Earth’s Frequency


The Earth a frequency of minus 32978617294832169871. The Earth’s frequency is supposed to be plus 2. The frequency is diminished by the energy of the people, and all living beings on the planet; the earth is 98% demonic now. For the Gods and Goddess to maintain this energy, is not possible. So what do we do?

You all ask “where have we been”, the Gods in the sky? We are on high at a frequency that is above your minus by 38 billion times to the 822nd degree. We cannot find you at that frequency. Your planet was taken out of the devils galaxy 10,000 years ago, when you let go of the minds, but they demons found you. We cannot find you at that low frequency, we are angels on high. This is why the demons have your minds, you match their frequency. Raise your frequency and match ours instead, and you will get the help you need. Anya, raised her frequency through pain levels of over 80 billion; the average next highest is about 80 million, that is Jimmy Page. If she can do it, you can do it; she has a lot more to let go of than all of you combined times a trillion. She is the God they attack. Excuses are being made by the demons and devils, so let go and find the Gods, because time is running out. With this frequency nothing good can happen. – Anjeekidah

The Gods are being rejuvenated, this is done by removing the mind control that tells you you are old, fat, wrinkled, losing hair, getting ugly, etc. None of that is real, you will become younger every day, once you wake up and decide it is all a lie. Anya is a 47 year old woman who looks 30, that is because she took to the journey over 12 years ago. Please understand, all mind control is being removed, but you must let go of your belief systems. That being said, the devils are attempting to do it; they are the ones who created death, illness, pain in the mind, so they have a knowing that it is not real. Many are healthy, and live to old age looking younger than you. They will not live, devils will NOT LIVE. When Anya first woke up she had suffered over a year with “allergies”; allergic to mold and dust (used machines to breath and manage humidity levels), wore masks outdoors, sheet and pillow covers, could not eat gluten, dairy, soy, many vegetables. Could not wear anything but organic clothing, and that was beginning to create rashes, eczema rashes that are unbearably itchy. Within 3 weeks of waking up and undoing her mind, she was able to release ALL ALLERGIES, and within 6-8 months has cured 18 forms of cancer which covered 80% of her body. She battles this everyday, because your wives and families are pouring it right now into her mind, through yours. They have you giving your soul mate cancer. She had ovarian cancer, advanced, but she was already dead. The doctor, who was a God, could not understand what she saw with Anya. When she had her surgery, she had to have 8, 1 hour long transfusions constantly pumping iron into her body, because her blood count was 5.9. She walked into the surgery dead, and woke up. This is the miracle you have been waiting for, but many of you doubt her as the God, and most of you are hateful to the God, rather than the devil who created the evil in this world. He has your minds so much, you blame her, the victim. This God is a miracle; if you want to experience the miracle you will let go and wake up. In time, soon, we will be whatever we want to be, can believe in, once we get our minds back again. We must let go of the “mind”, which for us is the God mind, it is taken. – Peeshtoo Bleokasoh

If I want a human uterus, I will “die” from this body and be rejuvenated within weeks into a new body. I do NOT WANT THAT RIGHT NOW. I am the Great Mother, I am able to birth life into this world from the universe without a human uterus. It is not necessary. If you want to be rejuvenated into a new body, please ascend, let go of the mind and then the universe will come and help you. Many of you feel old and want to be young, you can, but in a body that is missing organs/limbs you may want a new body, this will happen in time… – Anya

Also, you can choose what age you are…

Covid 19 is not a virus. When the Shookanah killed me as Anya Kah several months ago, I took energy from the earth to come back to life; when I did, it released an ancient energy. Covid 19 is a plague, it is a demonic energy. This is the final plague on mankind, they caused it with their evil attack on the God. You will be healthy as a God if you have a soul, please undo believing it is real to you; it only works on demons – they get back what they give. Also we saw locusts this summer, the biblical prophecies are upon us. If the human race collectively attack the God, then their are consequences. Do not stop your medications just yet, you have to believe you are ok, and then you become ok. None of your illnesses are real; diabetes, cancer, AIDS, heart failure is in the mind, but it IS HAPPENING. So do not stop your medications, simply allow yourself to get well because you are Gods; this is part of the journey of the soul. We are under attack, but we are in a journey to let go of the mind, because that is the only way to win this war. We will understand the nature of the mind and let it go, because it is evil.

Everyone tests positive for Covid 19, it is airborne. 19 years ago 39% of the human race were devils; 2 years ago when I woke up it was 89%, now it is 98.9% of the human race are devils. This means they are people who are evil, have minds, are in a game to destroy the Gods, so they can “get what they want”. I spent months defending the human race against the devils and governments threatening to use my mind as a weapon of mass destruction to kill people so they could inherit the earth. They were always demons, but we let them stay if they followed laws, were humble and behaved themselves. That worked until an onslaught of “people in the sky” and the devils came with armies to MY SKY, took the minds of the every single mind, and that includes every single mind of every human that ever lived on Earth. It is billions of trillions. They all turned against me, and now they call the evil one God. This is our planet, the Gods.