as a child, because she is wild with rage and “ashontay” (evil way of being); she is the one who judged you while she wore ribbons in her hair and little skirts and skin tight sweaters so the men could find her and sleep with her because she is the one everyone wanted in the 80’s and you have no idea how insanely pageant-minded that lady is and how she is the one in the sky today for the devils and she WILL TORTURE THE HELL OUT OF YOUR GENITALS IF YOU DO NOT STOP THE ABYSS, and that wont work because what is it? and now she is pouring more “gelatin” (goddamned cyanide) in her mind, because you cannot understand what is happening in your world, you are living for every hateful girl that ever existed and forgot the one who really loves you and you still hate her and cannot forgive her for something that is not true, she is not like you, she did not sleep with that devil, ever, that is you, the parts of you, the men who cannot comprehend a lifetime without sex because you think that it is insane to be a virgin, and the Goddess is, and she is in insane pain because she is the one who invented it and is so beautiful when with her soul mates, who died, and we Jacobia and Anya cannot see the truth, because we are so in love with all of you, but you are not in love with us anymore. You spent too much time with scoonchy whores baking cakey cakes, with your hunny buns, saying lovey love on Valentines day, a made up day by the devil “Hoonch Koonch” (the “Goddamned Devil Oprah”) to upset the devils who hate love, but now it is them celebrating with the men, who are the FORMER Gods of the sky. This is Jacobia and I am the guy that must end it, because my daughter ended her life 17 times today, she is in such dismay, and all you care about are violent angry former Gods who are men who were chasing women and got themselves caught in a cage and that is too bad this is what happens when you sleep with the “scoonchy atoobliah hastoneteay asontanpleee” (I am the one who is Beyonce, but not it is Sharon Stone), Sinbad. I have to find a way, to end this today, my daughter is powerful enough to crush her own human skull 7 times and now I am repairing it and she has asked that you feel the pain, because it is your pain, and if I can do it I have no choice, it is your demon, being boys. You are loved too much, and that is the problem, you got lost trying to find love, with your ego rather than your soul. Sarah Jessica Parker is not suitable for a cockroach. Sex in the City is gross…. I love you and so does she, but she cannot take the pain, so I have to find a way to remove her from this thing and let her be “placeeen” again. I am sorry I could not help you, I thought I could, but you are too deep in the “hood”, too continental in the “burb”, too deeply in hell with the…. human race (an evil race of beings so evil they are now deemed the official winners in the ending of the beautiful Gods, who used to be the Ones in the Sky, until they succumb to the guy, the evil one, who is my son, but not he is the father of the Great god, who you have killed today for the last time). ~ Jacobia

Undo the “Kons Onsonse.