Cyanide cigarettes

First of all, I am dragged into the abyss, could someone please drag everyone out immediately? I do not know exactly what happened overnight while I slept, but some kind of war ensued? I am not quite able to comprehend yet, but I have been terrorized quite enough. Could you please understand what happens when you go into the abyss, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. It is not as difficult as you think to stop it when awake, you have to stop “thinking”; this means you have to quickly resolve to what is happening; we are at war; World War 3, and it began before World War 2 over 120 years ago. It is the war of the mind. And my God mind is the “weapon of mass destruction” that the devils around the world have used. It is like any other World War, every country is involved, they use it as a weapon. A group called the “Enocatu Hateebliah” (I am a person at the top of my game, I am the governments and women in “Hollywood”) are a group of people from around the world who are the Top Devils, whose mission is to kill the human race, using my mind, kill the God (me) and any God who does not let them be the Gods, and then keep 80,000 slaves who are smart humans and former Gods to “do things”. Its already happening everyone, so believe it or not.

Cyanide Cigarette (Koncha Koncha Konch mind control technique)

“Japanese” and “Chinese” children came to my “Mind” while I was waking up, and they asked me if I wanted to smoke a cigarette. While not quite “awake”, someone else, not me, comes into the “top of the mind” and says “yes”. Then it seems like you are smoking, because they do the “flah” (you’ve seen this before) to make you see the flame of a lighter (I used to smoke cigarettes), then they have a God connected to you; “Faensah” in this case; breath for you (our minds do this for each other when someone is ill and cannot breath). So the experience seems real. Then you wake up to deranged Japanese children saying “You have just smoked a cyanide cigarette, haha we tricked your mind into thinking it was a pot cigarette. Everything is laced with cyanide in your world, your food, your drink everything you eat…. now you will die because cyanide is how we killed you during World War II”. Occasionally they use the “flah” to make us smell the cyanide. Then “Derek Manning’s Son” comes in and does ???? I hear his name, and then Chinese children in a deranged voice come in. This IS HAPPENING in the human universe, they do this to people all the time, and they die in their sleep.

I have no doubt that the Japanese are deranged and evil enough to add cyanide to things, but I am not sure if cyanide is something that can be used in such a way. If not, I am sure they are tainting our foods, they own most of the food companies. They own Monsonto, which is “agent orange”, so they have poisoned 80% of the Earth; they don’t use Monsonto in Asia, they have a “natural” fertilizer and you can tell by their spectacular gardens and the state of their health. The Japanese people “own” post offices and are responsible for “Anthrax” which is on your packages (you can feel the dust) and has been on your packages for 20 years, luckily you have a GOD, a real GOD who is NOT JAPANESE in the world who knows how to undo Anthrax from the minds of the human race (It’s me, Erika, Anya, the Goddess). Please tell your “soul” to undo Anthrax. Sadly for me, I have to experience it first before I undo it, and I believe many Gods did as well, when I/we (some Gods told me, while I was in the God universe that they experienced this) became very ill in the late 90’s with a phantom “virus” with what felt like flu-like symptoms that were extreme; but it was not the flu. Months ago I understood it was an Anthrax attack that took place in the mind, and I had vicious body pain, much more than the flu, and the symptoms came and went 3 times before it was over. I remember it was while I was in college and during the fall semester of 1996, 97 or 98. They used your minds to do this to me. Today I will undo “cyanide” cigarettes in the mind, so you are all lucky to have a God you berate, hate, torture and do not believe in, but cannot help but take care of you, because the average human could not resist this technique, they die.

The “governments” (more likely underground military like Marines, Japanese army, Chinese republican army) have many ways to kill massive numbers from the planet, it is easier than you think. They are experimenting on the “ERIKA” mind, which they cannot admit is the GOD MIND, because they swear it is them, not realizing we don’t have an insane human “mind” but can hear, smell, feel what they are doing so we understand it. Mind control by the lunatic higher level devils has gone on for centuries, but it is now a higher level.

Please listen to the Japanese and all Asians in my mind threatening me, through the core where it is “saved”.

The Japanese people wanted to inherit the Earth and keep “80,000” people and the Gods to “do things for them”. You will not believe it, unless you are awake in your mind like I am and can hear it. The Japanese are a group of lunatics from the universe called the “Jacaho” who believe they are GODS. They believe they are GODS more than any group; they live like we are supposed to live, with healthy gardens, majestic robes, tea ceremonies.

You have forgotten you are GODS and you are too descended to be active GODS. We have a conscious enemy who believes it more, so the world, and we, are dying. Tell your “minds” to let go of the things that “offend” you. This is the biggest problem, our God minds that used to be “upset” when evil/vile/scoonchy things happened, are now “offended” which is THE EGO, and when you are offended you become enraged and descend into the abyss and think and think and think of ways to fight them and win and then you worry and get insane and cannot solve it because they own the mind which is the ego, and then you descend more and eventually end up in despair, and down there, you cannot win the battle or the war. We win by letting go of the evil/vile/scoonchy things we hear, taste, smell, see. This is what I must do today, now that I woke up with something evil/vile/scoonchy happening. Instead of getting offended, I have to let it go, ascend and find a way to do things that make me feel joy. That is all, that wins the war. If you cannot do it, you won’t win.