Mads Mikkelson is 100% part of me. If you are part of me, you are the God and Goddess, so at times he is “Venus” and sometimes he is “Vala” and sometimes he is “Cerridwen”. Not all Gods have so many pieces of themselves, if you look at photos of him he transforms often. You will see many evil ones confiscating him as well, because he is the “Vala”.

You can tell when he is confiscated, because there are billions who attack him, and he looks insane or he is smiling too pretty. That is NOT HIM, that is a Sharon who has taken his mind.

The Mashatonetaplee “Marilyn Monroe”
Flokanah Kaseek Asah – Venus on High
The Vlee Onshah Asoh Anee – Hecate at the highest level
Maska Tonetah Plee – The Virgin Mary at the highest Level of the God